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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 16, 2016

President Obama today continues to host a summit in Rancho Mirage, California with Southeast Asian leaders. He will hold a press conference at 4:35 PM ET, and I will live stream it on the website. In the evening, Obama will return to Washington.

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    • And you still had to think about….. If you could do your life all over again, or at the end of would or will you exclaim “oh how I wished I spent another day at the office”. Give yourself a little credit now. Look at all these comments, you don’t want to be the proud rooster mistaken for all these hen pecking and crying that the raccoons must have taken all my eggs in the night.

    • You may want to to keep it open. Maybe you are already aware of important issues, like escalating climate changes… or maybe not. But enjoy that orange juice while you still got it. You can always send The guy down the road your extra socks when it is below freezing, while you are in the refrigerator frying from the heat. Love when people are part of the solution. NOT. It’s this, that creates the spreading of these negative outbreaks. THE sickness that is contagious to its hosts. I’m not hosting but only to those of positive thinking and hard working icons or leaders of what is on a positive note, negativity again left far behind. Catch up. We are waiting, meanwhile intentions are pulling us, furthering us far from the cuts of snide remarks as we willingly embrace the current of wishing good amongst all, and appreciating those, but especially those wiping your butts, you being too lazy to do so yourselves.

    • So Christian like of you to say. Thank you sister . Always a little more room for contagious negativity or a new disease. No need to explain where you spent your day today but that old killer jealousy gets the best of us….. Hopefully you have brighter more enjoyable leisure days ahead. Only thing Sister is that damn karma a real kicker sometime. I’d prefer to stand by my hard working brother Broc on this one.

  1. This was not a “summit” — it was a brief meeting held when the boy king was not on the gold course. To call it a summit is utterly ridiculous and pompous.

    • My Definition of a lousy traveler: One who probably never has flown 1st class in her entire life, and arrives at her destination, ends up at lost baggage claims with peanut crumbs in the side creases still in bedded on her mouth and a headache from the little cheap bottles of booze that she `uh-hum’ has to purchase on the flight, knowing all the time while, that she will probably not ever,in her lifetime, board a private jet and experience the well earned luxury from all the hard work, of fixing other people’s problems. Now that’s truly lousy.

  2. Cover meeting so he can charge the tax payers for this trip.

    He is not dumb he is destroying the country on purpose.

    Towel head Muslims in the restaurant where we had lunch. Disgusting!

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      • Who appointed you the Imam of this group? What business is it of yours to criticize the opinions of others on this site, and do it in such an obnoxious and pretentious manner?

        • Yeah–look at the newbie, why don’tcha? What’s he got against women–where did he learn to write–the Bulwer Lytton Literary Academy? And Von Ebb is a woman? Wow–that changes so much, though I don’t think it’s true. But hey–dude–welcome to WHD…just be prepared…