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Video || Bill Clinton: Obama Not a “Change Maker”

Uhh, Bill Clinton Thursday night accidentally let his ancient hatred of Barack Obama come through, saying that Obama is not “a change maker” and Hillary is “the best change maker I’ve ever known.”

Hillary? Change maker? Hmm, he must have been talking about her speaking fees. But of course in that regard, Bill himself is the best change makers he’s ever known.

Anyway, unfortunately, Bill Clinton is wrong. Obama has been a serious change maker, much to the country’s eternal detriment.

17 Responses to Video || Bill Clinton: Obama Not a “Change Maker”

  1. Shrill-Liar-Ly? “Change maker”? Of course she is Keith – She’s a Dim-O. and ole Slick recognizes another “change maker” straight away.

    All Dim-O’s are “change makers” – They take our dollars and, if we’re lucky, they’ll give us back a bit of change.

    Remember “Hope and Change”? CHA-CHING!

  2. Couldn’t get the sound. Could be my system at the moment. But didn’t HRC just change and become a “socialist”? I mean she used to be a “progressive” and that was after being a “democrat”. It’s very difficult to track all of HRC’s changes — especially the changes that most people call lies. But hey, go for it Hillary. What a slimy pair these two. And Bill looks used up and worn out.

      • I’m considerably older than either of the Clintons, and I can spot both Hill and Bill and having long passed their “use by” date. They are operating on fumes–Hillary stuck in some 1960’s-80’s time warp and with serious health issues, and Bill looking like he should be shopping for a nice coffin.

  3. The Clintons, both of them, are completely and utterly out of touch with the electorate.

    Stuck in the 90’s and stuck on stupid. They just plow on as if September 11th 2001 and 2012 never happened.

    Billy boy looks like an old lounge lizard.

  4. In a way old Bill is right – Hillary was a change maker during her term as SOS – shaking down governments for almost a billion dollars to benefit the Clinton foundation family money laundering op as well as selling our national security using her private email system/server out of sight of government laws and policies.

    She was also a big change maker when she deleted half of her total emails – 30,000+ – out of 65,000 during her term as SOS and even went so far to wipe this server from ever being discovered what really was in all those deleted emails.
    I’m sure – Huma Abedin/Weiner had a blast when she found herself so lucky to emails national security to whomever she liked on Hillary server since she had her own account on the server. I’m sure her other family members had a ball when all governments were overthrown during Hillary’s term all in favor of her aides jihadists muslim brotherhood.
    Awww – the good times and all the change makers!
    Bill is just jealous that he didn’t think of all the change making he could perform during his term; he had to settle with selling nuclear secret to China for campaign cash and his raping of various woman while also being ‘served’ in the oval office while speaking on the phone with other leaders from a young and naïve intern – under the oval office desk!

      • Bus drivers, street car drivers, and the Good Humor man had them.
        Oddly, in the 50’s there was an insurance company named Monumental Life which my Mom had a policy.
        Anyway, the premiums were small and we paid with some paper money but also coins. Pennies, nickles, maybe a dime or two.
        But the rep on collection day wore one, said it was better than carrying all the change in his pockets which made them sag.
        We weren’t the only ones that paid with lose change. Old days.c

  5. This is crap reporting by MSNBC. If you’re going to quote someone then quote them fully!!! Here is the full quote!!!

    “She’s always making something good happen. She’s the best change maker I’ve ever known. A lot of people say, you don’t understand. It’s different now. It’s rigged. Yeah, it’s rigged because you don’t have a president who is a change maker with a Congress who will work with him. But the president has done a better job than he has gotten credit for. And don’t you forget it!”

    Bill Clinton was trying to say that Obama isn’t being allowed to be a change maker because he doesn’t have a congress who’s working with him. The video below shows the entire quote in its entirety.

    This story needs to get retracted by MSNBC because it is absolutely misleading. CBS already retracted the story on their website.