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Live Stream || Obama on the Death of Antonin Scalia

The statement has concluded.

28 Responses to Live Stream || Obama on the Death of Antonin Scalia

    • Of course he has to make his statement right before the debate, or worse, around the time the debate is scheduled to start. It’s always all about him. Let’s see if he can refrain from mentioning the nomination process in the same breath as he’s expressing his condolences.

      • My guess is that he will mention the nomination process and castigate all those who criticize whomever he selects as an appointee. He’ll take a shot at Republicans, of course, and insult several people in the process. Scalia was just the type of Supreme Court Justice Obama loathes. He won’t nominate an originalist like Scalia. Not even close. It will be some third rate Progressive judicial hack.

  1. He just did it – he said he palms to fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate Scalia’s successor and he expects the Senate to fulfill their responsibility to give his nominee a fair hearing and a timely vote.

    • Like you’re all kinda saying….dear God, please let the senate do the will of the people & not cave to this fake pos.
      I’m just seeing Keith’s post this morning. Did they have to drag Barry out of the bar and sober him up first? That’s a lot of blank video and I didn’t go to the end to hear him.
      I hope an autopsy is done on the Judge.

  2. 38 minute stream for a 5 minute statement?!?!? Can this clown ever be on time.
    And he can nominate whatever 3rd rate law school dropout he chooses, they won’t get very far.

  3. Here we go again. Will the nominee be a conservative or liberal, hated by the Dems, hated by the Repubs when the potential jurist should just be able to read and understand our constitution, not put a political spin on anything.
    It means what it says. No personal beliefs should color any decision made by the court, no leaning this way or that.

    MrObama probably has a folder full of suitable candidates to propose, while the establishment Repubs have one of their own.
    What a fine kettle of fish this will be.

    As for Justice Scalia – rest in peace, your honor, court adjorned.
    Condolences to his family for their great loss. A sudden death is a double blow to his loved ones – they never had a chance to say ‘goodbye’ or to express their love or appreciation for all he was to them.
    For the man himself, a sudden, unexpected death is a blessing from a compassionate God who eliminated the suffering most experience. Perhaps a blessing for a life well lived.

  4. I have always admired Justice Scalia. He was like a rock of solid jurist competence, the best in the present team. I have read that Scalia was widely admired among the young law-clerks, he was one of those who really wrote his opinions himself, he was a master of formulation and wording as well as of content. I have studied law myself so I have followed this colourful, brilliant man with a certain interest. And he was of course a Reagan appointee. I hope the Senate will stall and object to any attempt by Barry to appoint a new light-weight political-minded justice.
    I read that Scalia died in his sleep in a beautiful place in Texas. A fine end.

  5. Putt-Putt champ leaves the last hole, which is the hardest, a giant clown face, with a windmill, to address the media. Makes off the cuff comments concerning his sworn duty. Some cheer, some scratch their heads. Some just yawn.

  6. He finished his 5 hr golf game before even giving thought to his speech. Not that he wrote it himself anyway. But his head bobbing up and down and sideways as he read the statement was very distracting.

    The comments above were proven correct. Obama did not just give a message of condolence. He had to lecture us on his nomination and so forth. This man has absolutely NO class whatsoever.

    • Speaking of Congress, one of our Senators, and both of our Representatives wrote moving tributes for Justice Scalia which appeared in today’s newspaper.

      Our other Senator, Angus King, a whacked out Progressive and a member of the Obama Cult who disguises himself as an Independent, wrote one short sentence. “My sympathies are with Justice Scalia’s family.” Period. Nothing about Scalia’s record of achievement, no tribute to the man, no mention of his work on the Supreme Court.

      What a hopeless dolt.

  7. Much of the media this morning is portraying Scalia as the judge that made all of the decisions and, apparently, the rest of the Supremes were merely back-up singers. Little did I know…