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Bloomberg Seriously Considering Independent Bid

A very real new threat that liberalism will continue to rule from the White House is emerging in the form of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who reportedly is deadly serious about waging an independent presidential campaign.

Bloomberg, according to the New York Times, has already drawn up plans for the race, retained a consultant to get his name on ballots, and made a study of past independent runs. He will make a final decision after early primaries, with a deadline of early March. Plus, Bloomberg — with a net worth of $36 billion, more than there times that of multi-billionaire Donald Trump — can fund his own run if he desires.

Bloomberg, 73, whose predilection for government intervention has made his name synonymous with the term “nanny state,” favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, is one of the nation’s leading gun control advocates, seeks increased trade with China, and wants binding carbon emission limits.

While it would appear, based on such views, that he would draw more votes from a Democratic nominee than a Republican, how his entrance into the race would actually play out is far from clear.

The latest Gallup poll, done in January 2016, puts conservatives at 37 percent of the electorate compared to only 24 percent who say the are liberal. And Republicans seem less likely to stray than Democrats. While 45 percent of Democrats call themselves liberal, 68 percent of Republicans say they are conservative. Another poll shows some 20 percent of Democrats seriously considering a vote for Trump in the general election, should he win the nomination.

But 35 percent of all Americans view themselves as moderate, a potential gold mine for Bloomberg to draw on, especially if Democrats nominate uber liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders. While Bloomberg is clearly to the left politically, he can claim he occupies middle ground since he temporarily joined the Republican Party to run for mayor of New York.

And Establishment Republicans who say they are repelled by the most likely GOP nominees, Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, could more easily turn to Bloomberg than to Sanders, who is a socialist, or Hillary Clinton, whom they also detest and who is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Looked at from a historic prospective, the prospects for a third-party run would seem poor. No one from outside the two main parties has ever won.

The most recent serious independent challenge was waged in 1992 by business tycoon Ross Perot, who received no electoral votes and just under 19 percent of the popular vote. He ran again in 1996 but only got 8.4 percent of the vote. Still, he did alter the 1992 election by drawing votes from the Republican and putting Bill Clinton into the White House with just 43 percent of the popular vote.

But Bloomberg is different. Not only does he have governing experience, he lacks Perot’s quirkiness, which was disconcerting to some voters. Rather, he projects seriousness and competency and has, according to the New York Times, at least a billion dollars queued up to spend on his campaign.

That he is indeed competent makes him a potentially strong and disciplined candidate and, should he win, a president who could effectively advance a liberal agenda.

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29 Responses to Bloomberg Seriously Considering Independent Bid

  1. He has money, he has name recognition, he might have some good ideas, but he doesn’t have the one thing that would make him the Dem nominee – he’s more un-likeable than MrsClinton (assuming that’s possible).
    It this it, is this all the Dems have to offer America – a trio of lefty,near commie old fogies who want to force us to do whatever they think is “good for us”?
    VPBiden might as well throw his hat in the race, too. Another oldie with old, stale ideas that have never worked, will never work, and are NOT the will of the people.

  2. Bloomie is very popular in my backyard, NYC, even with conservative biz owners, but that’s NY. He was revered for his management style as mayor, but will that play in Peoria?


  3. I thought that Bloomberg was about 5’3″, and thus too short to run for President. But he’s actually about 5’6″. So he doesn’t have to worry about height as he declares.

  4. I don’t often disagree with you but I do here. Bring on Mikey!. He’s about halfway between Hills and Sanders on the spectrum, and would not gain a single Republican vote. Even if he did pull some moderate from Republican candidates, he’s far more likely to pull Dems from one of the two whack jobs currently running. He almost certainly works in favor of the Republican, even if that’s Trump. And that would be especially ironic, given Trump’s rocky relationship with Bloomberg over the years.

  5. Bless your heart Keith for waving a red cape infront of many ” conservatives” with regard to nanny B….no, we can smell a rat from a mile away…..this won’t be happening …but if he wants to blow a few million…have at it

  6. Cyndi Lauper pops up frequently in association with Mr. Bloomberg. Example: She has been part of his entourage for the New Years celebration in Times Square.
    I thought that would be – an odd friendship. Maybe not.
    At any rate – what has happened to all the promising, up and coming Dems? Afraid H will have ill will? Haha
    Or the realization that the economy may implode on their watch?

    • It’s a good question. The current slate of Democrats running for the nomination of their party has got to be the sorriest bunch of political nudnicks to show up in a very long time. A goofball Marxist, another one under very serious investigation by the FBI for high crimes against the State, and a silly, no traction, clownish guitar player.

      Biden’s in the wings, just waiting for the right moment. Wait until the D convention. He’ll float down to the stage like Peter Pan when the time is right.

  7. Oh no, another oligarch with Wall Street ties and liberal social views. I prefer Sanders, although not in the White House, but Sanders seems to be a decent man. Bloomberg reminds me of Soros , a sly and cold elitist. But I understand that Bloomberg is now out there to ruin Sanders campaign. Is he pro-Hillary, then ?

  8. Bloomberg waits until AFTER Iowa and New Hampshire caucus’ ’cause he knew he would surely lose. I have to admit he made New York City lovely and great again when he was Mayor. Now with the communist who takes his orders from the White House communist, Obama, the cops are treated like garbage in New York and the homeless are all over the streets AND WE ARE ALL RACISTS ACCORDING TO OUR HORRIBLE MAYOR IN NEW YORK. ONE TERM MAYOR I HOPE, HE IS A RUINATION.