As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

38 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 24, 2016

  1. If it’s Sunday, it must be Caldwell’s shameless self promotion:
    From FDR’s New Deal to Obama’s New Debt

    I just wish every young voter that pulled the lever for the “hope and change” and the ones now screaming for Bernie could grasp the danger of just spending borrowed money for feel good slogans and getting absolutely nothing in return.

    There’s your “downer” for the day, now somebody post something to cheer us up!

    Hope all you NorthEast doing OK. You’re definitely in my thoughts.

  2. Good morning!
    I’m snowed in so I’ll start the day off.
    Danny DeVito is quoted as saying:
    “‘We’re a bunch of racists,'” DeVito said at the Sundance Film Festival, following backlash after only white actors were nominated for the top Oscars categories, news outlets reported.”
    FYI, Danny – It takes one to know one so maybe you are!
    The people I know are NOT racist and are extremely sick and tired of being included in the “bunch” to which you refer.
    So blow it out your…posterior and shut up.

  3. After watching 2 1/2 political talk shows this morning:
    SenRubio is a robot, programmed to keep saying the same thing.
    MrTrump is not what he seems, he’s making deals with the establishment Repubs already.
    SenCruz is going no where, everyone hates him.
    GovHuckabee, hmm, such a nice guy.
    MrsClinton, good grief, can she find a new nemesis beyond the “right wing” conspiracy?

    MrBloomberg got no respect whatsoever from any of the candidates. Their attitude: ‘oh, he’s thinking about running? I’ll comment when he buys his first ad”.
    The implied opinion – what an idiot.

  4. Well, we joined the lottery for tickets to the Republican debate in Greenvillle, SC in two weeks. No news yet, so we are assuming it’s a no-go. Darn.

    So, we just got tickets to the Conservative Convention in Greenville the following week. Mark Levin will be speaking as will Michelle Malkin. The candidates have been invited, too; the convention is two days before the SC primary. It should be interesting.

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  5. Broncos beat the Patriots…..let’s not lose sight of what matters….a little bit of this, a little bit of that…don’t want to lose sight of the many myriad of things that make this country great…..lets watch some awesome football…then we can see Trump kick ass!

    • I’m just glad SOMEBODY put the Cheatriots in their place, so I won’t have to spend the rest of the winter and spring listening to the braggadocio of stuck-up Bostonians.