As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Jeb Gets Kicked Out of the Rotary Club

Nothing goes right for him. Although now he will be the Establishment’s choice, I believe, so look for a major push in South Carolina and possibly even a second-place finish. There is not stake thought the heart of Jeb.

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  1. I just can’t believe he’s treated this way. This is quite embarrassing. I have nothing against Mr. Bush, but what was done to him wasn’t proper.

  2. According to The Political Insider Jeb was caught years ago bringing in a kilo of cocaine to the Miami Airport by the DEA and they supposedly have a video of it….also the article states that he was doing cocaine during the victory of his dads win to the white house. It’s today’s front story.

    • Someone I heard on radio yesterday calculated that, using the cost per delegate he gained in his race in NH, (he won three delegates) Bush would have to spend $29 billion dollars to gain the 1237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. Seems like a bit of a challenge, doesn’t it?

  3. Poor Jeb!!!

    “Earlier, Rotary Club president-elect Carol Farmer appeared to make a nod to Bush’s “please clap” moment last week. As she introduced guests from other Rotary Clubs in the room — including Bush’s brother, Neil — she asked the guests to stand.”

    “Now Jeb, should we all clap now?” she asked. “Would this be a good time to clap?”

  4. It fries me to the nth degree that Jeb’s brother Dubya Finally got off his duff…..not to defend our country against the agregious Obama administration…but to campaign for his brother….what a profound disappointment.

    • I despise my grammer errors and all my misspellings.
      And, yes, the silence all these years from Dubya has been deafening.
      AND, I try really hard not to like Trump. My various and assorted friends say he is a wheeler dealer and untrustworthy. My Christian conservative friends warn me against him. He is loud mouthed and self promoting and apparently, pisses off a lot of people all the time.
      And yet….I have worked for men like him. And I liked it. A lot.
      Those working experiences were interesting and exciting and full of “anything can happen if you work hard enough” optimism. And lots did happen…honest, productive things that enriched the lives of many people.
      That could happen here in the USA again…Trump makes me believe that it could. Even though I fight against the inclination every day.
      Mr. Trump: a major employer just disclosed their bankruptcy -and their plans to shut down the only major manufacturing facility – in an area very close to where I grew up. The entire economy of that area rests on that facility. I am not exaggerating. As I see it, the central problem with this facility is the ownership – a private equity firm. I have seen this exact type of situation many times during the past thirty years. Private equity firms purchase these facilities for profit making resale purposes. They don’t invest in capital improvements. They don’t supply the capital necessary for technological and IT improvements. They do not care who is employed or who isn’t.
      In short – they don’t invest in anything that will encourage a competitive edge. PIs are in the business of buying and selling and I understand that. But, I believe wholeheartedly – for this country to succeed – we must return to the “old ways” of individual and corporate ownership.
      Businesses must be owned and operated for continuity…not just the profit generated from cooking the books to encourage owner turnover and generating a gain on the books.

      • Very good. On the private equity firms issue… in Maine paper making was, for over a century ,the major employer, biggest taxpayer, most productive industry we had. If you had a job in a paper mill, you were set for life, economically and in other ways. After I retired from the Air Force, I worked in that industry almost 20 years, before I started my own consulting company. These paper making companies were owned by serious people, determined to make a success of those businesses. They loved papermaking, took enormous pride in making the best paper you could buy. Great Northern, International Paper, Eastern Fine Paper, Oxford Paper, Lincoln Pulp and Paper, Madawaska Paper, and many more, were the economic backbone of the state. Every type paper was produced from grocery bags, to high quality glossy magazine paper, to tissue paper, to high quality writing paper. Thousands of supplier –loggers to truckers– prospered. Then, in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s things changed drastically. The paper companies here began being purchased by private equity companies and other similar groups. They had little to no interest or even much knowledge about papermaking. They didn’t really understand the market. Investment in new equipment dropped, few new machines were built, investment in more efficient technology began to dry up. Efficiencies and profits dropped, people began getting laid off, markets began disappearing. Mills that employed 2000 people now employed 1000, then 500, then no one. Companies were sold to other private equity firms over and over, paper machines were shut down and sold. Entire companies disappeared. When a mill shut down, the economy of the town the mill was located in went into immediate economic collapse. We still have some paper mills, but we are but a shadow of the paper making state we once were.

        • Back in the late 60s-1970s-early 80s, when I had a real job, I had many abusive, disgusting, rude, and unfair male bosses who did not have the intellectual firepower to do anything but hire someone who could do the work–and did not find it the least bit exciting or fun.

  5. Well, I have to say that Mr Trump tells it like it is. I read an article in WND, ” Trump warns: Migrants will bring end of Europe”.” I agree with him. He also says that Islamic migration is a “Trojan Horse”. Yes, true. I believe that Europe needs Trump in the White House.

    • Europe needs Trump? Why can’t your leaders deal with the influx? If Trump got his way–he would keep Muslims out–more for you! Or do you mean he would inspire your leaders to be more Draconian and treat Muslims worse?

    • Of course, Trump never said he wanted to prevent Muslims from entering the country forever. He said he wanted to stop the immigration of Muslims UNTIL WE CAN SORT THIS THING OUT. Anti-Trumpers are very careful to exclude the latter part of his statement on the matter. As it is, as you know in Sweden, we are experiencing a full blown mass invasion of every variety of immigrant–good to bad, improperly vetted and already with a very long history of murder and mayhem. Obama refuses to vet these people, the FBI director has already said he doesn’t have the resources to vet this mass migration and ISIS has bragged that they have embedded their own killers in the current batch of ME immigrants.

  6. Poor ole Jeb! He shoulda’ just addressed the Liar’s Club where he woulda’ been understood. Wait-a-minute! Sorry! I see where Shrill-Liar-Ly and Commie-Bernie had that venue booked-up.