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Video || The Democratic Debates Have Gone to the Dogs

From our friend theeonniebuss.

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          • So, there’s hope? Someone named Huma inquiring for a “friend”. :)

            BTW, thanks for the explanation of Hillary of the Democrat super delegates. That plus coin tosses etc. and the DNC rule change re. PAC donations and other political contributions pretty much it’s coronation time.

            I give Bernie Sanders no credit for the “goodly, socialist, for the people” crap. He is an old man who is playing this to the hilt for his own satisfaction, knowing — short of Dems showing up in his bed — that there is no way he can win. The Democrats are “allowing” him to play. If anything, and this is huge, he is even more of a fake than HRC. Except he is stupid enough to believe that socialist utopia is possible. Next life, he will try and figure out how to fund it.

          • Grace, I agree. The D’s are letting Bernie play–and perhaps allowing him the luxury of making a fool of himself so that he can “cancel” Hillary’s efforts in some sort of Byzantine internal party politics tactic. They don’t dare spit her out of the race directly because she knows too much about the shadowy workings of the D apparatus. She might spill all the beans if humiliated by them. Hence, Biden and Warren (or one of the Castro brothers) or even Bloomberg (doesn’t have a chance, of course) are waiting in the wings, practicing their lines, adjusting their tutus for their grand entrance onto the stage should the star of the show cancel her performance because of health reasons–which is Hillary code for “The FBI is about to arrest me” ;+}. As we’ve said many times, the really interesting stuff is going on in the back room behind the back room.

            I wish Sherlock Holmes would come out of retirement to sort this all out.

    • They are all aliens.
      Of course that depends on your definition of what direction the Country should go.
      It’s taken them 100 years to accomplish their dream of utopia.
      They are almost there.

      Let’s dash their dreams and make them start over.

      We have an opportunity to do so in this next election.

      The dem party is down to a Socialist and a liar.

      The rep side is TBD.

      If the dems win, throw in the towel because congress consists of a bunch of pusses and suck ups.

      If the reps win, we have a chance to save this republic.

      I love my Country and if the people do not take a stand now and elect a strong individual that loves this Country and is determined to reverse the damage Obama has done to Her, we will never be the America we grew up in.

      • I’ve been afraid many, many times in my life.
        But now I’m beginning to see fear.
        Fear for exactly the reasons you noted AVet.
        Simply, the America we grew up in, served and defended. Gone.
        The sacrifices made by so many Americans, military and civilian alike, squandered.

        • I’m not afraid yet Cisco.
          But my eyes and ears are up
          Situational awareness is essential.

          Things can change in a heartbeat.
          I remain ready to adjust to whatever comes our way.

          • Yes, Cisco…and according to Sun Tzu, in his “Art of War”, prepare diligently for war brought in from another country by having an army so well equipped, so well trained, so courageous that no outside force would dare attack the kingdom (his words). And if the do attack the kingdom, go to the country and attack them in retaliation. Wipe out every last human being in that kingdom as a lesson to all. And, on the other hand, he advises the king to leave other peaceful countries alone, to not attack them to gain power or territory. Let them be.

          • You say take it into our own hands–but since you aren’t running, AfVet, we are putting it in someone else’s hands–or might be–with no assurance whatsoever that those hands can do the job, apart from that person repeatedly saying he can do it. If I have to sit through one more Bill O’Reilly interview with Trump in which Bill tries to tell Trump what he REALLY means by these blanket statements, I will spit! If THIS is what YOU mean, Bill–then YOU run!

        • I’m sad, too. But mainly I’m mad at all of us.
          We stood by and watched this happen.
          Read an article today in the daily mail from someone who attended the “Vogue” exhibition of their photos over the last 100 years. Apparently the article has been pulled – can’t find it now. The author succinctly stated that these photographs show how deeply into the abyss we have fallen…from pictures of “Haute Coutre” that highlighted particular examples of fashion to pictures that reveal more flesh than clothing. He called it a descent into hedonism.
          Nobody can straighten this out except God. He can if He wants to. He can put an end to the world if He wants, too. We may be at the point where we need to “hide and watch” what happens.

          • Aileen, we tried in 2012 and 2014, to try to stop Obama’s ride to socialism.
            It appears we have failed.
            He is still laughing at us while golfing in California, and congress is getting ready to make another run for office.

            It’s a conundrum.
            Fancy this,….
            Term limits for all government employees including the Supreme Court.

            No more career politicians and their pensions and benefits, including medical expire after 2 years.

            Do you think they would ever pass a bill like that ?
            Heck no.
            That’s why we have to vote them out of office.

            They have consistently lied to us as to what they were going to do.
            Are you willing to listen to the lies again ?

            Time to take it into our own hands and teach them a lesson.

          • AFVet, you are correct. We tried.
            I was shocked by the 2012 results and betrayed by the 2024 “winners.” Our electoral system is compromised I believe – and without experiencing an act of God, I don’t know what we the people can do about that.
            In addition, I have recently read some horrible accusations and innuendoes about our elected reps…allegations of deeds too terrible to mention in polite society.
            Those rumors and the collusion and compromise and lying and cheating make me think God may have just about had enough.
            But, in the meantime – we must continue to stand fast in the faith and work as if we are working for The Lord.

          • Aileen, her’s an illustration of your point. As we know, Sanders gave Hillary a whooping in NH–60 percent to 38 percent. Normally, that would mean that Sanders won 14 delegates and Hillary won 9 delegates.

            BUT, the Democrats have so-called super delegates (Republicans don’t) who are party hacks, various elected officials, etc. So, 6 out of 8 of NH’s super delegates swore allegiance, after the Primary, to Hillary and said they would vote for her at the Convention. Voila! Hillary can claim 15 delegates, thus matching Sanders 15 earned delegates (if I have the numbers correct).

            So it’s a crooked deal all around. Peoples’ votes don’t reflect the delegate count in NH, and people there are very unhappy about it (per my son who lives in NH). Dats how da game is played by Democrats. Coin tosses and all.

  1. OT Off the Topic of Obama’s playground , Hillary’s criminal lying, and Sanders’ socialist moment in the sun with not serious intent of winning the nomination and back to the Republican debate. Here is one blogger’s take on the Christie/Rubio play, what it was, and what Rubio should have done. I think had Rubio known to take this advice the outcome would have been very different for him.