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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10:05 am ET || Departs White House
11:20 am CT || Arrives in Springfield, Illinois
1:25 pm CT || Addresses the Illinois General Assembly; Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois
3:25 pm CT || Delivers remarks Hoogland Center for the Arts, Springfield, Illinois
4:10 pm CT || Departs Springfield
7:30 pm PT || Arrives San Jose, California

47 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 10, 2016”

    1. It’s been reported that Obama doesn’t read the daily briefings anyway. He has a busy schedule for the rest of the week with fundraisers, an Ellen show and then heads to Palm Springs Friday. My guess is he has a big weekend of golf planned before the Asian leaders arrive for the summit next week.

  1. What golf course is he playing in San Jose tomorrow ? I guess they will put his tee time on tomorrow’s schedule. Is this the annual Valentines/Presidents day separate vacation celebrate for the greatest loving couple ever? Maybe, it is next weekend. That makes more sense because Obama would fly to California this week to make a meaningless speech, fly back to Washington and then fly back to California for a Democrat fundraiser. That way he maximizes his carbon footprint and dollars spent by the taxpayers. At least he get that deserved break with his lifelong golfing friends from Hawaii. It has been 8 weeks since his last vacation?

    I love the stories how Mooch closes the Vail airport down so she and her entourage can enjoy the skiing weekend. Has anyone ever seen a photo of her skiing? I will bet she never goes back to Vail because we are not patie for it.

      1. Mooch sees herself as graceful and very Jacqueline Kennedyesque. If Jackie were black they could be sisters.

        So don’t be telling her she can’t grace the slopes. Although her back end might require a little bit of readjustment to accomplish that.

    1. Tomorrow is Big O’s annual meeting with Google execs (read: “donors”) up in Mountain View to make sure anything negative posted about him on the internet is stricken from Google search results. Also, they’ll assist him in launching DDOS attacks against any company who contributed money to John McCain or Mitt Romney, and will reach out to the tech team at Veromi to make sure their database still shows him at one Social Security number.

      Barack Obama is very good at making things disappear from the internet.

      1. Looks like a timid stunt double or impersonater if you ask me! LOL

        Next year, Vail will see an increase in tourism when Mooch and the Secret Service Entourage are gone…..

    1. LOL…Yes, we can hear the moaning, gnashing of teeth and wailing from a great distance. Well, they were publicly and forcefully warned, and they voted for Bernie in spite of that terrifying warning.

      You could conclude, quite easily, that they decided they’d rather go to hell than vote for Hillary. ;+}

      1. Hahahahahahahahaha
        Thanks for the belly laugh to Geoff and to Marcus.
        May I add the old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” NH women beware! ;-)

      2. Since I’ve already reserved a seat by the window in Hell for myself, I’ll see that the women voters have some refreshments when they get here.

  2. So, will he be wearing Lincoln’s stovepipe hat when he addresses the Illinois General Assembly?

    Obama rode into town nearly eight years ago on the Gettysburg Express, was sworn in on the Lincoln Bible, and promised to unite the country.

    The only similarity between Obama and Lincoln begins and ends with an Illinois mailing address.

    Obama is a hard-left Democrat and radical Marxist whereas Lincoln was a Conservative Republican who ultimately united a nation divided. Barack Hussein divides a nation once united.

  3. Asshat obama handed a big loss today as the Supreme court bitch slaps him.

    His EO to destroy the power industry thru the EPA is stopped in court!

    One small step for the little guys one big slap for black tin god.

  4. Ron in Ohio Sez:
    It’s Déjà vu all over again for the Obungler. Springfield Ill. WOW! If his memory works and his teleprompter fails, he can always just say, “present” and disprove Thomas Wolf that he really can go home again.

    Whoops! That’s not right either. If he was truly “going home” it’d be back to Kenya or Indonesia.

    I was shocked to see no gala “fundraiser” scheduled for Illinois until I remembered – It’s Illinois! Everybody is broke. He’ll make it up in Californicate tomorrow. The land of fruits and nuts has lots of brain-dead dollars to throw his way.

    1. This News Alert Comes From Illinois:

      Obama’s Speeches Canceled!

      1:25 pm CT || Addresses the Illinois General Assembly; Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois
      3:25 pm CT || Delivers remarks Hoogland Center for the Arts, Springfield, Illinois

      From the White House comes this announcement:

      All of today’s scheduled speeches are cancelled due to a teleprompter malfunction due to teleprompter refusing to display any possesive pronouns, rendering 40% of the prepared remarks useless.

      White House officials further stated that a fully functional teleprompter is being flown to California and that all is expected to be on schedule for tomorrows round of fundraisers.

      1. Heh–In REAL news–Fiorina is packing it in. I respected her–another one memed to death, funny looking, bad administrator…so not true…but they stuck to the wall.

        1. She got so shafted by the RNC and ABC over the last debate. She couldn’t even buy ad time. I don’t know what it is about her that seems off putting to some, other than gender. She’s bright, articulate, not a criminal or crazy like Hillary. She’s a better speaker than Rubio, Cruz, Trump or Bush. I hope whoever gets in finds a spot for her in the Cabinet.

  5. An apology.
    Last week my 3 wonderful friends, neighborhood pals, and Marine vets returned here to see finalize the sale of their recently deceased fathers property’s, land, buildings etc.
    All being retired they decided to stay for the Superbowl game. A great gathering, maybe the last time as they all live great distances.
    My Navy vet brother joined us.
    Good food, even better beer and probably a box of cigars…poof!
    Anyway I made 1 or 2 posts but didn’t check for reply. If I missed one I didn’t mean to ignore or avoid rebuttal. One should not post after consuming vast quantities, so I didn’t.

      1. And the stories and ball-busting, good natured of course but that’s what happens when you mix 3 different service branches together
        And the Partagas! Just don’t tell our Dr.’s

          1. It was a special week.
            We’re all in our late 60’s and early 70’s.
            We rode bikes together, went to the lake and swam together, same school and snuck our 1st beers together.
            We had each others backs before the phrase was vouge.
            We realize it may have been our last time.
            But its been one hell of a ride.

  6. Chelsea is just as insane as Mom and Dad……..what is with her and her childhood tales…..

    At age Five, she wrote President Reagan asking how he could go to a cemetery that had Nazi Soldiers in it because they were so bad in the Sound of Music.

    At the age of Six, she quit the Baptist Church because they taught in Sunday School that abortion was bad.

    My God…..what is going to happen to this poor child at age Seven ???????

    Is this when she learns that Black Lives Don’t Matter??

    1. Black lives don’t matter, at least in Chicago. I believe this is why Obama won’t visit his “home town”. Year to date: shot & killed, 64
      Shot & wounded, 291, yes 291!
      Total shot, 355.
      Total homicides, 75.
      68.9% victims, black
      83.3% shooters, black.
      Come on Barry, check out the hood’.
      On, that’s right, one of your constitutes was shot a block from your house.

  7. Ever notice the statement in an instruction manual that reads “Read All Instructions before beginning assembly/installation/etc:? I

    I’m going to have to start applying that to Keith’s posts! I read “10:05 am ET || Departs White House” and got all excited and discovered Obama was COMING BACK!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!

  8. Let’s just not toy with the truth….its Trump all the way…I’m liking Rubio for vp many darn good people in cabinet positions. Pinch me!

    1. I doubt he would pick Rubio–hasn’t Rubio been nailed as a loser now? It’s been two days–sure, he has. I wondered the other nite if Trump were to go the distance and picked Rubio or Kasich, would I vote for them? Decided no–Trump would still be president. No way.

  9. Bernie meeting with the rev of Freddie’s fashion mart in Harlem ….we’ve got some serious chicken and waffles here in the ATL……Hilldabeast taking a nap…Trump storming the south from Baton Rouge to Tampa…..I love this!

  10. Sherman’s name till verboten in small town Ga. But he liked Madison enough not to burn it…Trump respects the South and all our people….that’s why he’ll take it on Super Tuesday. Sec. Primary…bring it

    1. I realize that, but I didn’t mean slash and burn, but victory.
      In war, as in politics, someone must win and alas, someone must lose.
      Gen. Sherman understood the nature of war and what was required to win.
      ” War is terrible, and the more terrible it is , the sooner it will be over “.
      Once Gen. Curtis LeMay was confronted by a reporter who told the General that bombing cities was immoral.
      He responded by telling the reporter that war was immoral. He ment it.
      Sherman, Lee, ” Chesty” Puller and Patton understood war and what was needed to win.
      “Accept nothing less than victory” Eisenhower.

      1. “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” – Winston Churchill

        1. Churchill was mocked, ridiculed and despised by many in his own party,let alone his opposition.
          William Manchester’s 2 volume ” The Last Lion ” I think just as Trump is mocked today.
          Churchill led England to victory.
          Sadly, England dumped him soon after the war.

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