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Video || Hillary: I Can’t be Bought!

“Anybody who knows me knows you can’t buy me,” Hillary says, one of the great non sequiturs of the campaign so far. Like, that line would get a laugh on Saturday Night Live.

She’s responding to the possibility of a negative attack ad by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Note how she wails against him for going negative with personal attacks. She doesn’t like it, not because she can’t play that game, but because she know she presents so much negative material for Bernie to use.

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21 Responses to Video || Hillary: I Can’t be Bought!

  1. She can’t be bought?
    The big money guys think she can be bought and owned. They didn’t donate millions of dollars to her campaign and the faux charity the Clintons run just to be, um, nice.

    ot: She has a campaign stop at a bowling alley.
    a bowling alley? so she’s speaking to about 50 people there, geez.

  2. I certainly support the honest socialist over the lying,hypocritical failed former SoS that left the world on fire and 4 good men dead.

    No wonder she’s feeling the Bern in the polls.

    • I’m glad to hear others have Benghazi stuck in their craw. Sent them to die. How many times did O say “I got your back”? He didn’t have their backs. Didn’t even try. Who can possibly follow that leadership? Who could possibly consider promoting Hillary to President? Complete madness.

  3. Does anyone else find it weird that Bernie has vowed (up to this point) to run attack ads against Hillary Rotten Clinton???
    Weirder yet is the fact that HRC is attacking Bernie for threatening to attack her!

    Would love to know what happened in the woodshed yesterday between Obama and Bernie!

    This isn’t an election – it’s a coronation. HRC has no competition on the other side – might as well skip the formalities until November. The fix is in.

  4. Nice to see we all agree. Pleasant surprise.

    All those foreign donors to their foundation while she was secretary. To them she gave her password to her server.

  5. “Hillary: I can’t be bought”! There is a type of person who can’t be “Bought”, but whose services you can RENT for a period of time. I won’t say the word for that type, but it starts with W H O R!!!!