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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 11, 2016

Four fundraisers from wealthy California Democratic liberals in one day, two in Silicon Valley and two in Hollywood. And fun and games with Ellen Degeneres. And then he will remain in California for a weekend of golf. Not that there are problems in the world.

11:00 am || Participates in a DSCC roundtable; Private Residence, Palo Alto, California
1:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC event Private Residence, Atherton, California
2:20 pm || Departs San Jose
3:25 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
4:25 pm || Tapes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show; Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California
6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; Private Residence, Hancock Park, California
8:00 pm || Delivers remarks and takes questions at a DNC fundraiser; Private Residence, Los Angeles

All times Pacific

41 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 11, 2016

  1. My sincere condolences to the thousands and thousands of citizens he will displace and inconvenience while he plays in sunny, warm California.
    Girly1- LA area resident?

  2. Eh, why not. It’s not like anyone cares what he says anymore, nor is he likely to do something positive that might help the citizenry or world conflicts.
    Chat with the 1%, pass the hat, go golfing, and bask in the sun MrPresident.
    We’re counting the days until we no longer have to spell out your name when talking about the POTUS.

    • Only if you’re dem.
      If a republican president did the same the media would be all over it, counting to the penny how much local police needed repaid for their part in escorting him through the area.

    • I think there are two aspects to Obama’s compulsive fundraising, an activity he much prefers, rather than actually performing the full, Constitutionally mandated duties of a United States President.

      1. Raise money (obviously)
      2. Get himself in front of a group that cheers him on, tells him how wonderful he is, what a hero to the cause he is, applauds his every word, castigates Obama’s real or perceived critics, maniacally cheers him on.

      If we know anything about how this character is wired up, one of the obvious elements is that he has a huge, empty hole in the middle of his life, his spirit. He’s tried to fill it with radical politics (booze and drugs in his early days), with fun and entertainment (golf and mingling with celebrities, etc.), presenting himself as “hope and change” (something he desperately seeks in his own life). He is,at bottom, a very lonely man, purposely unattached to the day to day concerns of normal people.

      Beyond being the most dangerous screwball President in history, he is also the most desperate to fill that vacuum in the middle of his soul. It will be a very long search for authenticity for Barry, a journey he hasn’t the courage to begin.

  3. OT but does anyone know the odds if either of the socialist candidates for POTUS will be asked to reconcile their support for Obama’s economic policies with what’s happened in the stock market since first of year?

    • LMAO! the “media” asking a REAL & CHALLENGING ‘question’ about the Obama regime OR about a god-damn democrat/socialist-communist candidate.
      (I refuse to call Sanders a “democrat”…He is a GOD DAMN socialist-communist)

    • Given that the debate is going to be moderated by Gwen Ifill, “Author of hagiographic Barack Obama book” and Judy Woodruff, “Undisclosed major donor to Clinton Foundation” and is further co sponsored by Facebook , owner Zuckerberg, boy billionaire by value of his company’s stock, this will be just one bizarro night of who is more socialist, progressive, (unspoken communist).

      Unlikely that any serious discussion of capitalism or wall street will occur unless it is something like “string them up” or “make them pay for raping Americans” kind of thing. Less colorful language on tv I would imagine.

      Get’s better. Facebook is co-producing the debate. So you know it’s gonna be hardcore.

  4. I live in L.A. – Barry never fails to drop into town during rush hour. I’m sure it’s done on purpose as bringing parts of cities to a standstill feeds his massive ego.

  5. And NO ONE in the “media”, even FOXNews (and especially this useless “WH press corps”) will ever mention all of these ‘fundraisers’ by Obama…?

  6. Dem Debate — One of the two and only moderators asked Sanders if he’s worried that he’s thwarting history because he would be preventing the first woman president.