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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 8, 2016

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  1. This is off topic big time.
    Sharing a personal experience with DIRECTV.

    In June 2015 I opted for DIRECTV service.

    When I phoned in my service request, I was told they were running a special that included service and programming discounts and the special included a $200 Visa card and free enrollment to NFL Sunday.

    I had to call four times after enrollment to finally get my Visa card. I did receive it after about two months.

    Interestingly, each time I called, the service rep would say, “I’m sorry that you were misinformed on your previous call.” Seems that although they offered the card – I did not request it – they were not about to send it until I was consistently insistent in my inquiries about receiving the card.

    In addition, at the time of enrollment, I explained that I would never, ever watch NFL Sunday. I asked at that time not to have that free programming included with my account. I asked how much that service would cost if it were not free and was told it would be over $300. I was told that I could not decline it because it was part of the special offer.

    I was told to call prior to the end of December 2015 and request that the NFL programming be terminated. I called and was told – you guessed it – that I had been “misinformed” because the service could not be terminated until after the Super Bowl had been played.

    So, I phoned today to terminate NFL programming. Guess what I was told? I had been “misinformed” because now I was not technically enrolled since the season had ended. The rep. said she would make a note on my account that the service should not be renewed but that I should carefully watch for a notification of automatic renewal on the May or June billing.

    i told her that was not acceptable and I wanted that programming removed from my account immediately. And, I explained to her that each and every time I have phoned DIRECTV I have been told that I had been “misinformed” on my previous call. I asked her, “Surely everyone in your organization is not offering misleading information?”

    She finally said she had taken care of it and I would receive email notification within 24 hours.

    We will see…

    Methinks this company is attempting sleight of hand in their business tactics!

    Wonder how many other people have been suckered with this scam? What would the FCC do about this I wonder.

    I know…probably nothing.

    We are certainly becoming a nation of liars and shysters.

    • Switched from DirecTV to Century Stink–and hugely regret it. The Stink does this same stuff. It has 189 negs on Yelp. They will say anything–oh, your bill’s too high–how does X sound? When you say yes, you get a little lower, but never to X, and then a jump back above what you complained about before. It’s all a game with these people.

    • Aileen I am sorry you had to go through that. Did you ask to speak to the supervisor. If the person I am speaking to cannot give me sufficient explanation, I ask for the person over them. Even if you do not favor what they may than explain it is usually more detailed.

      • Lee, I thought about that and have decided that if I do not receive a confirmation email of cancellation, I will begin a phone, email and written letter blitz every day! When I asked for a supervisor in the past, I was told that they would submit a request to the supervisor to return my call. Of course those calls never came.
        I have wondered this afternoon, how many fixed income seniors are suckered into this scheme? I am a stubborn old bird so I will fight to the finish. But I know many who cannot wage this type of battle.
        Shame on DIRECTV -AND- the NFL for supporting this practice!

    • Stories like your experience with DirectTV are the single most important reason I’ve never switched to satellite TV. I heard dozens of stories like this over the years. I happened to have Time Warner and they are nothing to brag about either, I assure you. Rock bottom customer service, third rate technical help, talking to someone from some mysterious part of the world for whom English seems to be a fourth language, let alone a second language. It’s a mess. They get us addicted to their service, rake in the big bucks with their ridiculously high rates, and then kick us in the butt. That’s their business model, based on their performance and customer service.

    • Update today – 02-09-16:
      No email confirmation was received
      Called again.
      Alyssa assured me the renewal had been cancelled.
      Gave me her agent number as a reference.
      I have it all documented.

  2. sports!!, cam newton got what he deserved for impersonating Liberace. Loved it….a lesson in faking it… on to Bill Clinton doing the same for ….it