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Live Stream || Obama Statement on the Economy

The event has concluded. Recap: He forgot to mention that the economy is doing poorly. GDP grew at .7 percent fourth quarter 2015.

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35 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on the Economy

  1. Always remember people, whatever he says he is a liar.
    He has signed the TPP and that may cost 450,000 jobs in the next years.
    See the link I posted on the last thread.

  2. Its all BS of course. The truth is we are entering a new recession as I type.

    The world economy and ours is in a death spiral. 2008 all over again.
    Baltic Dry index says that very little is in the pipe line, ships are docked and not at sea.
    Car sales a record – sub prime buyers.
    Manufacturing jobs going down to ??
    Layoffs and store closings coming soon.

    Buy guns ammo and food.

  3. Me,me,me,me……..Victory Lap………Let me be clear…….I could spike the football if it wasn’t for the Republican Congress……..The Economy would be so much better if it wasn’t for Congress…….Have a great weekend …..time for golfing weekend………

    I haven’t seen the jobs report……..Did they count California and New York or leave them off like they did the month prior to 2012 election? I would be willing to bet the revised numbers will bring it back up over 5%……

  4. MrsBush, the elder, is out there protecting her baby (Jeb!) from all the mean bullies.

    Good grief, he brings his MOTHER out to campaign for him. How wussie can he get?

      • Yep, they sure are. The funny thing is, economists are completely aware of the U6, use it in their analyses, talk about it, write about it all the time. In the face of all that, Obama uses the U3 stats (I think that’s where Obama gets his unemployment rate number), as though no one in the world would ever catch on that he’s misleading the American people. Obviously he uses it because it’s a better number for him, but to so blatantly mislead people on a statistic that can be checked in 20 seconds is beyond weird. Oddest thing.

        • but to so blatantly mislead people on a statistic that can be checked in 20 seconds is beyond weird. Oddest thing.

          The man lies and so do his representatives. The last thing they are concerned about is someone checking on them. He violates the law and the constitution and almost every American sensibility on a daily basis. He is not concerned at all — especially with tiny little numbers and percentages.