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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 5, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:35 am || Meets with Sen. Bob Casey

All Times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

26 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, February 5, 2016

  1. I think that Keiths article on Rubio was excellent. I do not trust Rubio either. When I see this short boyish-looking guy I think of Russias Dmitrij Medvedev. He was the tiny, little guy who was PM when Putin was President, then President when Putin , because of the rules, had to step down and be PM, and then, when Putin was President again, he is PM again.I know, it sounds like a charade and it is. Putin kept the power in a firm grip all along and his puppet performed. I have the same feelings about Rubio, he will do what others tell him to do. So why was Medvedev chosen ? Maybe because he was even shorter than Putin…..

    • I don’t mean to be snide–but he might look like someone’s first husband, too–and thus would not be a good president…This “reminds me” gambit isn’t too compelling to me.

  2. Is there any reason, besides the fact that it is an organization of eunuchs, that Congress has not and most likely, will not impeach Jeh Johnson?

      • No excuse. He is not enforcing the law. And has been noted many times, both he and his boss should be impeached. Bringing hordes of illegals into the country, unvetted and often untrackable, harms the country and Americans. And if you do it on purpose, for whatever reason, it is treasonous, especially if you are an official of the US government.

        • Now, the Border Patrol in AZ sector, has been told to just ignore the advance of the illegal entrants. Since they ‘don’t show up anyway’ for their court date; just watch them wander in…per 0.
          Yet, if we, the locals, venture on the nature preserves they use to enter, we are ticketed and must show up to receive our monetary punishment.

  3. The latest Dem debate: I was busy organizing my sock drawer so I missed the whole thing.
    However, the MSM was kind enough to highlight some of the most idiotic, crazy Dem points made by the two candidates.
    ‘I’m more progressive/commie than you’, ‘You’re lying about the big bucks you get from WallStreet crooks’, and of course, ‘How dare you bring up my legal problems with my illegal e-mails?’ are some of the fun things going on with the two senior citizens.
    IMO, MrBernie smells blood in the water like an aging shark looking for his next meal. Anti-Clinton groups must be thrilled with her second come-uppance and the smack-downs she so richly deserves.
    The Repubs have their own with MrBush shuffling around the campaign looking for all that support they promised him. For reasons unknown, they think that the former Bush President that left office with a favorable rating under the freezing mark will give his brother a boost in the popular polls.
    Ha, not likely to happen.
    MrTrump has discovered that conservative voters that he is courting like to do things in a conservative way – the old tried and true way. He may yet have to dig in his own pocket and spend money on, gasp, ads and support staffers. Horrors!

    This election process is so much entertainment and offers so many opinions.
    I think we all suspect that in the end, we will be right back where we were and nothing will change.

    • With Sanders and Hillary, the entire Democrat presidential campaign has been reduced to a Punch and Judy Show. And not a very funny one at that. Pathetic beyond words.

      • Yeah–MoJoe was agog over the fabulous MSNBC debate, the sage moderators (home team), the spirited exchanges…though they still light into Hillary. And on it goes. (Of course, we can’t forget Joe’s galloping case of Rubiophobia–he got back on that, of course.

    • That’s not the complete schedule Steve.
      See the link I posted below about the signing of the TPP.
      It’s what goes on between the lines that is important.

    • We don’t have a real President. We have a megalomaniac who is dedicated to bringing this country down. And we have no one who is willing to stop him.

      And next up a crazed old socialist or a treasonous criminal hag.