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Hillary Saves Herself, but Barely

It wasn’t what she planned on, it wasn’t what she wanted — but it might be what she needed.

Hillary Clinton barely scraped out a win over Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Iowa Caucus Monday night, beating the insurgent socialist by less than half a point, 49.9 percent to 49.5 percent. It was just the narrowest of margins. But as they say in ping pong, a win is a win.

A loss, even by a slight margin, would have been devastating, resurrecting in voters’ minds the upset she had suffered at the hands of Barack Obama in 2008 and leading toward what likely would have been another long slog through the primaries with the ultimate result unclear.

She still may get that. But prevailing in at least one of the two legendary early primaries gives voters some sense that she can win — or at least avoids the perception that she is a loser — and puts her in a position to start playing the expectations game in New Hampshire. There, Sanders is ahead by 14 points in the most recent RealClearPolitics average. If she can even get close to him, she can claim a “win” and perhaps be on her way to the nomination.

That’s because Clinton dominates Sanders in the primary following New Hampshire, South Carolina, where she’s ahead in the RealClearPolitics average of two January polls 62-32.5 percent. There, black voters may step up to save her candidacy, just as they helped sink it by supporting Obama in 2008. Clinton also leads handily in most other states where polling has been done recently.

But with Bernie Fever and unpredictable disease, anything could still happen. Having gotten so close in Iowa, Sanders can and will spin his narrow loss there into a win. If he can use this to trounce Clinton in New Hampshire, he could generate new waves of support in the upcoming primaries, making the Democratic nomination another long slog.

He has every right to his spin. Clinton had been ahead by anywhere from 20-40 points all summer and was leading in polls by about 15 points as recently as last week. But as evidence mounted that she must have knowingly harbored extremely sensitive classified information on her private server as Secretary of State and as enthusiasm for Sanders grew into a kind of political ecstasy, the contest closed and Iowa nearly got away from her.

Sanders also has the rare fortune of facing an opponent under federal investigation. If it becomes known that the FBI has recommended an indictment or if there is new and more damaging information about her possible criminal behavior as Secretary of State, she may become all but unelectable. That could move voters by default into the Sanders camp.

But Clinton at least emerged a near-death experience and showed her fearsome campaign operation and its cadre of Establishment allies can still win when it matters.

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100 Responses to Hillary Saves Herself, but Barely

  1. What a choice the Dems have this year; a lying, corrupt possible felon, or a deluded socialist who thinks money really does grow on trees.

    The nerve, the chutzpa of the MSM to call the slate of Repubs a “clown car”, to look under every rock for a scandal when the two Dems are right there, out in the open, wearing their crimes and there delusions proudly.

    As for the winners of both parties – really Iowa?

    • If FBI recommends/If there is new and more damaging info. That in itself is scary.
      As an honest American citizen I find it so very insulting that these two are running.

      • As an outsider I don´t know so much about Sanders and his politics but I know that you here consider him a leftist socialist.Well, he seems to be a decent man and politician and as a European I am used to his kind of politics. As a matter of fact I like his views on education, college really should be free, and his views on foreign politics, focus on the US instead of getting involved in wars abroad. He has many young followers, my son and his American friends go for Bernie when Ron Paul is not available anymore. But Hillary, she is just horrible and I do hope that FBI continues the investigation. But all of sudden it could stop because of corruption and pressure, couldn´t it ?

          • Grace, I don´t know about all his ideas but education is really important. I am aware of the expensive college-fees in the US and I do think this should be covered by taxes. It shouldn´t be up to the parents savings or on scholarships. So, if he saves on the military expenses he could perhaps finance a reformed education system. But what do I know, maybe your system works just fine.
            Otherwise I do agree with you that Europe, for example my country, is wasting money on a lot of socialist foolishness.

          • Saves on military expenses…? As it is, a majority of students in college take more than 4 yrs to finish…If this is handed over, it’s one reason to dawdle and party… I do think somehow we need to put the brakes on college costs, though…They go up and up and colleges see students can “afford” it with loans. And not everyone needs or wants college–my own child spurned the very idea…She was not schooly…Never will be. She will eventually leave Wendy’s, but has no idea of what next. Many kids are like this–even into their 30s, and being “enrolled” in college without ambition or a plan is a waste of money.

          • SL, this Country is broke.
            Sanders also wants free government run health care for everyone.
            He wants to pay for it all by raising taxes on the rich.
            93 million people have given up on jobs because there aren’t any, many went overseas.

          • I just this week finished paying off my student loans. I got a BSME and MSME in engineering.

            I was funded as follows: I received a $3k pell grant in my first year, then slick willy was elected and that immediately disappeared (after he made all his ‘higher education’ promises as I recall). The rest of my education was funded by part time jobs, grading papers, a TA/RA stipend in grad school, and student loans.

            I worked very hard (and still do). I graduated with honors and was offered the Research Assistantship and stipend to attend grad school.

            The jobs I got after getting an education (in a field that pays money) made the student loan payment insignificant compared with my income.

            No, swedishlady, college does NOT need to be free. I was given close to nothing, and the current system worked just fine for me. ‘The Man’, it turns out, was not holding me down.

            If we don’t have enough people pursuing higher education, it is because of they keep getting ‘dependence’ pounded into them by the liberal school systems, and by bad parenting.

            If college was free, that would just encourage our lazy, poorly-equipped youth from ever doing anything, and put even more strain on our borrowed financial lifestyle. A very big “NO” to federal funded college, as well as any more handouts that encourage dependence.

            I remember many times just staring, dumbfounded, at the scholarship board. There were scholarships for every minority and weirdo group on earth, but absolutely nothing for a normal white guy, which I was unfortunate enough to be born.

        • That depends on what the meaning of “college” is.

          If American colleges were all about equipping adults with the skills they need to get a high-paying job and actually contribute to society, this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

          But there are too many campuses in America, where “college” is little more than a four year cocoon of booze, sex, drugs, leftist indoctrination, and worthless degrees in “grievance studies.”

          And, if you want to get technical, the reason college is so expensive right now is because it’s so heavily subsidized. Whenever the government throws more money at colleges, they respond by jacking up tuition.

          So the costs, results, and educational merit of too many American colleges is already of dubious merit. Subsidizing an industry in need of a market correction does not do anyone any favors, least of all the taxpayer.

          Now, if colleges these days were all about education, free inquiry, and preparing students for economically productive careers, this might not be a bad idea. But they aren’t.

          As it stands right now, American academia is a sick, sick industry, and it does not need to get one more federal cent thrown at it.

          • Star and Darkangel, I got something to think about there. Maybe it is too difficult to reform your system, well, maybe it shouldn´t be reformed… I learn something every day I am here at Keiths place.

          • Completely agree, Darkangel.
            And now, I believe most students must attend five years of college to qualify for graduation.
            In years past, four years of college assured a student would graduate and receive a degree.
            The only rational, I believe, for an additional year of education is the additional income stream the extra year will generate.
            Or maybe it takes another year to thoroughly indoctrinate the students into full allegiance to the tenets of socialism.

        • SL, I think a major difference between Europe and the US is that Europeans often look to their big government systems to solve all their problems, social and otherwise– problems that ought to be solved at the local level, or by individuals themselves. The concept is called subsidiarity. Local problems solved at the local level. We look upon big government as the source of the biggest problems we have. Big governments consume people, their treasure, their liberties, etc. Europe’s cry to big government is “help us”. Our cry is, “Leave us alone”. Obviously, national governments provide for national security, etc., but they often don’t even do that well.

        • -Hillary = a corrupt career politician who lies about giving away “US National Security Information.”
          -Sanders = a g#d-damn socialist/communist who hates anything with “US National Security” will just give it all away to anyone.

    • Can you imagine the never ending, 24/7 media uproar if any of the Republican candidates had 150 FBI agents investigating them for high crimes against the State (that’s what it is) as they were running for for POTUS?

      Says all we need to know about the current corruption of the MSM.

  2. Bernie is going after the young voters.
    CNN asked some of them what socialism is, they had no clue.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary’s voters even know she is under investigation by the FBI.

    • Sanders, like all Socialists and Progressives, promise Utopia. Oldest political trick in the book. Vote for me and you’ll be happy, the seas will stop rising, everybody will think you’re cool. Free this and that. Big Brother will take care of you. Sanders is bribing people for votes. It’s a trap, as we who have a bit of life experience understand very well. It’s just that the younger generation don’t get it yet. They haven’t been around long enough to see it. They will, in time. Hopefully.

        • AFVeT, Darkangel, Marcus, maybe the colleges, at least some of them, are not such healthy places for young people. I just remembered the “trigger warning” epidemia….

          • American colleges have “safe zones” now for those who are too afraid to face the world.

            American colleges are over priced cribs and playgrounds.

            I am not willing to pay for somebody else’s kid to go to college , let alone their safe zones.

            And kudos to the young man who cobbled a bunch of things together and paid for his education. You will go far.

      • Every time I hear Sanders (may G#D Curse Him to Hell as a socialist-communist) speak I think of the Russian Revolution or the Cultural Revolution…
        I meet an arrogant 24 year old Sanders supporter this weekend and it REALLY pissed me off how IGNORANT she was… I used FACTS against her, and she said everything I said was wrong because I was a ‘Republican/Conservative’… It PISSED me off so much I could not talk civil politics with her.

      • Just on one level–raising taxes to 90% will, to say the least, require Congressional cooperation. One teeny part. He could never get all this and it’s not EO-able.

    • – More Millennials living at home than ever.
      – Millennial adults can stay on parents medical insurance policies until age 26.
      – University attendance, and the fun, is paid for by parents.
      They have been living in a patriarchal Socialist environment all their lives.
      And we are surprised they want to continue that lifestyle?

  3. If the people — legal voters and illegal voters — in this country can elect back to back a man who hates America so much that he has done everything in his power, and outside of it, to bring us down and then turn around and elect an old unindicted criminal hag or an outright rumpled commie who never had a job outside of sucking on the taxpayers’ teat in Congress then perhaps the Republic as it stands is not worth saving.

  4. O.T. Something is rotten in Denmark!

    Last night I heard a report on CNN that Carson was flying home early to get some rest for a few days. He would NOT be campaigning in NH or SC, but was going to attend the National Prayer mtg on Thurs. instead. The CNN anchors speculated that he must be dropping out of the race!

    In the meantime, Cruz sent out a tweet @ 7:00 p.m. (during the caucuses) to the effect that Carson was dropping out and he, Cruz, was the only true Conservative.

    The media should be jumping all over this! Carson is calling foul…but the media seems to be ignoring the elephant in the room! It smells to high heaven!!!


  5. Hillary–pfft. The only words I saw were CRUZ UPSETS TRUMP. It may be the only good news I get this year, but I am savoring it. At WaPo, two funny comments…One was “I don’t like people who come in second.” And the other was Trump let a Cubanadian win…

  6. Math, schmath. Sanders scored a huge upset last night, beating the polls by 15%. That says he’s got a lot more grass roots organization going on than she goes. When he plasters her in NH next week, you will see the wave start to break over her head.

    I will admit to being a little confused about Obama letting State drop the bomb about emails “too secret to release.” Almost sounds like they are moving in a direction to go ahead and let Lynch indict her, which of course would be Game Over.

    The potential cost to Hillary to “persuade” Obama to not do that must be incredibly high.

    • Good ol’ Joe is waiting in the wings to take over when MrsC bites the dust.
      I was sad to hear that O’Malley dropped out of the race, now it’s back to the Greenie party candidate for me and a lot of Dems.

      • The phrase “knows where the bodies a buried” is used in DC, but I would not describe it as a hotbed of extortionists–I think this is an easy explanation. Again, just my opinion. Yours is way more interesting…

        • Star, you and many others have real time DC experience. I don’t.
          For someone like me, the only way to reconcile the things that go on there is to assume that this one knows something embarrassing (or bad or horrible) about that one.
          How else to explain the depth of the corrupt politicking that is so obvious – and continuous?
          I read a lot of alternative news sites – I scan the articles and then, read the comments.
          Read one last week that accused a certain well known congressional member of being a known pedophile (in DC) to explain his capitulation to O.
          Why would someone say something like that? They are bitter or stupid, I guess…or using alternative news media to out the truth.
          I do believe that anyone IN government wants MORE government involvement in everything. It means job security for them – and power…the most seductive enticer of all.
          As far as candidates, why would anyone want to take this God forsaken mess on? That is the question we should ask ourselves. Because I think those in government are out for themselves and that they really and truly think there is an endless supply of public support. Low hanging fruit, if you will.
          And since they all seem to eventually leave office with millions, perhaps they are right.

          • Washington DC has layers of corruption that would defy one’s wildest imagination. Here’s one example, the so-called Franklin scandal, which reached from Nebraska to upper levels of the political establishment in Washington DC, and I mean the UPPER levels. It could well have brought down the government, or certain portions of it. I refer to the cite listed below. I just don’t want to detail the types of criminal behavior in this post. It was such a scandal-filled chapter in Washington history that even Oprah did a program about it. Note: I say “a” program. One program. The political powers at the time landed on her so hard after the first show on the topic that she was terrified and immediately cancelled the follow up programs she had scheduled to detailed the sickening events surrounding the Franklin case. It was the end of the story, as far as Oprah was concerned. And everyone seems to have forgotten about it. Except me.

            I have no doubt, absolutely none, that things are infinitely more corrupt and immoral in Washington now than they were then.

            Just one example.



  7. Ironically, Bill Clinton was the only candidate to lose BOTH Iowa and NH primaries and go on to win the Presidency (1992).
    I pray history does not repeat itself! I do not consider last nite a ‘win’ for Hillary – just a coin toss.

  8. You know the weird stuff that interests me. I thought this was kinda funny–you know how Cruz has that word TrustTED as his logo–with the TED in Red? I thought hey, that’s pretty clever (I used to create tag lines)–then I saw a commercial where they blasted him and ended in CalculaTED. Hmmm…Ok.

  9. Oh please. She tied in a dead heat with a guy who’s idea of a romantic getaway is a weekend in Siberia. It appears that the only person who had a worse night than her was Frumples…