As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 29, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert and also has a very interesting take on Donald Trump. Here is a link to his blog. The two I think are interesting is the thread about the second American Revolution which relates to an earlier thread about System vs. Goals. It’s a good read — Adams, in general, is a fresh perspective — not political per se — on Trump.

    • Very interesting. I had no idea Scott Adams thought along these lines, or as analytically as he does. His description of Trump’s tactics and approach reminds me of Churchill’s idea that a good and effective leader should have a “sinister side”. By that, Churchill meant that a great and successful leader should always think ahead several steps, anticipate what the enemy might do or react to a situation, and be ready to attack at the right moment and in the proper proportion to the situation. And do all that with victory in mind. There’s a bit more to Churchill’s idea of a “sinister side”, but this gets the idea across.

    • Makes one wonder if all the rumors about the affair with Brit Hume are true. (See Red State).
      Brit is divorced now.
      She also appeared on the Howard Stern show a few years ago…talking about her husband’s private parts.

    • Completely unprofessional on Kelly’s part. Maybe this is what Ailes requires as part of the hiring interview? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Anyone who demands or even acquieses to his female on air talent to show that much leg and wear 5 inch heels, as on the Outnumbered and The Five shows, has a personal problem, it would seem. What’s next on these sets, a stripper pole? And what’s with Kelly’s morphing phenomenon–her bizarre hair style, three inch eyelashes and bizarre fashion choices? What’s the end look in her journey to acquire whatever the hell creepy look she’s striving for?

  2. Sort of OT – Hillary was shown saying that she thought “using one device would be simpler.” She stood right there and admitted she’s too stupid to flit around between a PC, a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet — like the rest of us do every day. And no one – most especially the MSM press picked up on it.

    • Hillary is still at the stage where she thinks people believe her when she speaks. Maybe her prison-mates will be able to help her sort that all out.