As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Gates: Obama Surrounds Himself with Yes Men

47 Responses to Video || Gates: Obama Surrounds Himself with Yes Men

  1. When your an anti American, Muslim , narcissist, fake citizen, you have to have yes men.

    And you have a fake birth cert and use someone else s SS number. You need a lot of help, like our propaganda MSM does for U.

  2. This should come as no surprise to anyone at this point. The President is a narcissist, and this is just another example. And to top it off, he has the uber liberal mentality: do as I say, think as I do, or you are just plain ignorant. Discussion is never on the table. I had a relative that spoke to me like that. I used to ask: do you want my opinion or my confirmation?


    • Far more than a narcissist, he is a bully.
      Most bullies are insecure until they are taken to task.
      This guy is weak, that’s why he has insulated himself with the media and his yes men/women, and the arrogant facade he demonstrates is designed to fend off anyone that would confront him.

      • totally agree AFVet, he probably was bullied many times in his weird little upbringing.Someone should have or did smack his mouth long time ago.

  3. I remember once in the Wayback going to a monthly Chamber breakfast and Elizabeth Dole spoke–she was working for Reagan. She said, “He doesn’t have any yes men around him–when he says no, we all say no.” Thought that was funny.

  4. OK, his inner circle agrees with him. They agree because it’s their opinions that he proposes, too.
    It’s no surprise that he favors Islam and Arabs as his senior advisor is an Arab, and he was schooled in Islam as a child. The unfortunate part is that radical Islamists have emerged as our #1 enemy.
    His domestic advisor, MrsObama, finds racism to be our national disgrace. From her college thesis and her actions while acting as FirstLady, we get it – Americans are racists.

    • We will need someone with a strong character and the resolve to put this Country back on the track she is supposed to be on.

      Eight years of this administration has done serious damage to the very fiber of the Nation both on the morale front and the divisive tactics the left have used to politically divide US.

  5. As one who never cared for Bill Clinton, Bill has more talent and knowledge of things than BHO could ever hope to have in his entire being.

    When the village idiot deems himself far better than those around him, its a mad, mad, world.

  6. I saw this interview live this morning and Gates did some fancy footwork when talking about Obama – he did say Obama has yes men around him, then he said that he (Gates) often spoke out to Obama and was always given respect for his differing points of view. This was Gates doing book promo 101. No more. No less.