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Saturday Open Thread || February 13, 2016



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  1. Now Carrier, the big AC builder, is moving it’s Indianapolis plant to MEXICO.
    About 2,ooo jobs kaput, 2,ooo families (say, 8,ooo people) out of luck and on the food stamp cycle, all thanks to the government regulations and high taxes ( and union demands) the elites think is a good thing.
    The workers want to blame Carrier management, but that’s not the story – first of all they have to stay in business, and Mexico is where they want to be.
    The union could make concessions to the company, the local or state government could give them special tax exemptions, the feds could do something – but none of them will.

    Goodbye Carrier, Hello Sanders or Trump!

      • Jump out of your dregs & watch Svengoolie on MEtv. Always a fun late Saturday night movie. Tonight: The Wolfman,
        Credits: Lon Chaney Jr. (Actor), Claude Rains (Actor), Ralph Bellamy (Actor), Warren William (Actor), Patric Knowles (Actor), Bela Lugosi (Actor)
        It’s a fun diversion in today’s crazy world.

    • Not me. Tired of the “In in this cornah, weighing 195 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, is the Killah from Ohio, John, the Handchopper, Kasich. And in this cornah, weighing 240 pounds, standing 6 foot, one inch, is the Builda from New Yawk City, Don, The Magic Hairdooooo, Trump!”

      And so on.

      Until we get honest moderators not working off a cheap, obviously show business agenda, until the networks stop worrying primarily about ratings, until they stop treating these shows like World Wide Rassling bouts, count me out. I’ll read about it in the morning papers.

      • Agree 100% Marjo. The problem is that the D anchors who host the R debates aren’t interested in having the candidates talk about the real issues because it might make the D two look wrong. They want a fight. Speaking of which, I saw a clip where Bret Baier asked Debbie W-S when the D’s were going to allow Fox to host one of their debates. It was a pretty funny response she had.

        • If I were the moderator, I would ask 1 question pertinent to the situation the Country is in and let every candidate answer with their solution.
          Q: How would you fix the unemployment rate ?
          Q: How would you bring American companies back to America ?
          Q: How would you fix the over-regulation by the EPA ?
          Q: How are you going to address the problems concerning the VA ?
          Q: How would you stop the influx of illegal aliens coming into this Country ?

          Again, let them all answer, and if anybody interrupts another, the moderator should step in and stop the interruption.
          Isn’t that what a moderator is supposed to do ?

          • Great questions. We need to be asking more “how” questions–yes, of everyone, not just Don. How are we getting middle income jobs back without bringing manufacturing back and if we can’t do it without that, how do we bring manufacturing back—investment tax credits, what” Specifics! I know the Donald demurs on raising min wage–saying it would make us less competitive in the low-age world…but can we really improve this country by keeping wages low…not that arbitarily making cos raise them is a good idea, either. Let’s see how these wannabees deal with these paradoxes…

          • Good questions….which won’t be asked, of course.

            I’d like to see one of these debate hootenannies devoted to the candidates understanding of the Constitutional responsibilities of a United States President. They want the damned job so much, let’s see how the candidates understand the proper function of the President under the US Constitution.

            Throw the journalist moderators out. Bring in solid historians, Constitutional lawyers and other similar types who have no ax to grind politically. Find out if the candidates even understand what the proper role of a US President really is, how they perceive the balance of powers function of our government, what limits would they put on themselves as President. No BS allowed. Let’s have solid answers based on the real world we live in.

            Come up with real world situations we face, internationally and domestically, and have them explain themselves and their plans to address various critical situations which either have arisen already or could arise in the future. Specifics, not dreamy nonsense.

            Let’s see if they understand what the job is all about in the first place and have them compare how they would react compared to how the Screw Up currently taking up space in the White House has reacted during his seven year reign of terror. That might be an interesting discussion.

          • It would be–I have a great fear that the balance of powers is eroded now without a kiss good-bye. This EO thing is going to be used by both sides, I predict–it’s just easier than making the system work the way it’s supposed to. But it really is not a substitute for regular order and the
            “balance.” We can’t have the courts then deciding everything…out of balance…These are big issues…we deserve to know this…

          • Star, no one walks through a complete description of raising the minimum wage.
            So, Burger King employees get $15.00 an hour for frying & selling fast food. Obviously the price to customers will rise exponentially in relation to the added cost to run the business, ultimately leaving everyone in the same monetary situation. No real change in their economic situation because everything costs more to cover the stupid increase in wages for people that need to find a better occupation. Not to mention, the college grads working entry level ‘professional’ jobs making maybe just a little less than their more experienced coworkers. (This is union-think, & hurts lots of good employees)
            I have no business education & it’s just clear how messed up this would make society.

      • I sat out the last debate for the same reason most of you have mentioned. I would rather one of our grandfathers or fathers asking the question. Someone that is old enough to remember when as well as ask question regarding current issues.

  2. The Muslim Destroyer of our country is here in socal. In Palm Springs for Valentines day. OH he left the wookie some where else. Such love birds (sarc).

    Its hot here today and I hope out in the desert too hot for golf.

    If not that I hope the wind is really blowing out there.

  3. The drug cartel is more high tech than I would have imagined. They’re using solar panels to charge their police scanners and cell phone batteries! This first reporter happened upon their camp and took pictures of the solar panels. He’s really lucky they let him go. It took him over an hour to climb the mountain but only about 12 minutes to scramble back down.

    This 2nd report from a different news station was the following day and showed the scouts had large storage tubs of food and stuff. The Border Patrol also chased and arrested one of the scouts.

    If you think these drug cartel scouts are along the border, you would be mistaken. They’re a mere 40 miles south of Phoenix, out in the mountains along I-8.

    • I’ve seen many incidents of their unlawful activities over the years. Ever wonder why I8 is closed so often, they say a ‘semi crashed & burned’ & detour everyone through the farmlands NW of Yuma….yet no real info gets told to the public.

    • Very good read Star. I was amazed at the question the students asked. How can they connect. He had to actually give suggestions, such as sit by their bedside. I am a people person/talker. I was in the store earlier and spoke to many people while I was there. The elderly appreciate the conversation, and I learn as well.

      • I would think you are a converser, just from this list. I am, too. But some people can’t hold a simple conversation…ask people questions…that sort of thing. I can always think of something to ask–or say. I have a friend who teaches Eng as a second lang. And he has to prompt her adult students to ask people about themselves…to start a conversation…Sometimes they say they don’t care what the other person does, or where that person is from, or what that persion thinks of the election, etc. She says–so what–ask anyway. Doctors don’t really care what you do–not even if you are retired or anything. So that never comes up. And it could be important…

    • This is all part of the biggest battle in Syria and the ME in years, centered on Aleppo (Aleppo AGAIN), and it’s been going on for weeks, getting worse by the day. Don’t count on the MSM to say much or even anything about it, let alone put the energy and resources needed to adequately explain and describe it. It makes Obama look bad, you see. The battle, which has been ferocious, includes Assad’s forces, the Syrian rebels, the US, Russia, Great Britain, ISIS and who knows who else. Thousands of thousands more Syrian refugees have been scattered to the four winds, and are headed for Turkey and thereabouts.


    President Obama has been informed of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and has offered his condolences to the Scalia family, White House officials said today.

    Obama was in the middle of a golf round in La Quinta, California, when news of Scalia’s death broke.

    White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz also said to expect an additional reaction from the president on Sunday.

    Scalia’s passing could have massive political implications in an election year, with any nomination to the Supreme Court by President Obama required to be confirmed by the Senate.

    Former President George W. Bush also reacted to the news in a statement today, sending his condolences to Scalia’s wife Maureen, their nine children and the rest of Scalia’s family.

    “He was a towering figure and important judge on our Nation’s highest court,” Bush said in his statement. “He brought intellect, good judgment, and wit to the bench, and he will be missed by his colleagues and our country.”

  5. Oh Hell! THIS is BIG!

    February 13, 2016

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at age 79. Showdown looms to name successor

    NOW – We’re gonna’ see just how many Repugs that aren’t R-I-N-O-Eunichs.

    This upcoming decision is too important for this country to waste on bipartisanship and lobbyist.

    Whichever R-I-N-O votes for an Obama appointed successor should NEVER see re-election.

    This is that important!

    Call, Write, Threaten your Congress-Critter!

    • One of the articles I read about this said that the NEXT President will get to make the appointment.

      He was found dead in a room of the Cibola Creek Ranch, not far from Marfa, TX, not to be confused with various ranches outside of Las Vegas.

    • McConnell better hold firm on that and not cave in. It’s going to get nasty, but there is no way that the Dems or Obama can force McConnell to schedule confirmation hearings on Barry’s nomination.

      A new Justice wouldn’t even be getting on the bench this term; it would be for the next term, which doesn’t begin until early October. Between the recesses they take for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years we’re talking maybe just eight to ten weeks of them being in session before Obummer’s term ends. It can wait until he’s gone.

  6. Meanwhile, Queen Moochelle and the Moochettes were once again shutting down the airport in Aspen yesterday and inconveniencing everyone else on a very busy holiday ski weekend:

    In a nation where power, in theory, belongs to the people, travelers wanting to fly in and out of Aspen, Colorado Friday learned where the real power lies.

    Travelers had to wait, regardless of schedules, so that the airport could be taken over by first lady Michelle Obama and her children.

    The news emerged when it was tweeted out by political analyst and Georgetown University professor Ron Christie.

    Let them eat cake: ‪#Aspen flight delayed due to “security bubble” so @FLOTUS/kids can have airport for themselves,” he tweeted.

    He followed that up moments later.

    “The ‘1%’ ‪@POTUS rails against while taking their $ are furious. Wow, you should hear what they saying about ‪@FLOTUS entitlement,” he tweeted.

    There was one more comment.

    “Worst part is we were originally told plane had a mechanical issue before they fessed up ‪@FLOTUS needed to fly there 1st,” he tweeted.

    “Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama is head and shoulders above the rest of us Americans. When she flies into an airport, it’s as if no one else matters,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives.

    “The Obama’s don’t act like the First Family as much as they do celebrities, and that is highly unbecoming,” he wrote. “Just another day in Obama’s America.”

    The cost of this year’s trip has not been revealed, but last year, the watchdog group Judicial watch reported the cost of Michelle Obama’s 2015 Aspen ski getaway was 14 times higher than what it would cost a normal family, even in pricey Aspen. Air travel costs alone totaled $57,068.80, Judicial Watch reported. On top of that were costs for security, accommodations, rental cars and entertainment.

    “The Obamas abuse taxpayers with unnecessarily luxury vacations and travel,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “How many times did the Obama family travel to Aspen prior to the presidency? Misusing the perks of presidency to travel to luxury hot spots is an abuse that must end. If Congress is looking to save tax dollars, they might consider trimming the platinum travel budgets of this and future presidents.”

    • If it was a Republican President and 1st Lady doing this, the msm would be on it each and every time AF1 took off.
      ” Again, President Republican, goes on lavish vacation on taxpayers expense, film at 6.