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Video || Best Moments of the GOP New Hampshire Debate

Here were my favorite moments from the Republican debate.

First, they blew the intros. Never seen anything like it.

Soon after takeoff, Chris Christie completely took apart Marco Rubio.

And finally, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush sparred over eminent domain. I thought Trump won by invoking Establishment support for Bush and not caring about the boos.

Let us know what you thought about the debate!

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  1. Thanks Keith. I missed the debate. I just saw the video of the introduction. That was pitiful. However my hat off to Trump for standing next to Carson.

  2. Marco was on a loop, repeating his mantra that “Hillary can never be president ….”

    I thought Cruz did a good job.

    The moderators (idiots) had to be reminded of the difference between a draft and signing up for selective service at 18.

    As you pointed out the intros should have been as easy as ABC..butt, once again we were dealing with ABC.

  3. Thank you for posting these clips. I don’t watch debates as I believe for the most part they are worthless. I don’t watch any TV news stations. I feel you getter better info doing your own research. Most people are too lazy.
    I am going back and find the entire debate. Again, thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. ABC stumbled out of the gate, but overall, not abysmal. Bringing in Mary C Hamm to ask a few questions was their nod to the other media, actually surprised me. But they did relegate her to the kiddie table.

    Rubio looked a bit rookie when compared to the experience of a sitting governor like Christie, but there is no doubt he has vision for our country, takes a firm stand, and knows his true opponent.

    Trump…eh, is it me, or is this “look how damn good I am” schtick wearing thin? His closing statement was void of any vision except to say we’re going to be great….I sense his allure may not carry him as far as he thinks it will, but it would be pure Trump to think so….


  5. Martha Raddatz was annoying as hell. Just once I’d like to turn the tables on one of those “I’m so much smarter than you” smarky libs and let THEM try to answer their own questions on stage.
    And I know everyone thinks Christie has such a great take down of Rubio with his “THERE IT IS” moment but for the life of me, if it wasn’t for the group think of the punditry and the video loops that will come of it, I just didn’t see it.
    Yes, Rubio kept coming back to his “Obama’s doing exactly what he wants” but it was always AFTER someone else had said it was just incompetence. I saw it more as R trying to keep driving home the damage that has been done and the danger of another Dem term in the WH.
    Think of it in context of the Nixon/Kennedy debate. Those listening on radio gave it to Nixon, TV watchers Kennedy.
    Kind of same for me. I watched it live and though yes Rubio repeated the Obama mantra it’s actually true and felt it needs hammering home. Those who just caught the end and the pundits and the videos to come will think Christie clobbered him.
    Obviously I either have brilliant political insight or I’m missing something. Help me, WHD’s you’re my last hope….

      • Comment following above referenced article…all these media/governmental relationships are surprising:

        wyntre says:
        February 6, 2016 at 7:35 pm
        So two of the mods are verified Obama cronies.

        Mary Katherine Ham’s deceased husband worked for the POS and headed a pro-amnesty group with illegal journalist Jose Antonio Vargas.

        Now this about Martha Radditz:

        Martha Raddatz, who is set to moderate Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire, had President Barack Obama as a guest at her wedding.

        Raddatz married Obama’s Harvard Law School classmate and Harvard Law Review cohort Julius Genachowski in 1991, years before Obama appointed Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Obama went to the wedding.

        • Washington is full of gangs, cliques, cabals, clans and roaming packs of political wolves searching for power, influence and just plain money. They often intermarry, plot, and scheme with one another even though at first glance a “connection” between person A and person B might seem bizarre or peculiar. If you look deeply enough, you can find a reason for the connection. It’s part of the seduction of the environment they chose to live in and has all intrigue and backroom manipulation of a corrupt French court of the 16th Century.

          Constitutional Republic? What’s dat?

    • The agenda-driven behavior and the general incompetence of the moderators (most of them, not all) in these “debates” have been an insult to the American people. It’s been the worst sort of ratings game I’ve seen in a very long time.

      I just stopped watching these ridiculous showboat vaudeville extravaganzas. Just cannot take the phony “Hey, hey, hey, don’t miss the debate coming up tonight. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! Will Cruz destroy Rubio? Will Trump finally apologize? Will Christie take on Kasich? Wow! Wow! Wow! Don’t dare miss the debate! Be there or be nowhere!”

      What a disgrace and a disservice to the American people. It’s all for ratings–making money–and the networks will do and say anything to make that cash register go ding! Absolutely anything.

      Why don’t they just hire Simon Cowell as a moderator and get it over with?

  6. Eminent domain – no one likes it, but as MrTrump says it’s necessary for the better good of the citizens (for the most part). It’s true that the process has been abused or twisted for special interests, but where would we put our roads if we couldn’t force landowners to allow access.
    SenRubio was at his robotic best last night, proving that he is not ready for prime time, so to speak. Afraid or unable to think on his feet, he returns to his favorite talking points over and over.
    DrCarson is a minnow swimming with sharks and has no place on the stage. Like a man who wandered into a meeting of WallStreet lawyers, he is bewildered by all of the hard talk and wants everyone to be nice to each other.
    All three Governors are the epitome of public speakers – comfortable with their ideas, knowing what works, easy speakers, and come across as intelligent, hard-working public servants.
    SenCruz comes across as the smarmy bully. You know he’s insulting you, but he uses such clever language it’s hard to pinpoint the outrage.
    All in all, it was an interesting debate and worth watching.

    The moderators did try to start a bonfire at the beginning of the program by asking MrTrump to respond to something stupid and insulting SenCruz said about him. MrTrump didn’t bite, so the asked it again.
    This kind of baiting or pushing is just not part of what people really want to see. The MSM might think that a wrestling match is better TV than a talking debate, but most viewers really want to see what these guys are all about.
    IMO, of course.

  7. A bit late with this, but something about Trump going after the audience didn’t quite make sense.

    Found some hard numbers, finally.

    Each of the candidates got 20 tickets for the 1,000-seat hall. The RNC reserved tickets for 75 donors–and I haven’t heard whether that was 75 straight, or 75 donors getting multiple tickets.

    Again, in a 1,000 seat hall, each campaign got 20 tickets–two percent of the hall. The donors got 75 tickets at least, and possibly more: a good 7.5% of the hall, and again, possibly more.

    Now, ask yourself: if the campaigns only got twenty tickets each, who would they give those twenty tickets to? Their most loyal supporters, n’est ce pas?

    Might some campaigns have told their twenty guests that booing Trump was a requirement for receiving the ticket?

    As for the big-money donors, they can’t much like a candidate who’s self-funding, who they won’t be able to buy off by cutting a seven-figure check. If Trump wins, and closes down the K Street gravy train, they might well be forced to stop investing in K Street and start investing in Main Street. That can’t be the most popular idea in the Chamber of Commerce wing, can it?

    So, quite frankly, that whole scene struck me as Potemkin outrage, a manufactured moment designed to make Mr. Trump look bad.

    It must be asked: did the RNC, in coordination with the establishment candidates, really conspire to pack the hall with anti-Trump boo-bots?

    That should sound so outlandish on its face that it ought to be rejected out of hand. But at this stage, it can’t be. The numbers certainly leave room for plausibility.

    And that, right there, is all the answer a lot of voters will need. That the question does not answer itself, is itself the answer to the question.

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