As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House admits Iran will Use Sanctions Relief for Terrorism

And BTW, they’ll use it to develop their nuclear weapons technology as well so they’ll be off and running in 15 years.

34 Responses to White House admits Iran will Use Sanctions Relief for Terrorism

  1. We all took a trip down this rabbit hole – one lie after another & everyone knew it. But, it went through anyway; it was too important to fail. It was all a sham & everyone knew it.
    It was like Obamacare, it had to be passed, on midnight votes, reconciliation, but it had to be passed. It was all one big lie, too.
    Why are we in this parallel universe?

    • “Why are we in this parallel universe?”
      Because the fools elected Barack Obama, twice, and the congress doesn’t have the balls to stand up to him.

    • The dem election design is always the same. Obama was just the current personality. The dems promise as much free $hite as they can, to the the least talented Americans, and basically present the “Stick it to the Man” ticket in every election.

      Well, I’m the man. I pay a lot of taxes, and have worked my ass off since I became an adult. When the dems tell their professionally unmotivated, uneducated, untalented followers that they are going to get free cell phones, free health care, special privileges for being gay, black, women, muslim, illegal immigrant… It is all payed for by me.

      But the promises are never kept. So the dems double down and blame the right. And somehow the stupidity of the left deems this to be reasonable and just votes left again, and hates the right more.

      I don’t hate (most) democrats, I just think they are very wrong, and should wake up.

      This country broke away from England in the 1770s when we had a situation where people were taxed without voting representation. Now we have the opposite, but just as wrong, situation. There are many who have representation who are not taxed. That is one of the biggest things wrong with this country right now.

      This gang of dependent voters will just keep demanding free things because many among them have only one job, to organize the rest into demanding more “stick it to the man” actions from the government. I fear that we may have gone past the “tipping point” where the dumb, dependent mass of voters will steal every election, every decision, and destroy this country. The fact that we are even doing as well as we are is a testament to our strength.

  2. It is what Trump has been trumpeting.
    The current administration are morons when it comes to negotiating with Persia.
    The sanctions should be immediately be re-imposed.

  3. In other news: The northeastern states are stunned that snow will fall upon them in the winter.
    The unexpected snowfall has caused the population to buy food, snow shovels, and curse the heavens.

    • Bernie Sanders is old and feeble. I look at him and listen to him and think, “Who on earth thought he would be a viable candidate?”
      Hillary wants what she believes she has coming to her. I think she sold her soul to the devil a long time ago – and as they say, payback is hell.
      And Valerie Jarrett (who is the puppet master’s puppet master) was born in Iran. Her parents were American according to Wikipedia and I have read elsewhere, where avowed Communists.
      And so, I wonder why anyone is surprised by this turn of events. Shockedor stunned maybe…but all of this – All of everything for the past eight years has been planned for and implemented as planned. IMHO
      And now, an entire generation of children has been dumbed down by Common Core and brainwashed through political correctness.
      The future depends on us seniors.
      And that is the Truth.

      • We’ve learned how completely corrupt this Obama administration is in bits and pieces over the years. The MSM should have uncovered all of Obama’s background, associations, anti-Constitutional beliefs and lies even while Obama was running for his first term in 2007. There are two reasons they did not: 1. The MSM is incredibly lazy, 2. They are cut from the same sick, toxic piece of cloth Obama is cut from. Or both.

      • The fundamental transformation of America is near to completion.
        1 more year, just give us that.
        Valjar was a slum lord in Chicago.
        Obama was a ‘community organizer’ whatever the hell that means.
        And these two are running this Country into the ground.

        Isn’t it funny how stupidity can have a massive impact on the direction of a Country.

  4. I just listened to a video, left myself in tears.
    Bibi Wilhailm – You are destroying Germany 16 yo girl shed…
    Very polite young woman explains what she thinks of the migrants in Germany.
    I saw this on while reading comments regarding the Merkel article.
    Someone else made a comment stating this video has been taken off of Fa’eBo’ok.