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Sunday Open Thread || February 6, 2016

56 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || February 6, 2016”

  1. Oops – I posted this in the previous thread, but meant for it to be here. Sorry if you read it twice, it’s not really ‘twice as good’.

    About the ABC debate:
    Eminent domain – no one likes it, but as MrTrump says it’s necessary for the better good of the citizens (for the most part). It’s true that the process has been abused or twisted for special interests, but where would we put our roads if we couldn’t force landowners to allow access.
    SenRubio was at his robotic best last night, proving that he is not ready for prime time, so to speak. Afraid or unable to think on his feet, he returns to his favorite talking points over and over.
    DrCarson is a minnow swimming with sharks and has no place on the stage. Like a man who wandered into a meeting of WallStreet lawyers, he is bewildered by all of the hard talk and wants everyone to be nice to each other.
    All three Governors are the epitome of public speakers – comfortable with their ideas, knowing what works, easy speakers, and come across as intelligent, hard-working public servants.
    SenCruz comes across as the smarmy bully. You know he’s insulting you, but he uses such clever language it’s hard to pinpoint the outrage.
    All in all, it was an interesting debate and worth watching.

    The moderators did try to start a bonfire at the beginning of the program by asking MrTrump to respond to something stupid and insulting SenCruz said about him. MrTrump didn’t bite, so the asked it again.
    This kind of baiting or pushing is just not part of what people really want to see. The MSM might think that a wrestling match is better TV than a talking debate, but most viewers really want to see what these guys are all about.
    IMO, of course.


    1. Good thoughts. While I know Rubio comes across robotic, as I was watching live I was glad he kept hammering home that Obama is doing what he’s doing knowing exactly what he’s doing rather than just some hapless incompetent.
      Christie (at least IMHO) is our Hillary candidate. His own record is one of failure so all he has left is to attack others.

      1. I completely agree, Geoff…First time the “doing this deliberately” things got raised–though he maybe raised it a few extra times more than needed. Still, I know a lot of people think this–incl on this site–and thought it took some guts to say it. People who were not listening carefully, tho–may take it to mean Obama is competent–which he is, competent at destruction.

      2. Geof – Cruz is showing his true colors – Clinton Blue – and we are all being advised via accusations of election rigging in Iowa, untimely release on Carter drops out! immediately followed by an apology and then a request to meet with Carter – and if Carter doesn’t comply (and why should he?) then poor Cruz is the victim of mean Carter.

        And the money and his wife’s job?

        If those aren’t Clinton tactics, then the world has turned upside down.

    2. The beginning was very awkward, having cameras on the candidates as they waited to come out. The little pile up behind stage was odd. Bush with his slap on the back to Trump as he went out. It was all very awkward and odd.

      I am looking for a debate where issues are discussed, not personalities and comments the candidates make against each other.

      I could not watch after about a half hour.

      It’s time to move on to discussing substantive issues.

      1. Guess it’s not important, really, but why did Carson have to idle around the hall there like that…Weird. Then, OF COURSE, he had to try to make hay with it…I gree his 15 mins are up. Fifteen minutes–hundreds of hours!

        1. So what? Idling? Everyone making a big deal out of the entrance? What is wrong with people? So what, so what, so what??? Does this or any of this jibberish solve our problems? Vote Trump! He is our only hope to get rid of this overstuffed, criminal and greedy government filled with Democrat and Republican cheaters and dummies.

  2. I wondered on the previous post about the “Rubio had a horrible debate” meme coming from the punditry and what I actually saw. Yes, the answer on Obama was repetitive but each was also in response to someone else saying O was just incompetent. I’ve always been in the camp that being the ideologue that he is he’s known exactly what’s he’s doing so Rubio repeating that didn’t bother me. Help me oh WHD’s, help me, what am I missing?

    And yes, it’s Sunday so here ya go:

    Caldwell’s Cafe menu today features a 3 course meal of politics, religion and race
    Bon Appetit

    1. I recorded the post mortem and watched it this AM–and wonder of wonders, Hume etc thought Rubio had blown it…Do they decide ahead of time? Don’t know. Good thing the man did not attempt to sip water–he would have been hooked off the stage!

      1. Sip water? But, he did. He stood at his podium and gulped down some water.
        It’s not a big deal to me, it’s probably a nervous reaction for him.
        Or something.
        Or he was just thirsty.

    2. Speaking of robotic–Trump in the debate I saw looked blowsy and had his usual
      “Just because I am great” answers and was boo-ed several times–but he did so well? As for eminent domain–he only didn’t force that old lady to sell her house in AC because the courts intervened… Of course, sometimes eminent domain is needed to locate roads, you can’t have roads or pipelines looping around properties…But Trump is not the only “crony” who gets municipalities to condemn properties they want or eminent domain them.

      1. The old lady wasn’t ‘forced’ to sell her house, the house is still there.
        Nobody ‘bulldozed’ her house.
        She refused to sell and move and Trump built his building next to it.

        1. Because a court told him he could not force to her sell…for any amount. I am sure this is not the only time he has done this–and others, too…I saw a whole 60 Minutes on this once. Eminent domain should be for public projects but not for profit-making private ones-even though those developers say their projects would bring jobs and taxes to the area…not good enough. Just my opinion. Also these eminent domain situations pit home and business owners against each other–some won’t get paid if all do not go along, etc. Google it.

          1. So what, so what, again I say so what. The old lady is still there? Trump followed the law, they told him she couldn’t go and she didn’t? Always the blame game. So what, so what, so what, again. Trump is the best candidate, the others are full of it,Trump isn’t, he’s honest and open.

        2. And it actually started with Bob Guccione offering her a cool million back in the 70’s but he ran out of money, Trump got in later and as the Guardian reports it finally went to auction that only got her $530k BEFORE commission expense.
          I completely disagree w/ SCOTUS allowing eminent domain for private developments “promoted” by public entities but Vera Coking was no “lil ol widow lady” being forced off her property. In the end she didn’t even get half of what she’d have gotten almost 40 years ago for a property her and bought in ’61 for a paltry $20k.

  3. It was “The Governors Night” at the debate. Rubio was turned by Christie and he has nobody to blame but himself repeating the same line over and over about Obama. JEB had another good debate and I believed owned Trump. Trump’s past and his own comments are starting to become death by self inflicted cuts. Kasich isn’t not out of this race if he shows a strong finish in NH.

    This debate could be the pivotal debate for the Three Cabellero Governors………..

    1. I agree on Christy’s point that Rubio is not ready for ‘prime time’.
      His responses seemed scripted to me.
      Everyone on that stage knows Obama is intentionally taking this Country down on the world stage.
      He said he would do it and he is and has.

      If Clinton or Sanders is elected, the Country we grew up in and love will no longer exist.
      She will have been destroyed by people that ideologically oppose the the Founders and the Constitution.

      The devastation that Obama has wreaked upon this Nation in 7 years is appalling.

      We have to be very careful in who we choose to replace him.

      His EO’s can be reversed quite easily.
      The expansion of government agencies under his regime is a bit tougher.

      The massive bureaucracy of the federal government that has been imposed upon us is deplorable all due to congress.

      If the next president doesn’t get a handle on this one aspect, we will not survive as a nation much longer.

      At this point, we need a business leader to assess the situation, take charge, and fix it.

      Politicians are not needed.
      They are the ones that got us where we are.

          1. New Jersey is my state. Christie has NEVER seemed scripted. And the left has spent countless thousand hours and countless million taxpayer dollars trying to pin the bridge on him and they haven’t succeeded yet. The GWB talking point against him is as inane as blaming Romney’s loss on him be cause of Obama’s hug during Sandy.
            And I’m no Christie fan. I was his first term though.

          2. I have two categories–Would Vote For and Would NEVER Vote For. He is in Would Vote For and is often funny, but I think he’s overplaying the “this is what you NEED to know about Rubio” bit. I agree–he beat the bridge thing.

          3. I like a lot about Christie–he’s never dull. But I’d put him in the never vote for him category, Star. He botched the public employee pension fund so badly that I wouldn’t trust him with Social Security. My mom is 87. She worked until she was 80 doing the payroll and investments in our local high school. She paid into that pension plan for nearly 40 years and thanks to Christie, has never had a cost of living increase. Meanwhile, under Christie, her property taxes have doubled. He might make a great AG, but as President, no thanks.

    1. This is totally ridiculous. No wonder the economy is stagnant.

      Businesses are afraid to hire anyone because who knows what crazy things our government will do.

      We need less government, not more.

  4. If last night’s debate doesn’t finish Rubio, I give up. Surely he knew the Christie missile attacks would be coming, but chose to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
    All he had to do was Google Christie’s ‘disastrous record’ as NJ Gov, and he would have had an arsenal befitting the US army. He chose to campaign for the General Election instead of dealing with the mundane primaries. He’s always in a rush to get to the top with his pre-programmed 25 second speeches.

    Kudos to JEB! for attacking Trump on eminent domain. Trump wanted to take the boarding house away from the elderly woman in order to add a limousine parking area for his Atlantic City casino. That is NOT public use (highways and bridges, etc.) – it’s private use. The last thing I want to see is the Trump logo in gold and white neon lights on top of the WH!

    The only Governor who remains relatively unscathed is Kasich. He is not my choice, but he may end up being the only one still standing.

    1. We can hope–at least one of my first choices…But I have my worries… Kasich is hopeful, decent, has a record going back to my days in Congressional affairs, tho I did not know him personally. I still like the newbie Rubio–and give him props for raising the Obama did it on purpose theme…There is nothing wrong with being prepared, staying on message even to a “robotic” extent, and running against Hillary. I wish he had brought up his foreign affairs creds when asked what he had one… We shall see how it plays.

      1. @Star…Everyone is saying the largest voting bloc will be first-time Millenials. If that’s the case, your guy, Marco, should do well.
        I noticed he is trying to be a little Kennedy-esque with the left hand in the jacket pocket, lol.
        All we need now is some family shots of touch football on the front lawn.

        1. I liked the pix of him with his almost identical looking son… Me and mini-me. As for common core, Kasich has explained many times he took what is right for Ohio and left the rest. No candidate is going to check every box. Kasich already talked about his Medicaid call, in case that was your next item. He said he is using the subsidized yrs to streamline Medicaid so Ohio can afford it EVEN WITH covering more people after the subsidy ends. He also addressed the allegation that he rolled over the legislature to accept it…He said a special panel of the legislature was empowered to approve the decision because members did not want to go on record as agreeing to taking it. That may sound iffy to some of you, but that is one way things get done by experienced leaders. Oh, well–leave me Rubio, Kasich or even Christie or Bush to vote for and I will vote.

          1. Christie was on whatsis–Chris Wallace–and was still all pumped up–accused Wallace of insulting New Jerseyians by a question on jobs–he said NJ residents had worked so hard to get jobs, don’t you dare insult them…something like that…Apparently NJ is now eighth from the bottom on job creation and it had been 50th… I don’t like Wallace much but Christie seemed a little overly amped.

          2. Kasich did say that he has more DEMS than R’s supporting him in NH…joking that he should be running on the Dem ticket.
            I do believe he would get the most crossovers in the General Election.

        2. I think Rubio is too easily manipulated by the likes of McCain and Schumer.
          He needs more experience in dealing with the snakes.
          Another term in the senate may help us to make a better decision as to whether we want him as POTUS or not, that is if he has another term in the senate.

          1. See my comment above–Rubio has said he hates the Senate and is leaving. I guess you are implying special interests would bribe him to stay and do their bidding or something. Not buying it, speaking of buying.

  5. Top 10 Reasons to vote for Trump

    1. He is not a Muslim
    2. He actually has a birth certificate
    3. He has more experience than a community organizer
    4. He is not half black
    5. He has actually done something other than being a blood sucking politician
    6. He likes America
    7. Not a closet Gay
    8. Did not marry a wookie
    9. Does not think Islam is the greatest
    10.knows the USA is in serious financial trouble.

  6. Is it a coincidence that there was most likely fraud and/or some hanky panky at the precincts in the voting between Hillary Clinton (Miss Piggy) and Bernie Sandors? and then Cruz stole some votes from Carson? Doesn’t that tell us all something that we don’t have an honest election system anymore? I am so upset about this voting stuff and fear that these elections and presidential elections will all be rigged now??? And Hillary Clinton is complaining with her horrible sounding voice every day and night about that if elected she will change the voting and let EVERYONE vote without I.D. just so the democrats can keep the power. She is and always was and will be dishonest and so is Cruz. I want an honest election process but I am afraid the fix is in now just like in the third-world countries, we are just like them now thanks to that ugly Obama.

  7. More dems than Repubs will vote for Kasich because he wants to let in and let stay all of the untested, and criminal element — he’s as dumb and Obama in that way. No one can check these Syrians backgrounds because THERE ARE NO RECORDS TO CHECK and that is why Florida now has a new virus. Forget Kasich, vote for Trump and maybe we’ll be healthy and safe. The others don’t care if we are healthy or safe, thats for sure. Kasich, Bush, Rubio (whom I like) will only side with the immigrants. Do you hear me people? Letting in all these people without being able to check them out only leads to our getting killed and/or sick with new diseases. If Kasich cared about that or Bush cared about us or Rubio too, they would realize that we have to stop letting this wave of filth and disease in without checking them out.

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