As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Press Conference – February 16, 2015

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  1. Walter Annenberg would be spinning in his grave if he knew someone of Obama’s ilk was using his estate as a playground with his unsavory pals. I personally know of what I speak. Enough said.

  2. I watched Trump’s presser yesterday and it was AHHmazing. He’s like his own rapid response team. That’s how it should be done. I noticed Obama looks down before he calls on someone, Trump never looked down, he just pointed to someone with his finger gun ;)

  3. I read somewhere Obama spent 5 hours playing golf today or yesterday — not sure. What I went to know is how many hours were logged at “the summit”?

    • I tried to piece a time line together earlier this evening. My guess is he spent about 10 hours at the summit. It started about 3pm Pacific time yesterday and they were to have a working dinner. Obama played 5 hours of golf yesterday morning.

      This morning it started around 11am (if Twitter posts are accurate) and finished before his press conference scheduled for 2:30PT.

      We paid dearly for this summit, his extended golf vacation and Michelle’s and their daughter’s ski trip.

      • Maybe we should ask this “WH press corps” how many hours he played golf…???

        They ARE the “press” who “report” on this “president”so they should know the answer.

  4. Trump certainly doesn’t respect anyone in the Republican Party. So, I would like to see someone ask him…..Why do you want to be the Republican Nominee for President? As the nominee will he even be able to support the party platform?

    Personally, I believe he is nothing but a Trojan jackass who is going to destroy the Republican Party and then he will go independent. The fact that he has used his money will make it a nice clean break that people will believe he is a hero.

    The same basic question should be put to Bernie Sanders. If he has been an independent why is he running as a Democrat? HRC is hoping her SuperDelegates will be enough to sell or leverage to get her a pardon from Obama.

    I am not sure who I am voting for at this point. I still would like a Kasich/Bush or Bush/Kasich ticket.

  5. Hoping lil barry made it back ok from sunny Southern California and his family from the slopes of Aspen. Let’s get this countdown moving forward.Oh and happy lame duck presidents day.

    • Good morning Island Girl, oh, you are a lucky girl , to be in Hawaii this time of the year. Well, Hawaii must be a paradise any time of the year.

      • Good evening dear Swedish Lady and yes it is mostly Paradise here, besides the usual small community issues. It has been rainy and windy for a few days but cannot complain as we need it. Sorry for the tourists that thought they would be soaking up some sun but they will be OK. Cheers:))

  6. I read on ABC-news that Barry doesn´t think that Trump will ever be a president, ” the reason for this, I continue to have faith in the American people”. Hmmm, sounds a little ominous and sinister….
    And Barry also said that it is a serious job to be a president, it is not a talk show. Says the guy who transformed this serious job into a talk show. With a script he cannot do without.

        • We use the same phrase here, about people on their “high horse”. Of course, we’ve all made much more pithy and profane remarks about Barry and the Mooch!

    • Hi SL, I came across this discussion on neo neocon blog of an interesting article in Foreign Policy on the situation facing Sweden in its attempt to absorb the recent wave of Syrian/Iraqi/Afghan newcomers.

      Neo neocon is quite a good and thoughtful blog.

      Anyway I saved it for you and if you are so inclined, give it and the FP article a read and see what you think. I found it very interesting and a bit disturbing. Hope you are well.

      • Thank you, Grace, very interesting. Yes, the “åsiktskorridor” is a fact but the debates and discussions are fierce on the sidelines and behind closed doors. Many, many are extremely angry but, being Swedish, we do not like confrontations, so the lid on the boiling kettle only lifts now and then. The government has ruled that all districts and townships in Sweden must, by law, make room for x-number “refugees”. These people must have housing, medical and dental care, schools, and in a distant future, jobs. So our local politicians are right now worried about where to put our quota. I live in a region with mostly Swedes plus some people from western countries, USA, Britain, Germany, Denmark etc. If the incoming “refugees” are nice families with well-behaved children I will welcome them. But I have read many disturbing articles about crimes, unrest etc when strangers, especially young men, arrive. We are simply overwhelmed by all these people. If our welfare system is cracking too much the social contract will dissolve and even calm and quiet Swedes may go berserk.

    • And there are so many we don’t hear about.

      Last night I saw a couple of articles where various states are pushing back on Obama’s desire to place children in military facilities. The governors have said no. As they should. You know it would require military resources and this is just totally inappropriate and wrong.

      If there was justice, after the election Mooch and Barry should have to travel the country and identify every illegal who should be out of the country and personally arrange for their return. This should keep the two of them busy for a good long while.

      And I sure hope they don’t get sick from some new disease or strain while performing this “community service”.