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Video || Trump: Cruz Worse than Hillary “When You Think About It”

I thought about it. I don’t think so.

One difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump is engaging in personal attacks, while Cruz is focusing on Trump’s record.

Now, Cruz, of course, is plenty disingenuous. He hitched himself to Trump as long as he needed him, and then turned on him. But at least he’s not accusing Trump of not being a citizen or being dishonest and corrupt.

16 Responses to Video || Trump: Cruz Worse than Hillary “When You Think About It”

  1. Why is Trump holding back on Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy re the North America Union scheme? When Cruz ran for the Senate he described it as a ‘pernicious nest of snakes’.

    What he didn’t say is that his wife, Heidi, is one of the original members/authors of the CFR’s Task Force on the NAU! She is now on unpaid leave from Goldman Sachs.

    I wouldn’t trust this Cruz guy to change a light bulb in my house. Heck, he didn’t even relinquish his Canadian citizenship until 18 months ago!
    Whatever he says about ‘amnesty’ – he was for it before he was against it. Hypocrite!!!!

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  2. A personal attack in politics is different from everyday life; personal is ‘he’s so fat…’ or ‘his wife is….’ – that’s personal.
    Talking about an elected official’s background, public utterances, or voting record is NOT.

    If we call MrsClinton a liar, it’s the truth, not a personal attack. Her husband is a serial sexual predator, that’s the truth.
    Of course, they would take these things as a personal attack.

    Nice. Polite. Complimentary. None of these words apply during the biggest campaign of all.

  3. No one is worse than Hillary. Absolutely no one. She is sooo ‘beatable’–why do I have this nagging fear that no one on the Rep. slate can beat her?
    No one will be allowed to beat her is another way of putting it.

    It’s looking more and more like she and Obama have joined forces to unleash the millions of illegal voters they have been amassimg for the last eight years. Just a guess on my part…but something is definitely rotten in Denmark.
    Hillary needs Obama to keep her from going to prison, and Obama needs her to preserve his legacy. My $0.02.

      • Yep. I would guess the Clinton machine has boxes of information about Obama’s true background, where he’s traveled, his nefarious associations, backroom deals, weird friends, photographs, etc. So there’s this “Who’s going to blink first?” thing going on between the two camps. Couldn’t happen to two better people. This will be the Punch and Judy show of the century before this is done.