As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10:40 am || Holds a roundtable with Muslim community members; Islamic Society of Baltimore, Baltimore
All Times Eastern
12:05 pm || Delivers remarks; Islamic Society of Baltimore, Baltimore

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  1. Noticed on my last Medicare pharmacy report, that blood pressure and BMI are being reported to the govt. I don’t get weighed at the doctor—when I used to, everything came down to that–they even said I got a cold from being fat. So I refuse it. The feds can bite me when it comes to my personal info…but of course, these plans will report anyway like good little soldiers.

    • x2 I say and fill out as little as possible. The government is way too involved in individual medical information and treatment and totally over the top, in the supply and distribution of necessary pain medications.

      • I did not fill this in. I was forced to go to get my BP meds renewed–and they reported it–first time I saw it. They have no weight for me… And of course I never put my SS. I am on Medicare–and even if I weren’t and they didn’t already have it, you don’t have to put it on the clipboard.

  2. Obama is dedicated to Muslims and illegals. He could give a rta’s a** about Americans or people of other faiths, excluding of course, Black Liberation Theology.

    He is a pathetic loser who hates this country. No amount of the NYT saying Bush too made overtures to Muslim acceptance post 9/11. Obama is almost gleeful about the illegals and terrorists he has allowed into this country. And it’s not like this is some harmless little old country mosque either. I am so fed up with this despicable man.