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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 19, 2016

4:15 pm Meets with the Democratic governors; EEOB

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, February 19, 2016”

  1. how many Democrat governors are there in America today? A dwindling lot I would say. And look at their states and cities there as well.

    Like meets like for sure.

  2. I linked this on the last thread and am doing so again here. The first three posts are particularly interesting re. Trump and the Americans he appeals to and also how he is different from every other candidate including Cruz — appeal to two different types of “conservatives”. Addresses the America we rarely discuss here when talking about both the Republican and Democrat party and their “bases”.

    It think it is time well spent. And there look to be some good links there as well.

    1. THANKS for the links. Some great reading there. While I cringe at some of the things Trump says I also have watched the past four decades as America slowly slips away into a mass of Balkanized minions who have not a clue of the precious gift they are living in.
      I see America today like the heart attack patient on the cart that’s just flatlined. Doc can either pronounce time of death or grab the paddles, yell “clear” and shock back to life.
      Trump’s the shock. He’s not perfect, there will be lots of cardiac rehab needed post election but considering how long the patient’s health has been in decline it will be nothing short of a miracle if we’re able to get this country back on some foundational footing.

  3. I attended the Conservative Review convention last night. Quite an enthusiastic crowd.

    Rubio was a no-show, although he was a confirmed speaker. His camp said his schedule wouldn’t allow him to get there.

    The crowd was a decidedly Cruz crowd, so there was much speculation that Rubio chickened.

    Dr. Carso spoke. I would love him as my doctor, his ideas are fine, but he just doesn’t seem strong enough to be POTUS.

    Cruz spoke on the importance of our country’s future who the Supreme Court justice selection is. It was thought provoking.

    And Mark Levin was there, too. He is a smart guy. I like him, although my husband said his voice really grates on him.

  4. Could we have a sneak peek @ the President’s schedule tomorrow, Saturday? What could he possibly do to excuse his absence fro Justice Scalia’s funeral?

    1. He probably won’t golf, but scheduling absolutely nothing and still not going to the funeral is the ultimate middle finger to Republicans, conservatives, and everyone honoring Scalia’s memory.

  5. Wouldn’t that be the decent to bring the Democratic Governors to Scalia’s funeral on Saturday? Oh, that is right that would a unifying gesture! What was I thinking ?

  6. I read on another news sight yesterday that when Obama met with the AA civil rights leaders yesterday they discussed who he should nominate for the next Supreme Court Justice.

    1. The sudden death reeks of fowl play.

      Turning the news from immigration to the SCOTUS.
      And the Iphone nonsense. Another smoke screen. Simple take the phone in question to a secure room (SCIF) do it and destroy the algo.
      We are so naive and dumb.

      1. Exactly. Or place this one phone in an armored vehicle of some type, deliver it to the Apple labs, and under complete security, have Apple open the dang thing up and extract the information. Then seal it up, secure it, and put it back to a secure police evidence location. This is not brain surgery.

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