As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Speaks at Islamic Society of Baltimore

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  1. Luckily I am not able to stream video in the mines.
    Why doesn’t he just come out and admit he prefers Muslims over America’s Judea-Christian roots? Can’t hurt him any more politically and would boost his chances at getting his coveted U.N. Secretary General gig.
    He should have been impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors” years ago but GOPe is controlled by eunuchs.

  2. If he was truly the President of the United States, he would stress that the peaceful Islamists voice their dismay at the radical members of their religion who believe killing and maiming others is sanctioned by their Holy Book.
    He would advise these Muslims that American values do not include killing or maiming people of other religions, nor do they include terrorist attacks on random citizens in the name of Allah.
    He might also point out that women are ‘equal’ members of society here in the USA, and are not required to hide themselves in public.
    He can advise them that LGBT people are not to be thrown off of roofs, or set afire here in the USA.
    If any of these things are opposed to their beliefs, then he might suggest they return to their family homelands where American values don’t exist.

          • Think of it this way–Muslims are one-fifth of the population of the planet…say even half are little kids–that’s 3/4th of a billion killers–wouldn’t more non-believers be killed if all Muslims followed this?

          • Star, as the saying goes : ” All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims”. Well , almost all, we have Breivik and some other too.

          • Star, There are many videos with Muslim kids in training to kill non believers. And the tribal wars in Africa and elsewhere abound with children trained to kill. Killing the innocent, as a religious or righteous act, starts young in many societies and it should be condemned wherever it occurs. So, I am not so quick to exclude children. They may be victims, but they can be murderous victims.

            And for as many little children harmed and killed, we close our eyes to women and children who kill as well. It is about time the West opens its eyes to the far reach of brutal ideologies.

            You may recall (let’s leave aside the terrible Americans) the surprise and the many deaths of American and others at the hands of innocent children during the Vietnam years.

          • OK–include the kids then…that makes my point stronger…with 1.5 billion “killing,” we would have many more dead–so it can’t be ALL Muslims…All I was pointing out.

          • This is a statistics game. There is an extreme potion of muslims that will kill. As long as there are muslims, there will be extreme muslims as well. When they edit out the parts of the koran that tell their followers to kill us, which will never happen, I will be more accepting of muslims. Until then, I will ‘profile them’.

  3. Once again, the President times his ill conceived appointments when the media and most of the nation are transfixed on Iowa, NH or the Super Bowl.

    If the man is a Muslim, I accept it.
    But if he is a Muslim and refuses to announce it, he is an infidel.

    If the man had an ounce of courage, he would visit a US based mosque right after a USA terrorist attack…and encourage Muslims to stand up and fight the infidels within.

    But that will never happen…
    Please Lord, bring on 2017….


    • Funny, I don’t feel as free about my Christianity as I once did. Perhaps he should go to Tehran, stand up there with the big pubahs, in one of those very public speeches, and say it out loud in front of thousands of Iranian men….

      That would mean something….


      • Beckwith and Harv, some Muslim countries are somewhat more “tolerant” than others. Bitter irony that the somewhat more secular or “tolerant” ones are the ones that the West are destroying, Libya, Iraq and now Syria.
        However, in Saudi, where Barrys buddy rules, there are no official Christian churches. Zero. If expats and others want to practise other religions than Islam they have to do it very discreetly in the private.Otherwise…..

        • You are right. Its The Saudi’s speading terror around the world. They are funding the vast number of Mosques being built right here in the USA.

          There are 4 large Mosques within 25 miles of Ontario Airport. One in Pomona has taken over a out of business bowling alley as their school. Just a block down the street from the Mosque.

          USA may never recover from they horror of OBAMA.

  4. Some news outlets are reporting that this is the first US-based mosque Obama has visited. Not correct. Here’s one example of Obama actually participating in the opening ceremonies of a new mosque in Maryland in April, 2015. So much for separation of Church and State, eh? Not sure of this mosque is the same one he’s visiting today. Perhaps Obama also plans to visit and participate in the new opening of a Christian Church someday? Sure.

    Fox (and maybe other networks, I dunno) is reporting that the mosque Obama is visiting today is a particularly radicalized mosque, with direct connections to the worst elements of the jihad movement. The FBI briefed Obama on these connections and affiliations. So, naturally, Obama decided to go anyway. Obama wants them to know he’s got their back.

  5. He comes the next crook to the the White House – Ted Cruz
    Cruz was accused by fellow presidential candidate Ben Carson of spreading a false rumor that Carson was dropping out of the race in order to sabotage the retired neurosurgeon’s campaign.
    Cruz later apologized… and thus admitted to the act

  6. “Kill them all, Let Allah sort them out.”
    ~Crusades. 11th Century AD.

    I AM SO SICK OF HAVING TO BE ‘Nice & Respectful’ OF THESE MOHAMMEDANS (Muslims) WHO WORSHIP THE 7th Century AD…and according to the ‘koran’ We all have to become Muslims, OR pay a tax, OR have our head cut off.

  7. Obama said a mosque is no different than a church or synagogue where families go to pray. Then I saw pictures on Weasel Zippers that reminded me of photos shown of the San Bernardino mosque, where women were given a small space upstairs, far away from the men, to pray. In the churches I’m familiar with, women sit in the pews with men and pray together. Until that is allowed in mosques, then it IS different than our churches and religion. So much for Obama’s sales pitch.

    • Many of the mosques are breeding grounds for anti American and anti Christian/Jewish sentiment. As long as that continues I see no reason for an American president to praise them. Period. Mostly they should be closely monitored. I heard that the mosque Obama visited is fairly radical.

      Pretty much until ISIS and Iran stop wanting to kill every American and every Christian I see no reason for this “gesture”.