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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 18, 2016

10:00 am Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am Honors the 2015 NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks; East Room
2:05 pm Meets with African American faith and civil rights leaders; The Roosevelt Room
4:40 pm Hosts a reception in recognition of African American History Month; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

46 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 18, 2016

  1. Good morning America
    how are you?
    Say don’t you know me?
    I’m your native son.
    Apologies to Arlo Guthrie, but I just feel so darned good this morning.
    Drove by the local court facility yesterday and in a few moments of sunlight Old Glory was waving in rather brisk wind.
    I’ll tell ya’ something, just hanging on a flagpole kinda limp, well, its not very inspiring.
    But brother, when its waving, look out.

    • And should, say, one of the Castro brothers, Raul or Fidel, die this year, Obama will move heaven and earth to get to Cuba to “deliver remarks”. He’d do the same for any other evil dictator who dies while Obama was POTUS. That’s how much of a loon Barry is.

  2. He has time for all this, and a jaunt to Cuba….but no time to attend a Supreme Court Justice funeral.

    America, where hath thy spirit vanished to?


    • The more I think about this the more I see it as possible. The GOPe has been more than willing (with the help of elected conservatives happily joining the “e” for the spoils)to relinquish the power of the Legislature to the Executive, why not the Judicial branch as well.

      As long as they stay in office and receive their perks and pensions or move on to more lucrative private market positions why should they care. With very few exceptions there are hardly any Republican Congress Critters who are concerned about the country, limited government or fiscal matters.

  3. PopeFrancis has gone too far – he claims that MrTrump is not “Christian”.
    How can someone, even his Holiness, see inside another’s heart and soul?

    Being a Christian has nothing to do with allowing illegal aliens to invade our country, rather it is un-Christian to break the law of the land.

    • I agree — he has gone too far. I also saw where he has ok’ed birth control, but that was just a passing glance. I will have to go back and research it.

      I suspect that Benedict was politically coerced to resign and that Francis was the end game. It’s a tough road for this Catholic. The institutional church today is almost as disturbing as back in the old days of indulgences, cooperation with the state etc.

    • So we note that Francis lives in a city/state completely surrounded and protected by a wall. He’s not in the least worried about thousands of illegals suddenly roaming around Vatican City, smashing everything in sight, robbing and killing innocent people.

      Meanwhile he insults Trump and questions whether he is really a Christian because Trump advocates walls and effective vetting of the hoards invading the country by the thousands.

      The hypocrisy is so thick, you need a knife to slice it. TEAR DOWN YOUR OWN PROTECTIVE WALL, POPE FRANCIS. Then you might have a sliver of credibility to stand on re this issue.

      • I am heart-broken to say that I agree with most of your comment.
        I, a devout Catholic, cannot just walk into the Vatican, throw down a sleeping bag, and demand something to eat from the residents there. There is a restraining wall, and a force of guards who would prevent me from “immigrating” to the Vatican.

        I don’t understand him, or what he says and it is ………I don’t know. I’m in anguish.

        • Francis is a student and advocate of Liberation Theology–a bizarre mixture of Marxism and Catholic theology. The movement began in the 1950’s in Latin and South America to address the needs of the poor there, but was highly influenced by Marxism as time went on. It was roundly condemned by both JP2 and Benedict as a false theology, as being not Biblical and certainly not in the tradition of the Church. Pope Francis, however, was trained and educated in that political/Marxist/theological system. That’s his world view. You can hear it when he condemns “capitalism”, which he does because all he has experienced is crony capitalism in Argentina, not so much fair market capitalism.

          I am also anguished over this issue. We are a Sacramental Church, not a political football in the world arena. Yes, it’s true JP2 was a master politician, but it was, as we recognize, for a greater good, which he accomplished. His goals were clear. With Francis, not so much.

          It is more than troubling. I, too, am a serious Catholic, as are others on this site, and while I admire Pope Francis’ (seeming) humility and his interaction with people, I do wish he would keep his promises to clean up the Curia, get the scoundrels out of the Vatican Bank and seriously other serious problems which impact the Church. Far too often I am getting the impression he is a tool for sinister forces, even if he is not completely aware of how is is being used by them.

          • In terms of his background and training — all true. As to his intent, unclear. As to sinister forces, a possibility. Any student of the church and honest Catholic will not discount such things.

          • As I’ve said elsewhere, I consider this pope to have blood on his hands. I see him as a media darling who spends most of his time whining about global warming, while innocent Christians are beheaded, burnt alive, and kidnapped, and sacred spaces destroyed.
            And he has the audacity to impugn Trump’s Faith!
            What a condescending hypocrite.

          • i am no Rubio fan, but I give him lots of credit for this response.

            Rubio: “Vatican city controls who comes in and how they come in as a sovereign state” says US is most compassionate country in world

          • ” Liberation theology ”
            That’s is why what he says means nothing to me, nothing.
            Marxist, socialist, communist. Whoever spouts their propaganda, I listen, but realize they are the enemy of my freedom.

  4. National Review has said Obama hasn’t ruled out playing golf on Saturday instead of attending Scalia’s funeral. What an arrogant a$$ he is.

  5. 11:15 am well coming hockey players?? Makes me feel like my favorite former NFL coach…”playoffs….we’re talking playoffs?” Jim Mora…..just wonder how real men circulate with. ..that little kitty…..oh well kitty heading to Cuba to chase a little white ball…how appropriate