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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 4, 2016

8:00 am || Attends the National Prayer Breakfast; Washington
11:40 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:55 pm || Honors the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors; East Room
4:00 pm || Meets with Colombian President Santos; East Room
5:40 pm || Deliver remarks on Colombia; East Room
All Times Eastern

Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 4, 2016”

  1. I would like to know why Ben Carson is attending the Prayer Breakfast today, of all days. He skipped it the last 2 years. Why now? Why didh’t he go to NH?
    Why is he so dodgy about the Cruz twitter scandal? Why didn’t he come out immediately during the Iowa caucuses and deny the rumors that he was dropping out?
    He still remains evasive about the entire mess.
    Was it all a conspiracy with Cruz to push Trump out?
    I started to Google Carson yesterday. Tthere are some negative articles about his career at Johns Hopkins – questioning his mental faculties.
    There is something ‘off’ about this guy. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning the WH, but his weired behavior after Iowa should be investigated. Cavuto tried to smoke him out yesterday, but Carson remained evasive.
    Something is definitely not right here!

      1. Still wearing my tinfoil hat, SL. Could it be that Cruz offered Carson the VP spot if they could oust Trump in Iowa? Not that Cruz could ever win a General Election…just sayin’. Carson would have nothing to lose – he was way down in Iowa. But Iowa was everything to Cruz!
        I smell a big rat!

          1. It’s not about respect – it’s about skin color. Could a Cruz/Carson ticket beat a Clinton/Castro ticket?
            And then there’s Trump. Trump/Rubio? Trump/West? I’m running out of color combinations.

    1. He was on every channel–O’Reilly, too–yesterday over this horrible, ghastly, disgusting unAmerican tweeting…I agree, he sets off my BS detectors, too–ooga, ooga..I am no Cruz fan and heaven knows no Trump fan (A redo? Come on, Don) but this isn’t playing, this Carson thing. He lost by a lot anyway…whatever effect it had.

      1. And Carson’s slow-blinking murmuring about how many people said he was doing great is so not proof or even evidence of ANYTHING. He is just kinda peculiar. Another one!

    2. I was just listening to Mark Levin’s show from yesterday. He said the Rubio campaign tweeted about the same thing as the Cruz campaign did and no one is saying anything about that.

      1. Looks like Rubio has already inherited the Obama code of silence.
        Christie is correct: Rubio is the boy in the bubble! The next debate should be interesting…

    3. He showed me a side of arrogance a few months back when an over week long effort by myself, our local talk radio station and the paper itself repeatedly tried to get a reply back regarding a 93 year old WWII vet needing a ticket to his book signing here in Joplin.
      To this day, not a one of us has heard a peep from him or his people. Pathetic behavior from anyone, but particularly one wanting to be POTUS.

  2. Glad to finally see ppl with no chance of winning the white house dropping out. Too bad there is really no good candidates anymore. No wonder this country is in the toilet.

  3. How long will it be until the National Prayer Breakfast is introduced with the most beautiful sound Obama has ever heard ?
    The Muslim call to prayer.


  4. Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing. The part they leave out is when he wads it up into little balls and practices his “hoops” in the trashcan. Valerie keeps score and provides cheerleading services. But, yeah, receives the PDB.

    He was probably particularly eager today — meeting the Warriors.

  5. 5:40 pm || Deliver remarks on Colombia

    I’ve got an sneak copy of Obama’s remarks on Columbia. It’s a wowzer of a speech.

    Obama: “Columbia is a country in South America. It has many people who speak Spanish. There are many mountains in Columbia. Sometimes the weather is hot and sometimes the weather is cold. Bogota is the capital of Columbia. Well, thanks for coming folks, drive home safely.”

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