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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 12, 2016

Let four days of golf and relaxation begin!

Oh come on, don’t snicker. He only takes 17 days in Hawaii around Christmas and another 17 on Martha’s Vineyard in August. It’s not like the world is falling apart or anything.

Wait . . .

10:45 am || Departs Los Angeles
11:40 am || Arrives in Palm Springs, California

All times Pacific

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  1. With true apologies to our professional teachers out there, I’ve made an observation: Obama thinks he is still in school or working on a school calendar.

    Holiday break
    Presidents weekend break
    Spring break
    Summers off
    Snow days

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this pattern? While the working class and average families work their tails off regardless of the date on the calendar, our President punches the clock in and out, oblivious to where his next paycheck comes from, who will pay his rent, who pays for his benefits, a true public worker.

    I respect our public workers, my parents were teachers. But they live in a bubble, seemingly oblivious to the real world obligations the rest of us face. Not complaining, I have a good life and prefer my independence, but I chuckle at their cavalier view of a work schedule…

    Press on WHDs, 01-20-2017 is right around the corner!

    • Obama’s shameful work ethic is an embarrassment to the American people and the Office of the President. And it’s there for all to see. I suppose his laziness is a blessing in the end because if he were not so bone idle lazy he would only apply more energy to his destructive agenda. Off agenda, he is unfocused and confused, relying on the serpentine ValJar (and others whose names we don’t yet know, I’d bet) to tell him what to do, how high to jump, what to say, which shoe goes on which foot. He doesn’t seem like a person who’s ever worked very hard, relying instead on schmoozing his way through his life.

    • With respect to your parents, I live in Madison, WI, where being a “public worker” is a generational entitlement. And every public worker I’ve ever known is a lazy piker, living in their own little fantasy land.

      Just like Obama.

      • No offense taken. I brought up the subject. I have friends in the public sector, good people, but after a number of years, they have lost contact with the real world….just as the union wants..

        • I see what you all are saying, but I can’t condemn someone who finds a steady job–they are few on the ground these days in our “freelance” economy. I blogged the other day on whether people dog it at work in a stronger economy…there is a human tendency to relax a little. When you said generational entitlement to a job, I thought of a press trip I once took to Louisiana–and the bar pilots–those state employees who guide the barges and ships through the tricky Mississippi delta area–where even one ship aground could stop the economies of many states…They hand those jobs down to their kids–and make $250K or more.

  2. Executive Action begins again. Citizens response? Put on the full armor of God, stand-your-ground! Don’t allow the socialist-democrats push you around.
    Unless you want free-stuff without freedom, then get in line for your bowl of gruel.

  3. I’ve worked more hours 6 weeks into the year than this idiot will work all year. No clue as to what it takes to make a real persons world go round. If I was married to Mooch, I would go golfing by myself too! Mulligans for everyone.

    • I’ve never been to L.A., but I thought everyday was a traffic jam? Guess that’s the price you pay for throwing your support behind a golfer instead of a president.

  4. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    If I read your prelude to the “Obama Schedule” correctly I believe that it is altogether fitting that Obama not be in the White House on President’s Day.

        • Muslim, probably Somalian.
          Columbus has the second largest population of Somalians in the country.
          The name of the restaurant was Nazareth, owned by a Jewish man.

      • Yup! Although we are two counties and about 50 miles away from where that happened in Columbus, it’s still too close. Hell! Anywhere in this country is too close for that crap and we all know who to blame.

        I guess that the Slime-Stream-Media must be pretty tight-lipped about Columbus having such a large Somalia population. I didn’t know that. I thought that was a Minnesota thing.

        Thanks for the concern. We’ll just stay-put where we are, protected by the Amish Militia.

        • I live 25 miles south of Columbus.
          Too close for me too.
          4 people wounded, 1 critical.
          Local news is saying that the people did respond by throwing chairs at him.
          He fled and the police caught up with him 5 miles away.
          He threatened them and they killed him.

  5. OT: The word is that the public is angry, fed up with the establishment politicos, disgusted with our elected officials and ready to throw all the bums out the door.
    What are the politicos, the elected officials who will be on the ballot this year plan to do to change the perception that they are incompetent, greedy suck-ups who only look out for themselves.
    Do they care what the public thinks, really care enough to do something?
    John McCain is running for his 100th term as Senator from AZ – he wants to die there or just can’t give up the perks he enjoys. My congresswoman is an idiot who worries about wild horses, not us.
    I won’t be voting for either of them, and I have voted for SenMcCain every single time he ran for anything.
    No more.

      • Yes Star and I’m sure he appreciates your vote.
        Have you contributed to his PAC ?
        Where’s that wall that he said he was going to build ?
        Yeah, poor John is a multi-millionaire thanks to his wife.

        The senate is a game to him, a diversion, something that he needs to stay relevant.

        Name one thing that he has done for Arizona that has benefited you.

        • He has countered Obama on shows constantly for yrs–that benefited me and I daresay, all of us. He has traveled to the war zones, too. and he has seniority–not to be underestimated in the Congress.

    • They will acknowledge that things are bad and tell us that they are the one’s to fix it.
      In other words, they will lie.
      Trouble is enough people will believe them yet again.

  6. Interesting article about Bernie Sanders in The Guardian, June 2015. No huge surprises (except that Sanders vigorously tried to influence American foreign policy when he was mayor of Burlington, VT), but it does show the Sanders of many years ago is the Sanders of today. The Lenin of Burlington. The fact that he is strongly supported, it would appear, by such a huge number of Democrats, shows how very far the party has moved to the left. He’s not alone in that, and sits comfortably with the other 80 or so Socialist Democrats in the US Congress, who are far more closely affiliated with the world-wide Socialist International movement than they are with the traditional Democrat party.

    Anyway….since the US Press refuses to bring us much detail to Sanders’ Socialist political background, here’s a good read to fill in the information gap.

  7. Great !ink gracepc.
    I phoned a family member to just chat, but they, him and his wife were watching the Dem “debate”.
    I said, its the same s**t just different packaging.
    Good read also Marcus.
    WHD, first stop of the day.

  8. I have enjoyed this blog immensely for at least a year. I am what is referred to as an independent and am registered to vote as undeclared in the blue state of California. I don’t who this “Star” commentator is or why they have dominated your comments section every day but I am getting really turned off by the prejudice against Donald Trump and anyone else who doesn’t agree with their rather narrow view of our situation in the USA. Open your mind to change, change can be good.

    • Do not fear Sierra Lady….Trump has many supporters here in the South….some of just don’t have the time or the inclination to comment on this site multiple times a day…with all due respect to Mr. Koffler who keeps the conversation timely and fun. Our primary is March 1st…we will be out in force for Donald J in Georgia

    • Here I am–Star. Last time, I looked I had the right to be against Trump–and believe me, I am and use whatever communication skills I have to express this here and many places elsewhere. Sorry about the missing lockstep (sarc).