As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Event for Veterans

The event has concluded.


20 Responses to Live Stream || Trump Event for Veterans

  1. I just mentioned to my son that we’ll never see a better marketer than Trump. Imagine, he flips off Fox and ends up getting his own time slot on CNN. F’rilliant!

  2. Somewhat relevant. Fox is stumping for Rubio IMO and actively opposed to Trump. Re. Rubio and Fox there is this little tidbit:

    Bill Sammon is a Fox News Vice President and in charge of the Fox News debates and questioning. His daughter, Brooke Sammon, is Marco Rubio’s Press Secretary.

  3. O/T
    Wonder if Bill realizes that Hill’s candidacy may negatively affect his beloved “legacy?”
    NYT Article linked on Drudge says “Bill Plays to Small Room”

  4. Megyn, Brett, and Chris W. were disgusting in their wrap up — about Trump, no Trump and how much better the debates were when Fox and the candidates could to mano a mano without him.

    Megyn can’t let go of it — with her cutesy little Trump no Trump pink post it notes.

    Sorely disappointed in Brett Baier — guess, everyone has his price. And to be fair, he does have a family to provide for.

          • I’m disappointed with Baier too, although as you already pointed out, he does have a family to provide for. His oldest son was born with congenital heart defects and he and his family have been quite generous to various foundations, participate in walks, etc, so I’m willing to accept he’s just trying to hold onto his job. Megyn is the really big disappointment for me. I used to like her show but haven’t watched since the first debate.

      • The whole salmagundi (our new word for today ;+}) of posturing, smirking, side comments, snarky comments and other strange behavior from the moderators was a complete turnoff.

    • Heard Bret Baier on WMAL (on my wifi radio) in Washington DC a few minutes ago. He sounded defeated, tired, not thrilled about being asked about the debate last night. Short answers, yes’s and no’s, no bragging, no “We did a good job” comments. I think Bret realizes Fox is screwing up with these events, but can’t say much about it. As you say, he’s been dragged into this rassling match and is stuck in it.

  5. Ancient writing states: ” The truth will set you free.” Well I guess we are all in prison. Incarcerated behind bars of lies. The person holding the “keys of truth” has been pushed aside, not being newsy enough.