As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

10 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || February 14, 2015

    • Also -17 in my town in Maine. Windy, sunny. We get a blast of Arctic cold like this just about every mid-February. Lasts a few days, and then….SPRING.

    • So–you guys really did not watch the debate? You missed some fun–I was jumping around like a cricket–and I am more rickety than crickety. Your Don was red as a tomato–stroke, stroke, calm down. The CBS guy whatsis was irritating as a single mosquito inside a tent. Rubio smacked Cruz. Don tried to smack Bush and Bush laughed it off. And SMACKED back. It was fun. One piece interesting info thrown off as a throwaway by Trump–he would tax items runaway companies like Carrier tried to bring back here to sell…so he would zap American shareholders… Interesting approach….