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Video || Hillary Acting Like a Real Person

She’s doing a little better this time around. Still, doesn’t seem to be working for her.

11 Responses to Video || Hillary Acting Like a Real Person

    • AFVet: sounds plausible, but even then, she is not carrying the young vote…so those youngin’s who do not recall her past are not even giving her much cred anyway….to them, she is that older lady who is married to an even older past President.

      If the Dems had any gumption, they would have figured this out long ago and put up a real candidate… most Dems I know are holding their noses….


  1. Hillary Clinton got over 400 delegates today??? For winning nothing? Its the so-called super delegates, that her democrat communists are allowed to give to her. What a fraud this will be, it won’t be up to the people, the fix is in, I knew it would be like this. She hasn’t come close to getting any real delegates and yet she now has over 400!!! I would never vote for an ugly liar like her, she isn’t even a real woman, WEARS HER PULL UP PANTS TO ALL PRESIDENTIAL EVENTS. Can’t even wear a skirt or a dress once in a while? What is she hiding? Or just a slob who wears a fancy top and ugly pants. She should be ashamed to stand on a stage in a town hall wearing the same pants over and over. Or is she trying to get the Lesbian vote wearing those ugly pants. Or is she just a lazy slob who is too sick mentally and physically to put on a skirt or a dress like a real woman. I would love to vote for a woman but not a woman who wears pants like a man all the time, she has to be a little nuts in the head to wear pants every day and all these events! What a kook!