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Video || Hillary Delivers Another Historic Speech

Another coughing fit. At one point, it sounds like she said it was caused by “too much sex,” though that’s impossible since as far as I’m aware, sex does not cause coughing and Hillary does not have . . . oh, what do I know?

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  1. Picking on a person’s illness is not nice, but after a while, one doth wonder if her health is a factor. Not like we see her out there jogging….


  2. After much discussion elsewhere, it’s probably a symptom of some meds she’s taking. Some BP meds do promote a dry cough, so do others.

    If she is taking these kinds of meds, she could just ‘fess up without being held to a higher health standard. Actually, if she is taking meds, revealing the facts might help her and stop the constant chatter about her health.
    Most adults take meds today, it’s not a failure of character, but a fact.

    • She seems to be experiencing genuine coughing spells, but in ClintonWorld, you can’t be 100 percent sure. Might be a prelude to, “You know all those coughing spells you’ve seen me have on TV? Well, my doctor has advised me that I should pull out of the race for health reasons.”

      Who knows?

  3. On Fox business channel this morning they revealed that Berni Sanders is a life long deadbeat and his current net worth is
    -68,000 on credit cards no less!

        • Yes, Bernie’s been a wildly leftist political parasite virtually his entire adult life–since the 1960’s. He’s always been involved in left wing politics and was a member of various “hate America” movements in his college days at the University of Chicago. He’s not an Independent, as we commonly understand that political movement, but is one of the 80+ Democrat Socialists in the US Congress, who are directly affiliated with Socialist Internationale.

          He’s always been weird and off center, personally and politically. Before becoming a political parasite, he had many jobs, all low level: Head Start teacher, psychiatric aide and carpenter, as well as carpenter, filmmaker and writer. He was the Senate chair of the Veteran’s Affairs committee during and at the height of the VA scandal, though he claims to be “for the Veterans.” He sat in the Senate on his lazy butt while the VA scandal developed it’s worst stages of mistreatment of the Vets.

          An unexpected phase of his life: he was quite the athlete in high school-track and basketball. He dribbled the ball in high school, and now dribbles on his soup-soaked ties. How things can change, or not.

  4. She is hypothyroid. Your thyroid is right under the adam’s apple, and if it’s enlarged it could explain the coughing fits. If it’s enlarged then her hypothyroidism might not be under control.

    • Mr. Trump did this generous act TWO years ago, long before he became a candidate for President, but I’m sure it will be twisted to make it seem he did it for political reasons.
      Interestly, WGN-TV Chicago is doing a week, yes 7 days, “Investigative report” on Mr. Trump.
      They couldn’t find their ass with both hands.
      Nothing ever on the 40 Chicago Aldermen convicted and jailed on various corruption charges. Just a quick example of their “investigative” skills, although the do a good job on Police Officers and Republican officials.

  5. If coughing is caused by ” too much sex “, it would be Bill Clinton coughing ALL the time.
    But I admit, that’s better than catching a cold or flu.

  6. Well I giggle all the time and rarely cough…so that means…..oh never mind….I’m quite concerned with our next Supreme Court nominee….and whether Cruz &Trump stop the madness….they are ushering in the Rubio era…middle of the road crap all over again