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Video|| Palin Goes Over the Top for Trump

She’s been such a disappointment. I mean really, I was watching her convention speech with a colleague in 2008 and he said, “I think you’ve fallen in love.”

Made the least of her opportunity.

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  1. Good lord.
    Although we may appreciate her conservative views, heaven help us.

    Ok, we get it…she was a Cruzer, now she’s on the Trumpmobile. Now please, go back and catch some salmon and Don, don’t trot her out there again….yikes

  2. I was heartsick yesterday when she went the easy, popular route, and not with the true conservative. I thought she was better then this. Truly disappointed.

  3. What an odd moment. Cannot figure out what Trump was thinking with this bizarre, screechy Palin endorsement. Yes, she has her fans, etc., but can she move more people to support Trump? Not many. You either like Trump or you don’t. Will people on the sidelines now move toward Trump with Palin’s endorsement? Can’t see it. Was she giving some payback to the GOPe for the way she was treated when she was McCain’s VP choice? (Limbaugh’s theory). Who knows? It was such a screechy, bizarre “speech”, that it may well backfire. I’ve got no particular ax to grind against Palin, but this was the wrong person, and the wrong time, with the wrong tone.

  4. Yep – she had one shining moment when most of us fell in love with her. How could it go so terribly, terribly wrong?

    Trump certainly didn’t need her – I question his judgement. It’s going to cost him. How much? Who knows.

    • I agree with you…and Trump’s “judgement” in brining Palin back into National politics, especially at this critical time-Election 2016 for We ‘Conservatives/Republicans’.

    • I am pretty sure that I heard Trump in an interview today say that Sarah called him and asked to come aboard and he welcomed her. To turn her down would not have been a good idea. I doubt this was his agenda. Sarah is okay but like others have said, I can’t stand the screeching and have to turn her off. What a shame.

      • Sounds plausible. It’s still not clear to me why she didn’t endorse Cruz, who seems to be more akin to her style and general approach, politically. Dunno.

        • She followed it with a fundraising email–for her PAC…Also her comments about her son’s service in the Middle East being linked to his domestic abuse has caused issues. She skipped a Trump event yesterday…

  5. Poor delivery. But I connected with the speech. Urge you to read it.. I am pissed at the GOP and Obama. I am looking for a candidate that rips the political ruling class an asshole.

  6. She is a nut job. Maybe she always was, but I just never paid enough attention.

    Trump surely doesn’t need her. She might actually hurt him.

    • I was impressed with her convention speech…no teleprompter, no notes–my kid said that woman could do anything, Mom…then the death spiral began…Tina Fey started it, what’s her name asking the newspapers she read, the babies, the kids, the kids’ babies, the reality shows, the quitting her job…now she is past her sell-by by a lot. I don’t care if she says the same stuff people want to hear–she is over. And honestly she seemed DRUNK.

      • The MSM have created this impression you have. It is an illusion. Propaganda.

        They are afraid of her, smart woman and republican. MSM FEAR!

        • Thank you and I agree, I loved her so-called screechy voice and was so excited to see her with Trump. They constantly try to destroy her because they are afraid of her. She rings TRUE and the MSM and others even on this site are too dumb to really listen her wonderful words. She said everything that the smart people feel in their hearts. And I don’t agree with Keith about Sarah Palin and it isn’t the first time.

        • Yeah, yeah…fear. Sure. I have heard all this…She has outlived her usefulness to herself and others. And she did most of it…you can’t blame the media for it all. THAT is an illusion.

  7. Yes, she has that voice, tone, whatever it is that makes one want to turn down the TV, but her message is heard and respected by millions of Americans.
    Her story is truly admirable, her ethics are unimpeachable, and she is what she promotes – a conservative.
    MrTrump pulled a shift on SenCruz, that’s all.
    He ‘stole’ his prime supporter who was by all accounts mostly responsible for his election to the US Senate in Texas.
    Why she chose MrTrump in this race, what her ulterior motive might be, will emerge next year.

  8. We are at the beginning of 2008 kind of crash only on steroids.

    Stock market going down the tubes and the housing market with it.

    Welcome to the 2nd great world wide depression. YES the great recession is now the greater Depression!

    Best to get the election right cause another Obama style mistake could be our last.

    • Some, if not most, of the plummeting market is due to the oil glut – production in US nearly doubled over the last few years forcing foreign suppliers to look elsewhere (Asia) for buyers.

      Ironically, Obama’s nuke deal gives Iran the green light for resuming oil production!

      • We increased production and, also, OPEC is flooding the market to drive prices down and put the fracking companies out of business…and it’s working so far.

  9. OMG. She sounded so shrill, so off key, so desperate, up there on stage. I used to like this woman, but she has killed that in one fell swoop.

  10. So happy about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump! Hope this helps him. Donald Trump is our only hope against the socialists/communists aka known as Hillary Clinton and that crazy Bernie with his crazy ideas to give away our country, just like Obama wants to do. We must pray and meditate on all thats holy to save our country and that the dumb low I.Q.’s also realize what will happen if Trump doesn’t get elected as President. I really also can’t see how Clinton can win without Obama’s thugs fraud, such as fixing voting machines, etc. Her campaign is almost non-existent, to listen to her is painful, always praising Obama? for what? to avoid getting indighted? and for helping her steal the election. We must all stand up and vote for Trump, you hear that, Republicans, or shall I say the new Republicans who act like Dems??? McConnell,Boehner’s replacement, I won’t say his name, he is so awful, when he speaks, he sounds like Obama! Pray for Trump to win, I know that the Republicans won’t vote for him and they would rather have that crook Hillary, so as to keep their perks and friends and that they are afraid for their jobs, Republicans don’t care about the country anymore. They will all lost their jobs one day because of them being traitors, as well as all the democrats.

    • Lizzy, do you mean that the party-lines doesn´t matter anymore, or shouldn´t matter any more ? Interesting. I believe the same thing happens over here as immigration, Muslims and the EU are destroying our world. People need to try to be more informed, look beyond the party lines, study the issues. Politics need renewal and reform. So Trumps idea of a new party was perhaps in line with this thinking.

      • But “they” also need to look behind the candidates of whatever party–Are they winging it, do they have ideas, will they be able to get others to go along and/or serve, are those ideas a help or hindrance or merely hot air, are they counting on the balance of powers or what’s left of it to curb their nuttiest notion? Many questions. People are just wallowing what they want to hear…I hate the term echo chamber, but there is one from Trump now… Maybe that is our last hope–that the nuttiest stuff would be curbed…

    • “….to listen to her is painful, always praising Obama? for what?” Likely because Obama is pulling the strings on the FBI’s criminal investigation of her email (and who knows what other investigations). She’s got to play nice-nice with Obama for a likely Presidential pardon if it comes to that. I think it’s as simple as that.

  11. In ’08 I was like Keith- I thought the GOP had something in Palin. And, after the loss, I figured she’d go back to Alaska, keep a low profile, learn from her mistakes, and their campaign’s mistakes, re-group, and we would be inaugurating President Palin in 2013.

    Wrong. She apparently enjoyed the limelight: Facebook, FOX News contributor, resigns as Governor(yeah, I know legal fees… blah, blah… methinks had she hung in there, the money would have been there too), reality shows, book deals, etc.,. In short she squandered her political capital, to be a celebrity. “Disappointment” is an appropriate word.

  12. Exactly what opportunity did Governor Palin squander? Did she squander the opportunity to have the the GOP Establishment conspire with the liberal elites to destroy her career with an avalanche of ethics complaints? Was Palin the squanserer or was it Alaskans who were conned into repealing her signature ACES oil revenue sharing and petroleum industry promotion bill? Now that the Alaska oil pipeline is opporating at 20% capacity and oil drilling has come to a halt, Palin has been vindicated.

    Perhaps the real squanderers are the GOP establishment who betrayed the TEA Party that regained control of the House for them in 2012 by funding and supporting Democrats in 2014? Aren’t Ditch Mitch McConnel who preaproved the Iran nuclear sell out, former Speaker of the House Crying Man Boener and Quissling Ryan who gave us yet another Obama budget
    deal the true squanderers?

    There are many conservatives such as myself who were becoming so despondent that we had no intention of even bothering to vote in 2016. After having Wall Street destroy the economy by orchestrating the 2008 mortgage meltdown then funding the campaign of a former poverty pimp from Chicago to be POTUS, we are thinking that instead of sending our sons and daughters off to war to avenge the 9-11 attacks we should have sent a thank you note to Osama Bin Laden.

    A candidate Cruz would have thanked Governor Palin for her endorsement by kicking her to the curbsonhe could run to the left to win the election. A candidate Trump will almost certainly need Gov Palin as his VP to retain his support among conservatives and evangelicals and have a Mama Grizzly on the ticket who can maul Hillary without being demonized as a misogynist.