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No Golf for Obama

President Obama will not be attending Justice Scalia’s funeral, which is an insult. But at least, despite the beautiful weather here, he will not be going golfing.

22 Responses to No Golf for Obama

  1. At this point….who cares what this jerk does……..the country does so much better when he is on his vacations.

    I can’t wait to see the Obamas leave the White House. I hope the next President denies them the flight from DC unless it is out of the country.

    Mooch’s eye roll in front of Scalia really set me off. Screw civility……..if the Republican Senate does a deal with him over his nomination I will never vote Republican. BTW, I will already never vote Democrat.

  2. Just think of how many roads you will be driving on, buildings you will walk into and parks you will sit in that will have that Obama name on in the future. Makes me gag.

  3. Nothing has changed with him. Why bother now? We’ve seen his true colors for seven miserable years.
    What difference does it make? He did win the Nobel Peace Prize. Guess he can put that on his lists of accomplishments.

  4. The Nero spends taxpayers money going to California to hang out with the Hollywood crowd yet the Nero won’t attend Mr. Scalia’s funeral service. He and his nigga attitude. Obama is an embarrASSment to the citizens of America.

  5. This is the part where Mitch McConnell needs to take to the Senate floor and say, in so many words, something like this:

    “I could not help but notice that the President decided to skip the funeral for Justice Scalia. Since he doesn’t care enough to show up for the funeral of a SITTING JUSTICE, he obviously doesn’t care about the Court as an institution. To that end, the advice of the Senate to Mister Obama is that we will never consent to any of your nominees. Take your six iron and go perform an obscene act upon yourself with it. We’re done here.”

  6. I am pretty sure someone had to lock him in a windowless sound proof room and chain him to a radiator or something to keep him off the golf course. He would have loved to stick it to Americans and Justice Scalia’s memory.