As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, February 8, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:10 am || Meets with President Sergio Mattarella
12:30 am || Lunch with Biden

All Times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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    • Looks like Uncle Joe is warming up to be the little dick’s hit man.

      Didn’t Hillary say what good friends she and Joe were and how much she respected and admired him? Good thing for her that her back will be turned when the knife goes in.

      Just Rewards.

  1. A little tidbit on the GOPE’s newest Golden Boy and Immigration.

    Rubio will do the Establishment and McConnell’s bidding as well as he did Schumer’s. That’s my big problem with Rubio — he is so ambitious he is overly eager to do join forces with the evil ones and then try and charm his way out of it. Unprincipled.

    • Well, the hit is sure out on him, Christie and Scarborough with spittle flying, Mika ducking her little disgust expression toward the desk…I am curious as to what an actual vote will show…pending…

      • Star, Something to consider.

        And, as you might know, I am no fan of my senator Rubio and definitely not of Paul Ryan. But they both have that shiny little boy charm which makes people believe they will do no harm. Baloney. They are shifty.

        We can agree to disagree on Rubio/Ryan, but this article asks an interesting question. And I am in agreement with the author who says “any odds greater than zero” makes him uncomfortable. Me too. The Ryan House will definitely go for it with the aid of the Democrats, because that is who Paul Ryan turns to for support.

        • You have your vote to use as you wish and so do I. I gather we differ. Your shifty may be my smart and with it. At least he brought the “Obama did it deliberately” theme into public view–I know you people here agree with that and I have come around to that thinking myself–no one could screw up this much without trying to.

          As for Ryan working with the Dems–this to me is what we want–consensus acr the aisle. We just have different ways of looking at things, grace.

          For my money Cruz is a sleazo…but others here like him, I know. They don’t see it my way. Or I theirs.

          All of this is catching a vibe, I guess. Different people catch diff vibes. Is powerline

          • Read the powerline story twice and the writer seems to be on both sides–Rubio would sign and he’d be nuts to so maybe he wouldn’t. Am I being dense today? Didn’t get it.

          • You mean Trump says he can’t be bribed? I am not convinced on that either–he is all about money, wants it as a signal of his worth or someone else’s desperation or something. But that isn’t the primary issue with him anyway. Bribery isn’t just about money anyway. On the Hill, it’s called horsetradiing, quid pro quos, tradeoffs…win-wins…deals where both sides get something…however you want to phrase it. And he is a dealmaker. I wonder, though, would people on the Hill work with him? Oh, who knows–if he somehow got elected, it won’t be with my vote.

          • Star, You see Ryan as a consensus builder. I see him as a collaborator. When he wants something the conservative base in the House does not want he happily skips to the Democrats and wins with their support. He also is far too willing to sit at the feel of Pelosi and Obama.

            But , we do agree to disagree. I don’t see Cruz as sleazy. Although he too has flaws he has been the most consistently conservative candidate while in Congress. Rubio long ago stopped going to the office, or voting. He is not interested in being a Senator — it bores him. He has said so — not that it bores him so much — just not the place for him. And not even one term in. Safe to say, his Senate run a calculated effort to advance .

          • Grace, Rubio is in a fool’s rush to be President, like Obama was in his own strange, desperate rush to the WH. Very brief time as a Senator and then BOOM, the Presidency. Glib, smooth talker, smiley face, young, perfect hair, pressed pants, shiny shoes (with heels, apparently) no dirt under his fingernails, soft, sissy hands, nice teeth, huge ears (ever notice that?). All he needs is a neat, carefully folded hankie in his breast pocket. Watch his eyes as he speaks. Shifty eyes, constantly–not a good sign. More importantly, no real accomplishments as a Senator, switching sides on key issues (immigration, e.g.), too slick by half, constantly spouting memorized clichés carefully tested by a focus group, etc. Reminds me too much of the character who lives in the White House at the present time. That’s very troubling.

    • This is part of Obummer care. Mandatory electronic records. 70000 codes. I have 2 friends that are working on getting there places of employment up to speed. Thanks to Obama they are buried in paperwork.

      And a doctor friend who says he will retire if they try and make him do it.

      • I heard on NPR this AM that the BMI they use to determine if you are obese is bogus.
        They said that almost all of professional football players would fail because of their muscle mass.

        • I heard that show–despite many stories on how relatively meaningless BMI is, they continue to say it’s automatically linked to “you’re doomed, might as well lie down and get it over with.” We need better meme killers.

      • My physician is getting out of the doctor business in May. He’s 50 years old, a great doctor, lots of patients, successful by any measure. On my last visit, a couple of weeks ago, he told me he’s had it. Government interference, ObamaCare craziness, new federal rules which come in weekly, it seems, have made him essentially a government employee (his words). He’s taking a couple of months off after he quits and then opening a custom car business–repair, reconditioning, etc. He told me several of his doctor buddies are also giving serious thought to leaving the profession and doing something else. Same reasons as him. They’ve had it with government mandates, paperwork, general craziness.

        • A female doctor recently relocated her practice from the USA to Canada, setting up in my little town. She has stated that the American health care system has been ruined under Obama and she will have more autonomy in Canada. Ironic, eh?

          • Yes, it’s ironic for sure. I remember reading a story some years ago–maybe 20 or so years back– that Canadians were so upset about the state of Canadian medical care at that time that many traveled to the US for important and timely medical care they needed–hip replacement, e.g., which would have taken them months or over a year to receive in the Provinces. In my state of Maine, it was reported that about 25 percent of the patient population at the Bangor hospital on a day to day basis was Canadian–generally from New Brunswick but some from Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI.

            So yes, it is painfully ironic, for sure.

  2. OT I thought and think the performance by Beyonce on behalf of BLM was disgusting and should never have been aired at a national event. I think Beyonce, her former drug dealing husband and her ilk are disgusting.

    At this point, all of them rallying against the police and law enforcement on behalf of criminals, would be well treated if police protection was denied or slow to respond.

    Not to say that there isn’t police brutality and criminal action but it has gotten out of hand. So screw all of them who think they deserve to be protected by those they are spitting on.

    • Totally agree about Beyonce’s performance. Why should she have the right to “make a statement” as part of the entertainment. What ever happened to the marching bands or dancers who performed just to entertain? I think the influence from the white house has created all this mess.

    • Thanks for that link. She received a police escort to the Super Bowl yet had the nerve to sing that awful song. Talk about stabbing someone in the back. I can’t imagine any sane parent thinking she’s a good role model. It just baffles me that her mom designs her costumes (or used to).

      • Her “dance routine” reminded me of the Satanic Ritual style performances of Madonna and others over the years. Remember when Madonna was “crucified” upside side, lots of whips and leather, had her dancers wear devil horns, had a highly visible pentagram as a visual? Lots of the color red on the stage, mocking authority, Christianity, etc. Just very weird stuff. All for effect and publicity, looking for a reaction of “ekkkk! from viewers, “Did you see what she did?” Beyonce’s performance had elements of that—fire, red, smoke, mocking police (authority), etc etc etc. Makes you wonder about the state of their souls, and if they’ve made a bargain with the devil in exchange for fame and money. But that’s just the old crank in me talking.

    • I watched him do a rally yesterday on in NH-it was on CSPAN-it was really interesting….he had to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to the building and right now I can’t think of the name of the place but the speech was good.

  3. Obama wants $2 billion to fight the ZIKA (?) infection. It is from South or Central America.

    For my money, he is responsible for bringing it in. We are overwhelmed with illegals from that area, they are not screened and now they are scattered throughout the US. Better use the money and locate the illegals from those countries that Obama basically advertised for and escort them back.

    • You are so right Gracepc. The United Nations must have told Obama to get 2 billion dollars to give to other countries, like the U.N. is our President? You are so right in that he lets everyone come here without testing, etc. He is so dumb about the immigrants coming here, so dumb and you know what? Congress and the Republicans all let him do whatever he wants???? The Repubs are no better, only worried about their fortunes and other monies to be made. Hate them all. VOTE TRUMP, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT, WE DON’T NEED THESE POLITICIANS ANYMORE, THEY ARE RUINING THESE COUNTRY EVERY DAY.

  4. What a life this guy Obama has on our dime! Probably wakes up every day at 10:00 a.m., then listens to briefing that most likely someone reads to him (lazy bum) and then meets and greets and lunches. Thinks he’s the
    Emperor of Japan, lets everyone do his work for him. Lazy, spiteful, dumb and dumber.