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Video || Hillary Breaks Out Into Some Kind of Dance

Please don’t watch this. You’ll Regret it.

15 Responses to Video || Hillary Breaks Out Into Some Kind of Dance

  1. Ahhhh, Hillary and the ladies are bringing back their old dancing ensemble, the famous Pantsuit Seven, to once again perform the Saint Vitus Dance, used in past years to wipe out ghosts, goblins and evil Vast Right Wing Conspiracies.

    You can see they’re a little out of practice, but they’ll get their Mojo back soon enough after a few weeks of dance rehearsals and several bottles of arthritis pain killers. Don’t you worry about that. Republican candidates! Beware the Pantsuit Seven and the curse they are about to lay on you!

    The dance steps are simple, as we can see. Saint Vitus Dance is characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements primarily affecting the face, hands and feet. Just as we see in Keith’s video.

    • This was not a dance.. she was rearranging some little cookies she had deposited in her adult diaper. I’m sure she covered herself by blaming flatuence on someone else.
      Classic Clintonian.