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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 19, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. I just saw the clip of the Obamas paying respects to Scalia. All 53 seconds of it. Geeesh. Maybe they visited with the family after? ABC cut it off as they walked away from the casket.

    • I saw it on Fox. The entire appearance lasted two minutes. Barry and Moochelle walked in and stood by the casket for about 30 seconds while cameras flashed like crazy. Then they walked over to the portrait of Justice Scalia and stood there for one minute. Barry was whispering a bit to Moochelle during that minute. Then they walked out. Two minutes and done.

      Also, they mentioned on Fox that Obummer arrived at the Supreme Court about fifteen minutes before he and Mooch appeared at the casket. So, they think it’s a possibility that Obummer first met with the other Justices or with members of the Scalia family.

      • Obama is nothing if he is not partisan, divisive, petulant, angry, and a general all around classless misfit, as his upturned nose re Justice Scalia’s funeral illustrates for the thousandth time in his Administration.

  2. Give me a break:

    White House finally reveals why Obama is snubbing Scalia’s funeral: He plans to spend weekend vetting potential nominees

    • The president and first lady instead came to the high court today to pay their respects while Scalia lay in repose

    • The president’s press secretary yesterday suggested that Obama was skipping the formal funeral because his ‘security footprint’

    •. Today he said the president would spend a ‘significant portion of his weekend’ reviewing dossiers compiled on possible Scalia replacements

  3. A coin toss (or 6), a deck of cards. The Dems are a joke. And what’s the point anyway with most of the super delegates bought and paid for to side with Hillary.

    Surely Sanders knows this as well. How dishonest of him also to let people believe he has even the slightest of chances when it comes down to it. Kabuki over and above. Kind of like a third world or communist election where there is another contender but no possibility of a win.

  4. No tv here, but just read a comment that someone was watching CSpan and that it was touching to see former law clerks guarding Scalia’s casket.

    An American gesture in the finest tradition.

  5. Maybe Mooch got together with Val Jar after the drive by viewing of (rest in peace) Scalia for a Botox party followed by a few rounds of bunco at the people’s house TGIF!

    • The money quote from the article:

      “CRANE: In my opinion, Sen. Rubio absolutely knowingly mislead the American people regarding the bill. He was not telling the American public the truth about what that bill contained. Every American will have to determine on their own what that says about his character, but for me I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust him again.”

      There is something about Rubio that doesn’t pass the smell test. Some people like him. Fine. For me, he’s too chameleon-like, even for a hack politician. He has Obama-like qualities–smiley, shallow, glib, say anything to be liked and to advance himself. They all have some of those characteristics to one degree or another, it’s just that Rubio can’t seem to hide them very well.

      • How about Trump’s latest riff on Gen Pershing killing Muslims with pig blood tipped bullets–which was apparently (I will be kind) apocryphal? I thought that stank from a truth standpoint, not to mention a decency standpoint–tacit approval for shooting people?

    • Makes no sense that the son of Cuban immigrants would be anything but supportive of amnesty for his fellow amigos (legal or illegal).

      His latest excuse for the GO8 is..”The public wasn’t ready for it”!!! Damn right, Marco! And we never will be.

      **Wish someone would
      ‘cross-examine’ Marco about his lie that his parents emigrated here to escape the Castro regime. It’s a lie. They arrived in the US three yrs before the Castro coup in Cuba. AND, they traveled back and forth AFTER the coup. Marco is a liar.