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Constitutional Crisis? Obama Says Senate Must Act on Scalia Replacement

President Obama Saturday suggested a battle is on the way over Senate Republicans’ refusal to consider whomever he nominates for the Supreme Court.

Following what was a rather graceful commentary on the late Justice Scalia, given their vast differences, Obama indicated he will fight.

I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time.  There will be plenty of time for me to do so, and for the Senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote.  These are responsibilities that I take seriously, as should everyone.  They’re bigger than any one party.  They are about our democracy.

A Constitutional crisis may soon be coming your way.

At first I thought he might be drunk, having just come off the golf course. First sentence: “Nustice, Antonin Nino Scalia . . . larger than life presidence on the Bench.” But the rest was eloquent enough.

15 thoughts on “Constitutional Crisis? Obama Says Senate Must Act on Scalia Replacement”

  1. Obviously, Justice Scalia will be replaced. If there is any sanity, sense of duty and backbone left in the Senate, it will be after Obama leaves office.

    1. This is going to be war between Obama and those damn republicans in the senate.
      Never ending rhetoric on how the republicans are inhibiting the progress of this country.

  2. I say they resolve F&F and Benghazi first.
    Then we can talk about Constitutional Crises.
    This POTUS has ducked so many questionable issues.
    I really don’t think he is qualified to appoint anymore justices.

    I want to see McConnell stand his ground on this one.
    Both Rubio and Cruz are in favor of appointing a conservative Constitution based individual.

    With Obama’s record of ignoring the Constitution, I will be interested as to who he selects.

    1. I am very concerned about what McConnell will do. His arm is almost worn out from waving that white flag every time Obama makes a peep. And he and Harry Reid are thick as thieves.

    1. As we continue to hear the caterwauling. wailing, yelling, screeching and yowling from the Democrat chorus of misfits about Republicans blocking a judicial appointment, we remember the endless antics they performed to block Republican appointed Supreme Court (and other courts) judicial appointments over the years. Remember the antics they went through to block Robert Bork. And what they tried to do with Justice Thomas’s appointment is beyond evil.

      Here is Sen. Mike Lee giving us a long history of Democrats blocking judicial appointments, which the MSM will never talk about. Perhaps the Democrats have forgotten about their own history on this topic? That must be it.

      And a USAToday article on D’s blocking judicial appointments.

    2. Whoops, mean my post as a stand alone, but it works here as well. ;+}

      On Obama’s “fulfilling my Constitutional duties” statement, that has got to be the joke of the century. Maybe his pen and his phone aren’t working anymore? Maybe he’s auditioning to be a comedian on SNL? Hard to tell.

  3. The podium is hiding the bulge in his pants as he salivates over his chance to render our founding Document completely irrelevant.Not bad for somebody who’s had everything handed to him thanks to an African daddy and affirmative action.

    1. Nice attire also. His tie fit the solemnity of the passing of a great jurist.

      Oh well, I suppose the family should be grateful that Obama deigned to speak at all.

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