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Saturday Open Thread || February 6, 2016



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  1. Good morning. Last night I was at a Big Band jazz concert and I must say that this kind of music makes you so happy and energized. It was great.
    By the way, Phyllis Schiafly and Ron Paul have nothing nice to say about Rubio ( Drudge Report ).Schiafly says he is a traitor to conservative ideas and a tool for the establishment, Ron Paul says he is owned by Goldman Sachs. So I am even more convinced now.

  2. So, Trump denied on O’Reilly last evening he actually said the F word in his speech–says he just mouthed the word. Jeez.

    Trump speaks his mind for sure, but swearing in public is not something I want my president to do.

  3. Had to get something fixed on AOL (shocker) and chatted with the helper, who was from Rumania. She told me she likes talking with Americans–we are so friendly and make jokes, she said. I said yes, don’t believe everything you hear–there are many wonderful, smart people here and yes, funny, too. She watches some housewives, and loved the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

  4. Carly Fiorina is excluded from the ABC debate tonight and ABC refused to sell her ad time. She finished ahead of Christie and Kasich in Iowa, so her exclusion seems unfair. The RNC is useless. They should have insisted she be included or cancelled the debate.

  5. Some idiot on FOX is hyping the mis-information that no one has lost both Iowa and NH and gone on to win the presidency!
    No one except Bill Clinton! He lost to Tom Harkin in Iowa and Paul Tsongas in NH. I wish these people could get their facts straight.