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Hillary Clinton has Coughing Fit in Iowa

As one commenter said on YouTube, easily the best speech of her life.

12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton has Coughing Fit in Iowa”

  1. A persistant cough could be a sign of a serious medical condition. Please consult your doctor.

    Or, in Hillary’s case, don’t. Please don’t.

    1. It would appear that Her Imperial Majesty Hillary doesn’t have to follow the rules the rest of us–the unwashed masses– have to follow. She never had to pay attention to the normal rules civilized people have to respect and live by.

  2. She’s an old lady who has had serious health problems that seem to continue today. She might be spry in mind, but the body betrays us all in the end.
    The current campaigns are still in the 1950’s mode where personal appearances and contact with a few, or even thousands of people would make a difference at the polls.
    With a new world of electronics and social media, candidates for a national position shouldn’t be obliged to travel tens of thousands of miles across the country, or to give a dozens of speeches to groups of supporters.
    We know who they are, what they stand for or against without ever seeing or hearing them in person.
    MrsClinton is tired, worn out, and facing a long hard road ahead until November, assuming she wins her coveted nomination.

    1. I actually felt kinda bad for her having an uncontrollable coughing fit in front of an audience.

      My mom told me years ago that the mind may think it is young, but the body is not. Hillary is too old for the job.

      Time to relax and enjoy the golden years with the love of her life, Bill, and the grandchildren.

      1. We have a batch of what I once described as peculiar seniors on our hands…the only ones who are truly energetic and spry–Rubio and maybe Cruz, but Cruz is crotchety beyond his yrs.

  3. Some of the other comments seemed to indicate that the coughing was a precurser to her withdrawal from the race because of ‘serious health issues’ (indictment). nothing would surprise me.

    1. I think she DOES have serious health issues–concussion, people–those leave after effects of the brain connections getting shaken loose. Can lead to early-onset dementia…etc.

  4. Lie detector specialists and psychologists know that lying often causes a liar’s throat to constrict, a common physiological reaction that can actually be measured in laboratory experiments. That constriction can bring on a coughing spell. Just saying.

  5. Does this remind anyone of the scene in “Devil’s Advocate” when the attorney is trying to implicate Keanu Reeve’s client? Can’t find clip on YouTube

  6. Seriously? She coughs and can’t talk anymore? If she stubs her toe, will she be seriously incapacitated? And this is the geriatric old cow lefties want running things?

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