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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 25, 2016

11:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:10 pm || Visits with wounded warriors; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Bethesda, Maryland

All Times Eastern

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  1. Yesterday:
    Christie did his Gov thing, protected and helped people in his state survive the storm.
    Cuomo was out and about, even helped a stranded motorist.

    Obama sat home and watched hoops.


  2. So all the roads are cleared in the DC area between the WH and Bethesda ? From what I’m seeing from my DC friends, it’s still pretty much shutdown.

    I guess he’ll take the chopper.

  3. Question: are these “wounded warriors” pre-screened to be Obama sycophants & supporters like everyone else is allowed near the Dear Leader to do a photo-op…?
    -Just curious because I would LOVE to see a crusty E-7 (with nothing to lose/retirement be damned) let loose on this wuss Obama and how his regime has RUINED the US Military.

    1. Of course it’s carefully staged. If they’re at Bethesda, they’re probably still active duty and required to kiss their CnC’s ring.

      Better chance of finding that crusty ole’ E-7 at a woefully ignored VA Hospital. Obama wouldn’t dare step foot in one !

      1. EVERY event/photo-op with Obama is staged and carefully orchestrated.
        I wonder if he’ll ask anyone at VA why $1.9 billion wasn’t spent helping our Vet’s, yet VA administrators received bonuses after falsifying records.
        Obama’s administration is corrupt to the core.

    2. After 8 years of zipping about the country, speechifying at numerous events, neither of the Obamas dared to speak at a retirement home or community.
      Afraid of the elders who had no say in their looting of Medicare, saw their grandchildren sent to fight a war with shovels instead of rifles, and witnessed rioting by the very people America has tried to help, the Os preferred the immature students or the beholden union people.

      1. And yet NO ONE in this “WH press corps” ever makes the connection between Obama’s ‘official trips’ (abusing AF1, Marine1, US SS, state-local police, etc.) & all of his off-the-books/no press allowed ‘fundraising’…???

    1. seems wounded and medicated patients a Walter Reed are also easy prey. Sheez….there are not enough meds to make me want to be anywhere near bho.

    1. (raises hand). It’s OK, nothing too troublesome, but my expertise is limited.
      It’s more like moving into a new building then looking for the restrooms, the supply closet and remembering where the conference room is located.
      Good luck.

    2. You people are brave. I am expecting a new (to me) printer after 20 yrs of HP Laserjets…I love my HPs, but I need a scanner. I am lying awake nights in fear of not being able to make it work. Servomechanisms don’t servo me well.

          1. Star, he is a character (a puppet) from the funniest TV show I have ever know… I grew up on MST3k in Minnesota, on Saturday mornings, on KTMA-23… That stupid show, the movies & their comments developed my whole sarcastic-flippant sense of humor…

        1. My laserjet took $18 cartridges that lasted 5000 pages, a year for me…I wonder if the Epson thing will be cheaper. Another worry. I print a lot, what with source info for my daily blogs and other projs. I must cowboy up.

      1. I just replaced the HP printer/scanner/fax machine I had for years with an HP Envy 7645. So far so good. I have had it for about a week.

    3. I hope you opted out of all their information gathering as you installed it. If you just keep hitting continue or next during installation you are literally giving Microsoft permission to read and save anything and everything from your computer or that you do on your computer. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with srdem65! Good luck!

  4. OT, but inquiring minds want to know.
    How is it that muslims in Europe can close down streets for prayer, have their own “police” patrolling streets for sharia “law” compliance, attack and sexualiy assaulting women and march/protest whenever they damn please, muslims react violently when Christians just walk thru the streets with crosses and not the koran.
    Whew! Run-on sentence, eh.
    Just curious of opinions

        1. A fifth of the world’s pop. are ‘savages’ (I read lots of World history)…
          And over 50% of Americans are ‘idiots’ for voting for “Barack Hussein Obama’ (twice)…
          To me that fifth of the world’s pop. & 50% of Americans are Enemies to freedom.

          1. I explained to my son last night that certain populations in the world are truly born savage. Not only is their respect for life different than normal, sane people. They are born with a DNA that is totally savage. A lot of those folks come from South and Central America. I live in a border state and Albuquerque was named one of the country’s most dangerous cities. As Donald would say, the homicide rate is huuuuuuuuge!

    1. There are whole sections of some cities–London, Paris, Berlin e.g., where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter–prevented by Muslim “patrols”. First stages of Sharia Law. Europe and the UK will be part of a Caliphate unless they wake up.

    2. And I wish I could find the link about somewhere in Texas where Syrian refugees were settled. There were people from two different, opposing tribes, if that is the appropriate word, who elected each their own mayor or chief or whatever he is called–all within the US!

      I can imagine where this will be going–warring tribes in Texas.

  5. Some of you probably read this today, Hillary’s having coughing fits again. Is this the prelim to her announcement, if she decides she’s not going to be chosen the D nominee, that she’s pulling out for “health reasons”?

    She’s got genuine health issues, it seems. This might be the one time she wouldn’t be lying about something.

    So, it’s plausible we might see a Trump/Sanders or a Cruz/Sanders debate at some point.

    Think about that. Visualize it. Let the idea roll around in your head.

    Bernie’s arms would be waving around so frantically he’ll be able to take off like a crazy bat flying out of a cave.

    1. Does Sanders even know how to debate???
      Or does he just spew alot of Socialist-Communist ‘talking points’ and kinda skips over “big issues” like how he would:
      “defend the United States of America from all enemies…”

    1. Again, I refer everyone to page 261 of Obama’s book, “Audacity of Hope”.
      No longer any doubt where Obama’s true alligence is.

    2. Good thing Hillary has Obamacare to fall back on.
      Seriously, I wish her no harm.
      Everyone needs a little prayer now and then, even those that don’t believe.

  6. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    3:10 pm || Visits with wounded warriors; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Bethesda, Maryland

    It really took a “Cold day in hell” (D.C.) for that to happen didn’t it?

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