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The Dubious Claim that Rubio Can Unite the GOP

You can feel it in the Republican Establishment, the sense that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s solid third-place finish in Iowa is the moment the locusts cleared, the boils healed, the frogs jumped away, and the waters parted.

Delivered into Sinai, Republicans of finer character got to watch as boorish Trumpites and the Cruzians were swallowed up at last by the Red Sea.

But in order to make it to the Promised Land, the Establishment still needs Rubio to win — or at least place a strong second — in New Hampshire. And for that, some spin of biblical proportions will be necessary.

Part of that is the message that Rubio is not simply the Establishment’s choice, but the man who can bring all Republicans into the Big Tent and galvanize a united GOP to march over Hillary or Bernie into the White House.

“The amazing surge for Marco Rubio shows that the Republican electorate has not gone collectively insane,” waxed a condescending David Brooks in the New York Times. “He is the only candidate who can plausibly unify the party.”

Billionaire Republican donor Frank VanderSloot told CNN on Wednesday that he’d be going “all out” for Rubio, who he said could “unite” the party and be an effective president, even though the nation had already experimented with a first-term senator in the West Wing.

“I believe that Obama has demonstrated that a young senator can get a lot of stuff done,” said VanderSloot, who was a national finance co-chairman for Mitt Romney’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

Except, Rubio isn’t going to unite anything, other than the Establishment. He is, rather, exactly the problem the conservative base, which comprises a majority of the GOP, is adamantly rejecting this election cycle. He is a Republican in the mold of George W. Bush, whose second term utterly divided the GOP.

Not only does Rubio, like Bush, support amnesty for illegal aliens, he wrote the bill that would grant it. He would even allow into the United States some Syrian refugees — the young and the old, who no doubt would immediately send for those in between.

He is an interventionist who said last spring, “America plays a part on the world stage for which there is no understudy.” He would have fueled the Syrian war by arming rebels, and he backs enforcing a no-fly zone over the country. He backed trade promotion authority legislation that paves the way for President Obama’s globalist, U.S. sovereignty-sapping Trans Pacific Partnership deal and has spoken favorably about the deal numerous times.

Rubio’s third-place finish in Iowa, where Republicans are fairly conservative, hardly proves that he is attractive to the right. Exit polls show 40 percent of Iowa Republicans consider themselves “very conservative.” Among those, only 15 percent caucused for Rubio, compared to 65 percent who supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or businessman Donald Trump.

“The Republican Party usually nominates unifying candidates like Marco Rubio,” Brooks wrote, without apparent irony, forgetting in his euphoria that Republicans have also lost four of the past six elections handily and won only two squeakers.

The Establishment has one thing correct. Logic-slaying emotion is driving this election. And the ones who have gone “insane” are the denizens of the Establishment, who somehow think it is an acolyte of their minority viewpoint who is best suited to unite Republicans, instead of Cruz and Trump, who represents more mainstream — that is, conservative — Republican views.

The Republican elite think, or at least say, that Rubio somehow has a foot in the conservative camp. But the base shares no such delusions. Of the roughly half of Iowa voters who said they want a candidate from “outside the Establishment,” seven percent supported Rubio.

The piece also appears on LifeZette.

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  1. The Reps need to find SOMEBODY who can unify the establishment, the conservatives AND the moderate independents needed to build a national majority.

    It’s a lead-pipe cinch that’s not Trump, the second choice of NO ONE. I don’t believe it’s Cruz, who has torqued off everyone except the conservatives. That leaves Rubio, or someone else. Exactly who will that be? If there’s no answer from inside the party, then the default answer is Hillary, and that’s just not acceptable.

    • So sorry that you feel that way. I think Trump is the answer. Why – because he wants to close that damm border with Mexico. It can be done, and that’s what most of us want.
      Second he knows how to run a business and that s what this country is. A giant corporation.

      • Again this country is not a giant corporation…corporation make money not spend it…

        As for this story, I see someone pushed the sarcasm button–and I always approve of that. I support Rubio (duck!) but will see how this plays. Joe Scarborough sure hates him–is that bad or good over here? I wonder what he ever did to Joe–Joe just started this a few months ago…Maybe he called Rubio and the senator did not recognize the name or something. But he is peck peck peck every single morning.

          • Really–are the voters really shareholders then? Is Congress the Board? Where are our dividends? Why hasn’t this “corporation” had to declare formal bankruptcy? Does it earn the money by providing something of value or just by taking it under law? If you are saying it has a lot of moving parts, like say, Apple, it has WAY more and more than even Trump’s yuge magnificent company, which by the way, where by the way he has the ultimate say-so, unlike this “corporation” where the Congress actually has a role. and the courts–and all sorts of annoying buttinskies.

        • And the Wash Post–gad! Never a week passes without some come-bash-Rubio piece. Still, the youthful, even boyish, positive candidate bobs to the top…And the Bubble Boy thing–not sticking, Chris. This morning, Joe almost ran out of swipes and said if you want eight more years of Obama, elect Rubio. Uh–that would he Hillary, Joe.

        • I think that that is one of the reasons Trump is so popular.
          He knows how to run a company and the people that are paying attention realize this Country is in debt up to Her eyeballs and nothing is being done about it.
          They see him as someone that can fix that, or but a dent in it.

      • Rubio is a cuban who lives in a Penthouse. Wants to give the country to the brown peeps.

        Cruz is a Canadian who is on the take from Goldman-Sachs where is wife works.

        So we have tried the foreign Muslim Kenyan and he is found lacking.

        So you guys want another foreigner?


          • Not that I know of…it is the appearance of takey-ness… But you have a valid point. Did you like how Hillary claimed Goldman offered her $675K a speech so why not take it–and she added she didn’t know then she would run for pres. That part is also not true…but it means she knows it looks bad.

        • After the agony of Obama, all I want is an American potus – not a hyphenated, first generation ‘anything’. I’m not interested in their ‘rags to riches’ stories…or how their families struggled to get to the US and worked as maids and bartenders.
          I prefer someone who has been marinating in Americanism for at least 2-3 generations! Is that asking too much???

          With Rubio or Cruz, we will be the Unitas Estados (sp) and El Presidente will proudly give speeches in Spanish AND English. You can take it to the bank!

          • That marinating in Americanism is not in the Constitution. I think it is too much to ask or require. We are a melting pot–or tossed salad–or whatever and better get used to it. I am not a huge fan of the “narrative” as a qualification, either…like Obama’s, which turned out to be kind of fanciful…

          • Yes, I read that Rubio is watching Univision every day to improve his Spanish for speech-giving.
            Too many problems with bi-lingual politicians saying one thing in English and another in Spanish. We’re going down a dangerous road.

            **Obama was constantly on Spanish language radio speaking from both sides of his mouth…i.e. “Punish your enemies at the voting booth…”

          • If you can’t speak or understand English and are not a citizen you should not be voting. There is no need for politicians to pander to the non English speaking elements in our country. Anybody remember any national politician speechifying in German, Italian, Vietnamese?

          • Immigrants who do not want to assimilate and pledge their allegiance to the United States should not be in this country.

            Language is a unifier.

        • I am taking Spanish lessons on the computer–when I get time and want to exercise another part of my brain…Why are people so threatened when someone can speak two languages or more…I think it’s cool to be able to.

          • People are not threatened that people speak other languages. People are threatened with cause. Arabs have done this country great harm and Hispanics have entered the country illegally and many of them live off the American taxpayer and commit many crimes. It has nothing to do with language.

            We are America. We speak English. Speaking another language is not a problem unless we are commanded to do so.

      • x2 Von Ebb.
        I used to sort of like Cruz before some interesting articles I read posted on here, and the latest descent into sleaze. As I watched the debates, I could have felt fairly content with almost any one of them being elected–except Rubio. Rubio’s new mantra seems to be he won’t push amnesty because “the people don’t want it.” I’m sorry. We are either a nation of laws or we are not, and that shouldn’t depend on polls.

        • We are no longer a nation of laws when it comes to immigration (and other areas) and we no longer have working borders. We have open borders. It’s amazing that we still have our own national tender and coinage.

    • I usually remain skeptical until after super Tuesday.
      The very fact that Cruz has hacked off the GOPe is interesting.
      Didn’t we think that we were electing ‘conservatives’ for congress in the last two elections ?
      People that told us that they were going to stop Obama ?
      They turned on us didn’t they.

      Polls can easily be manipulated, and the hype we are hearing from the media should be taken with a grain of salt.

      After SC, it will really hit the fan.

      Until then, I don’t put much credence into what I hear or see.

    • Rubio the figurehead, an hispanic Obama, is being pushed by the establishment to keep the illegals flooding into our country.

      Republican fundraiser Alan Mendelsohn, the once-powerful fundraiser who hosted Jeb Bush in his home, whose organization gave $50,000 to Rubio’s PACs. Mendelsohn is now underindictment for tax fraud and influence peddling.
      Sergio Pino, owner of Century Home Builders. Pino gave $10,000 to Rubio’s leadership PAC, and sits on the board of US. Century Bank, which in 2005 gave Rubio a $135,000 home equity loan on his newly purchased house in Miami, based on an appraisal well above other homes in the area — a loan Rubio then failed to disclose in his financial filings. The bank later received more bailout money than any bank in Florida (which Rubio had no control over.)
      Rubio’s questionable financial judgment re-emergedjust two months after his September 2005 ceremony with Jeb Bush. Back then, he owned one home, a small ranch-style place in West Miami that he’d purchased in 2003 for $175,000. In December 2005, he bought a new, larger house a few blocks away on SW 13th Street for $550,000; he took out a $495,000 mortgage.
      The fishy part: A month after Rubio purchased the home, U.S. Century Bank reappraised the house at $735,000 and then offered him a new $135,000 home equity loan that the speaker gladly accepted. U.S. Century’s board of directors included Sergio Pino — a mega developer who allied with Rubio on a key vote against slot machines — as well as GOP lobbyist Rodney Barreto and consultant Jose Cancela. Essentially, a bank controlled by supporters printed Rubio $135K out of thin air.
      Another ally, Nora Cereceda bought that West Miami house in 2007, at a time her chiropractor son, Dr. Mark Cereceda, happened to be lobbying the then-House speaker against a bill that would have eased the requirement for all Florida drivers to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. Rubio had been leaning toward abolishing the coverage requirement. Nora Cereceda paid $380,000 cash for the home — earning the Rubios a $205,000 profit, even as the housing market soured. Rubio has called it an “arm’s length” transaction. He later removed the House block on the insurance provision, which allowed the state to extend the requirement that drivers carry $10,000 in PIP coverage. According to property records, the West Miami home is now worth approximately $215,000.
      As disgraced former Speaker Ray Sansom’s mentor, Rubio taught Sansom how to personally benefit from bringing home the bacon. After delivering millions of tax dollars for Florida International University, Rubio turned around and got a $69,000 per year part-time job at the school… sound familiar? Unfortunately, that is only the tip of the iceberg to Rubio’s ethics problems. As Speaker, Rubio was involved in countless ethics scandals revolving around sweetheart mortgages, legislative favors for big donors, highway contracts, and other shady dealings.
      Virtually broke, the 31-year-old lawmaker began campaigning to be House speaker in 2003 and created a political committee — Floridians for Conservative Leadership — to help elect other Republican candidates and curry their support. With his wife serving as treasurer, Rubio did not wait for the state to authorize the committee before accepting campaign donations. The committee listed its address as Rubio’s home, a modest place he and his wife bought in West Miami in 2002, but reported spending nearly $85,000 in office and operating costs and $65,000 for administrative costs. Over 18 months, nearly $90,000 went for political consultants, $51,000 went for credit card payments and $4,000 went to other candidates. That’s less than the $5,700 that went to his wife, Jeanette, much of it for “gas and meals.” (Mrs. Rubio does not work and the couple file joint tax returns.)
      Rubio reported raising more than $228,000 for that committee over 18 months, but he failed to disclose $34,000 in expenses as required by state law.
      In four elections between 2000 and 2006, Rubio faced only token opposition. Yet he still spent nearly $670,000 in campaign funds for political consulting, television advertising and other expenses.
      A second political committee created by Rubio in late 2003, Floridians for Conservative Leadership in Government, was to “educate the public about conservative leadership in government.” The committee raised more than $386,000, much of it going to Rubio’s political strategists and consultants.
      Other expenses included $14,000 incorrectly listed as “courier services” that were in fact PAYMENTS to Rubio’s RELATIVES who he said were helping with the committee’s political activities.
      In 2005, Rubio had access to a new source of campaign money: state GOP credit cards. He charged more than $100,000 from November 2006 to November 2008, much of it for travel expenses and meals.
      He has refused to release his party credit card records from 2005 and 2006.
      Rubio’s years as House speaker were referred to as “Camelot” by a group of admirers and fellow lawmakers (including Rivera) who called themselves his “12 Disciples.” Rubio rewarded their loyalty with donor-funded trips (including to his lavish family reunion in Georgia — paid for on the party American Express card) and with hefty salaries, like the $175,000 a year earned by his top aide, Richard Corcoran.
      Rubio has seemed always to struggle with his personal finances. Despite receiving a $69,000 post at Florida International University’s Metropolitan Center in 2008, and a lucrative job at the law firm Broad & Cassell, which paid him $1.2 million over four years but where it wasn’t clear Rubio ever saw any clients, and a gig as a Univision on-air political analyst, Rubio listed his net worth at just $8,300 in 2010; he says due mostly to student loans.
      When Rubio joined the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, he did not own a home, had few possessions and made $72,000 as a lawyer. But he had $30,000 in “assorted credit and retail debt” (as described on his financial disclosure form) and in 2001 listed $165,000 in loans from the University of Florida and University of Miami Law School.
      As Rubio climbed the ranks, he began to use little-noticed political committees to fund his travel and other expenses and later had a Republican Party of Florida credit card. What emerged, records show, is a pattern of blending personal and political spending. Over and over again Rubio proved sloppy, at best, in complying with disclosure requirements.

  2. Haven’t heard a peep about the tens of thousands of Cubans who are flooding into FLA and TX. Where are the two senators from these States, respectivly?

    Nine out of ten immigrants flooding FLA are from Cuba. They are receiving full benefits and within one year they will be given permanent legal status! The majority are NOT political refugees-they are looking for jobs and freebies. How many American workers will be disenfranchised in these two States? Also, they are allowed to bring their extended families ASAP!
    Last year, there were 44K Cubans who arrived on our shores, compared to 4K the year before.

    Where are Rubio and Cruz – the two Cuban candidates? It’s a disgrace!!!

  3. Rubio has no practical experience to be just about anything. His life is college, followed by law school, followed by Florida politician. He’s never served in the military, has no financial background.

    His wife is a former cheerleader, who I’m sure is very nice.

    Other than Rubio, and his family, who would vote for this guy to be president???

    • It’s getting more difficult to realistically imagine any of the Republicans being able to garner enough electoral votes to beat the old hag. Whether it be Trump, Cruz or Rubio, they will be mercilessly mocked and ridiculed by the Dems and MSM…with assorted “dirt” (real or perceived) constantly dug up against them.

      In a year where the Dem frontrunner is under investigation by the FBI and may be indicted, it looks like the Repubs are still going to find a way to blow it. For our country’s sake, I hope I’m wrong!

      • There reply button is screwy.

        Different from Obama? Obama’s father — not Frank, the one in the book is from Africa. Rubio’s father is from Cuba.

        Not trusting Rubio? A wise position.

    • I would–happily. For Trump, never–which regulars here know goes without saying. All I did was go to college, no speaker of a state house of reps, no US Senate, no candidacy for president, no banking background (yes, a defense background). So I must really be a loser by your standards. LOL.

      • After seeing Hillary in tonight’s MSNBC debate I’m convinced more than ever before that she’s the won who could do a great job as president!

      • Well, for one thing, he was the speaker of the house of a huge, complex state and not a backbencher who voted present (and who also missed votes, BTW). Just because he finishes sentences and speaks well does not make him like Obama (who turned out to turn off people with the speaking thing). He is against extremist terrorists, as I recall, and wants to squash them. He wants to rebuild not tear down the military. He wants immigrants to pay a fine, get to the back of the line–and he worked across the aisle…he can do that. I know his immigration stands are unpopular with people who want to punish, etc. but they are practical and maybe achievable. He tinkered behind Obama’s back with the ACA.

        • Rubio just seems too “Stepford Wives” to me….stiff and unremarkable – no original thoughts or ideas.
          I think that for many reasons – e.g., His interview answers are verbatim repeats.
          He wants to impress – he doesn’t know that impressing people is not really a true leadership skill. Instilling confidence in others is a mark of leadership.
          Yes, for me, he is too young and inexperienced. And yes, I am “gun shy” of that youthful inexperience because of O.
          I am not convinced that Rubio is who our country needs.
          And I strongly disagree with him on immigration.
          I believe Keith’s assessment is exactly right.

  4. Rubio is my Senator. I supported him and volunteered early on when he was running against Crist and no one knew his name.

    He lied then. He is nothing like the man who appeared on the scene with the exception that he has a boyish charm that appeals to some, gives a good speech and is well schooled in foreign policy.

    I wouldn’t give you a dime for Marco Rubio, He is the establishment candidate and a younger version of Mitch McConnell. The Ryan, Rubio gang is no different that the McConnell, Boehner. But, if possible the old establishment is at least more out front about their grab for power and greed. Ryan wants us to believe that he is a reluctant speaker and Rubio wants us to believe that he will not open the floodgates a la Obama and do nothing to stop the overwhelming flood of illegals and terrorists in hiding that we will have to support.

    • I’ve heard the same reactions from other Floridians, including one of my brothers who lives there. Rubio is a chameleon who will change size and shape and political philosophy according to what will get him the most votes. We keep hearing that he’s some sort of expert on foreign relations and international affairs. When I hear him talk about these issues, he comes across as being a mile wide and an inch deep. He seems to be repeating what someone told him, and not deeply reflecting on these topics. He’s glib, practiced, desperate, slick. Nope. He doesn’t fool me for a second.

  5. I have a comment in moderation…nothing offensive however it does have a grammatical error.
    Suppose that is one of the moderation offenses? Ha!
    I just pointed out that apparently Rubio does reside in a “ranch house” – with hard wood floors paid by the Repub committee credit card.
    A mistake he says and later repaid….does that qualify as an interest free loan?

  6. I’m gonna go ahead and let the people of New Hampshire make up their mind. Remember nobody thought Donnie Frumples would lose to Cruz and barely beat Rubio….

  7. Human beings in order to understand anything must first place the subject in a box, label it, quantify it, marked as a confirmed category of whatever. Media is stuck trying to place everyone in a camp they can identify. Evangelical Christian? Okay put them all in a box so labeled. Republicans? Democrats? White, black, Hispanic, consecutive, liberal, on and on. Then test and apply one box against another. Problems become evident when the elite academic examiners fail to understand each individual has a mind of its own and can freely move about from box to box. Depending on the weather.

  8. Well ,,, he lies a lot that should make him eligible for something …..after all this talk about his upbringing , etc …- will the truth escape daylight ??? in this day and age nobody cares if he was gay but they might balk at who brought his parents to this country and what for …..

  9. You made my day! Just as I was beginning to fear that I was the only one who did not fall
    for the Rubio hype, your msg popped up.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Marco Rubio is an Anchor Baby. His cuban parents came on “a Tourist Visa – not an Immigrant Visa” and STAYED.illegally! His parents were not even US Citizens when he was born 4 months later. The descriptive clause in the Constitution says this:
    “Only native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents at least one of whom was a U.S. citizen at the time) may serve president of the United States.”

    Marco does nothing about stopping Cuban Dry Foot / Wet Foot Immigration Preference, which gives ONLY CUBANS $358 per month per person rental assistance, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, and SNAP food. The same day they arrive! There are 8 direct flights from Cuba every morning with 1,600 illegals who overstay visas. No legal immigrant gets these benefits, not even poor or disabled Americans!

    Rubio is also a member of La Raza (literally translated, “The Race). This racist group’s whole focus is “RECONQUISTA.”
    You old white people. It is your duty to die.”
    La Raza leaders speak out!

    Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets; “Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is YOUR DUTY to die … Through love of having children, we are going to take over.

    Jose Pescador Osuna, the Mexican Consul General OPENLY BOASTS of invasion, “We are practicing ‘La Reconquista’ in California.”

    Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council. “They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over … We are here to stay.”

    Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico, “The American southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”

    Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas; “We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population … I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”

    Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, “Remember 187 — proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens — was the last gasp of white America in California.”

    Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor, “We are politicizing every single one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country … I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, “I’m going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back.”

    Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Governor Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave.”

    Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University; “We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos …”

  11. Rubio is a member of La Raza. The La Raza movement teaches that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as “Aztlan” — a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America. As such, it belongs to the followers. These are all areas America should surrender to “La Raza” once enough immigrants, legal or illegal, enter to claim a majority, as in Los Angeles. The current borders of the United States will simply be extinguished.
    This plan is what is referred to as the “Reconquista” or reconquest, of the Western U.S. and why Rubio wants amnesty so much to gain power.
    But it won’t end with territorial occupation and secession. The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of “Aztlan.”
    As Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s has been quoted as saying: “The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. COMMUNISM would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled – opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.”