As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 28, 2015

The event has concluded.

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  1. Don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m going to watch Trump’s CNN fundraiser show for the Vets.
    Rush just said that Huckabee said that he is going to show up.

    Might be interesting.

    • I just read a NYTs article on how poorly the Wounded Vets organization is being run. $124M spent on expenses: lavish dinners, pricey hotel rooms ($500. a night). The poor wounded vets that were in a foxhole can only dream of that. Maybe Trump can straighten out the management and get the money where it really needs to go. Cap the expenses.

    • I’m with you. And it’s not like Megyn Kelly is going to cover any new ground in the debate. Plus, even before all this nonsense, I found her endlessly annoying.

      • Well, we’ve all got a taste of the real Megyn Kelly in this latest mess she’s created for herself and Fox. Here’s more: this is a video of the little drama queen attacking Kirsten Powers in a way that should have caused Megyn to be fired that very day. It’s seven minutes long, but Kelly lets out her inner angry princess early on. Talk about a spoiled brat.

        • I know that this is the era of “women can do it all”, but they can’t do it all well. There is no way that a job as demanding as Fox News can possibly allow her adequate time to be with her children. Three kids are demanding in any home. I know she can afford nannies. That is still not Mom. The time needed for her constant grooming, reading, learning issues. I have no respect for her to have had three children. Most of the Fox babes are single or their “children” are dogs.

          • It’s got to be a demanding job for sure, but a lot of men and women “do it all”, and do it well. It takes a lot of smarts, character and discipline, no doubt. In Kelly’s case, she’s got a short temper, doesn’t listen well, and isn’t as confident and sure of herself as a more seasoned, experienced journalist might be. I think that’s the source of her overcompensating manner– to make sure she’s always “right”. She also confuses her lawyer tactics with the subtle approach which often gets to the heart of the story in a more effective and informative manner. She’s got some growing up to do, too bad her current immaturity is on such public display.

  2. This was posted on Breitbart about an hour ago. Make sure you stay until the ending.

    I’m thinking of a certain politician who published a ghostwritten autobiography before he ran for political office, and another memoir after that. Which is kind of ironic, if you think about it, because this man was trying to hide his family background on the way up the political ranks.

    So much so, in fact, that he changed his last name, and a lot of effort went into concealing his birth certificate.

    Still, the man was preternaturally gifted at giving speeches. He could fill an outdoor stadium for one of his rallies, and there would be ladies in the crowd that would faint. It was obvious that the man was speaking a lot of untruths, but the people were so mesmerized that they didn’t care.

    And this man had his supporters. Oh, did he ever. His supporters were known for following him blindly, without question. There were songs of admiration written about him, and he had a small army of young volunteers to advance his ideology.

    We should have seen it coming. The man used domestic terrorists to launch his political career.

    And after he took power, he ruled in direct disregard for the will of the people…and displayed a startling amount of animosity toward the Jewish people.

    Things were never the same after that cold January day, when he was sworn into office…

    as Chancellor of Germany, in 1933.

      • So…what, you didn’t get the meaning of the final line?

        You DO know who was sworn in as German Chancellor in January of 1933, right?

        All of the stuff that preceded that, applies to that person, as well.

        Didn’t you ever listen to “The Rest of the Story” by Paul Harvey?

        • Paul Harvey? One of and maybe the last great commentary’s.
          I still can’t think of anyone else but Chancellor Obama.
          Certainly not Trump.
          Paul Harvey had a magnificent comment on how America could be destroyed. It was on U-tube, out there somewhere.