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Open Thread || Saturday, January 23, 2016



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  1. Good morning gang.
    Hope you escaped the blizzard.
    I shoveled the driveway this morning, and now the sun is peeking out.
    Supposed to be above freezing tomorrow.

  2. Good morning everyone. Glad to hear everyone is fine. Just got back from doing my mother n laws groceries. When I was real young they would say making groceries. :)
    So fun shopping for someone else. A individual pie here, a box of cookies there. A package of raw broccoli/carrots/almonds and ranch dip. Things I would like to buy for myself, but talk my self out of it. :)

    • He is all over the map – scares me too. I still have that little niggling thought that he’s a plant – and not the potted variety.

      Still trying to figure out who will do the least amount of harm. What a dilemma! Bush? I dunno. One way or another, we will end up with some form of immigration reform.
      Trump’s plan is simply insane.

      Note: Comments have been disabled. Don’t know if that’s good or bad…

      • You mean disabled on the Post Story on Trump’s promises. I can tell you the Post has a worse system than here…It loops and won’t load. Or it throws up Try Again Later boxes. They usually close…I think anyway…when comments pile up that are not to their liking…or when the system gets overwhelmed.

        • Checked an all I could see was live comments can click that or they will go on anyhow…The Times does close completely…And someone has to look at every comment that goes up, so there is no instant grat there. Sometimes comments go up the next day.

        • AFVet…I didn’t say Trump doesn’t love America – of course he does.

          There’s only one America-hater and we all know who that is.

          IMO, Trump is just handing the election to HRC if he gets the nomination. He can’t win without the majority minority. His disapproval numbers are worse than anyone against the DEMS.
          I am only interested in who can beat HRC or whoever the nominee will be.
          Maybe Trump could beat the Bern, but that’s about it, IMO.

  3. By the looks of it all, everyone either got missed or “hunkering down” and ok so far.
    I don’t get to gloat very often with our weather here but clear today, up to mid 40’s and low 50’s tomorrow and not snowflake in sight.
    Bad news is means patio work before the games. Good news is some climate killing carbon emitting charcoal searing some good ol red meat tomorrow!
    All those in storm, stay safe, all not, enjoy the weekend.

    • Ugh, we got hit with at least two feet here in northwestern NJ, (Christie’s area), and it’s still coming down. Predictions were for it to mostly stay south and east of us, with our expected accumulation to be around 7.5 inches. Oh well.

      Our entire neighborhood is buried and stuck inside today. Huge drifts are blocking front doors and sliding glass doors. A couple of hours ago, we opened our sliding glass door because the dogs love to play in the snow and were begging to go out, but the drift made a wall of almost three feet. Even the crazy little one who really loves the snow and can’t get enough of it realized it was completely insurmountable and went back to her warm, comfy dog bed.

      Tomorrow is going to be a real pain in the neck trying to dig out our massive driveway that has two openings where the town snow plows plow us in. Hopefully, someone will come around to do the job. We’d much rather pay them to do it for us.

      • Speaking of hiring someone to plow your driveway, last year we had three storms like the one hitting DC/NY/NJ right now in about a week. 10-12 foot pile of snow at the driveway entrance where the city plows passed. I always took pride in snow blowing my own driveway, but last year I gave up trying to do it by myself. I hired a plow driver to clear the driveway and it took him about 10 minutes. It would have taken me two-three hours after each storm. At least that. Smartest hire I ever made. This year we’ve had two little storms, 3″ and 5″, and I can handle that with my snow blower. But I hired him anyway. Still a great idea. ;+}. Apparently, we are going to miss this storm completely (Maine). And that’s a surprise.

        • You’re so lucky to have missed this one up there. Marcus! We’ve had it easy all year until now. We’ve only had a very tiny dusting of snow a couple of times until last night and today.

          I wish we could have our driveway plowed out every time; we would gladly pay for it. The problem is our driveway is sort of weird. Even though it’s very wide it parts, one side has only a narrow patch with trees on it and not much room to dump the snow. The other side is even worse, with a large triangular area with shrubs and flowers, but it’s uphill from the driveway, so you can’t plow onto it. The only thing you can do is drive the truck in one end of the driveway and plow out the other end, but that would push all the snow onto the street. It’s a real pain in the neck to even shovel or snow blow because there’s not really a good place to put all the snow, especially when it’s over two feet. Tomorrow should be fun, (for my husband and son, ha!)

          • Hopefully you can find a driveway snow eliminator (;+}) who uses a huge snowblower (snowblower type of machine but much larger, self propelled and hauled in a trailer. Cities use them to clear sidewalks, often.) instead of a plow. They’re out there. My driveway is very straight but very long. Got lots of space on both sides to put snow though. Lucky.

  4. Yes AFVet, I have it backwards. My bad.
    ” The Peso fell to its lowest value against the USD on Thursday.
    One Mexican Pesos is now worth barely more than a nickel.
    ($0.053 cents )

  5. Ann Coulter’s column this week:

    This comment is sooo on the money, referring to Obama and the Dems in the first case, and the GOP establishment in the second case:

    “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who likes us more than he likes foreigners — and the rich donors who employ them?”

    Coulter did some research and has some old Trump quotes that are consistent with what he is saying today, despite claims of his critics. Also, I followed her suggestion to Google Trump’s interview with Larry King at the 1988 Republican National Convention. I watched that clip and also his interview with Chris Wallace at that convention. Interesting.

    • Trump seems to have gone from one party to the other, and then back again over the years. I got to thinking about this, and it may be that he is essentially apolitical. Plays both ends of the political spectrum as the situation warrants. It’s very common for companies to send money to both parties (ours always did) because you never know who’s going to last in power and who’s next up to bat, politically speaking.

      What seems important to him is, as he has said about 10,000 times, is completing a successful deal that enhances his company or himself or, as he says currently, for the country, should he become President. Winning. Not a thing wrong with winning; we all try to win. So the question is whether he’ll pull out all the stops to make good deals for the US–as he did for his company–, unlike the morons in the WH at the present time. I’m thinking he will.

      • I call myself “Republican”…but overall I am “conservative” on issues & policies like “National Defense”.
        Yet when it comes to ‘social issues’ I am very Libertarian… I have talked about my political views with other “Republicans” and they often look at me with disgust because I do not follow the ‘conservative’ line, especially with those ‘social issues’.

        • Yes, “labels” are very limited in how they attempt to define a person’s deep politics. People have a different take on, at an individual voter level, all the personal and social aspects of what is a Conservative, a Democrat, a Republican, a Progressive, etc. How does such a person, every person or some persons within a particular party actually behave, politically? Do I want to be like them? Is there a measureable coherence (are the votes there?) there that a candidate can rely upon to win an election? There are obviously macro distinctions among these categories, as we know. But the voter decides on a candidate at the micro-personal-level based on how that individual defines the macro term–what it means to that person to be a Conservative, Liberal, etc. Screw what the Party elders say about a political party. Hence, we have Independents, the largest growing cohort of voters, at the present time. Organizing our political beliefs into a robust, coherent system or behavior to support XYZ political party or movement is far more complicated than the pundits want us to believe. At the peak of the bell curve of voters, within a standard deviation, there ain’t much difference (though there is some) between D and R. Those Democrats or Republicans could switch parties for a particular candidate they liked fairly easily. It depends on how we individually describe the political end game.

        • Langley, I’m about the same as you. I lean Libertarian on social issues, want the freaking government out of my personal life. I also want them butting out of so many other issues that are none of their business like dictating what kind of light bulbs we can use and how much water we can flush down our toilets. Also, stay the heck out of our schools. I’m conservative on national defense and fiscal issues. I believe the government should only do the big, necessary things and stay out of all the small, local stuff and the personal stuff.

        • Right there with ya. While I have been quite successful in getting my wife to see the world in a light other than the left wing view of her two sisters, she’s still stuck on me being a “Republican”.
          I keep trying to explain that yes I vote Republican because at this point the candidates I have, the R is the lesser evil.
          I would however MUCH prefer a POTUS that would just stick to the Constitution, take the feds back to the limited function they were supposed to have and on all else: Leave us the F alone!

      • At this point, I am willing to take a chance with Trump. He can’t be any worse than these professional politicians who constantly screw us and look out only for themselves and their donors. Year after year, they say one thing to get elected and then they completely turn on us.

        As far as the claims that Trump has flip flopped on issues over the years, he was a private citizen, a business person, and not an elected representative, so I don’t have great concern there. It’s not the same, or nearly as bad, as what the establishment Republicans, and even the so-called conservative Republicans, have done to their constituents.

        • Agree. We adapt, politically, to changing national and international landscapes in order to continue thriving (as a nation). We need leadership that understands that, without sacrificing the deep foundational values of our nation. Adapt the tactics to support the strategy to make us robust and thriving, without destroying “who we are” as a nation. In fact, enhancing that.