As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 19, 2015

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  1. No, not at all Aileen.
    And what I liked most, besides ache relief is a cold with accompanying fever you get a little parched.
    A cool glass of water and a couple of tabs in the middle of the night is soothing.

  2. This is shocking! Just heard Ted Cruz hitting back at Trump who is now claiming to be bigger than Reagan.

    “Ronald Reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life supporting DEM politicians. Reagan was a voice of consistency, and I am pretty sure Ronald Reagan did not write checks in support of DEM politicians like Andrew Cuomo, Anthony Weiner, and Hillary Clinton.”

    Cruz just shot himself in the foot! Doesn’t he know that Reagan was a liberal Democrat until 1962 when his views changed to Conservatism??????????

    Hope Trump has the smarts to go after this – the latest Cruz gaffe. Cruz needs to take his debate skills and go home!!!

    • Girly, I know I am an outsider, but I don´t like and trust Cruz either. I wouldn´t buy a used car from him, he is a mean-looking guy.
      I read that Mrs Palin endorses Trump. Iowa looks bright for him now, doesn´t it ?

      • So glad you share my opinion of Cruz, SL. I thought I was a voice in the wilderness, lol.

        Cruz is such a weasel – sucking up to Trump all these months – hoping that he would crash and he, Cruz, would be the victor! Their ideologies are as different as night and day – Cruz is a fake…a creepy fake.

        I agree – Cruz is ‘mean spirited’. I posted this article a few days ago: “The Brutalism of Ted Cruz”.

        • Girly, thanks for the link, very interesting. I agree with you, Cruz is a creepy fake in my opinion too. My sensory nerves react badly when I see him.

          • Same, not a fan. So…we have what–the dotty shrew with the doll’s eyes or the giant beige scowling face with the unimplementable programs or the dizzy guy from Taxi waving his arms in the air? No wonder I am not voting!

        • I agree that Cruz has a devious demeanor. He has the look of a lier who could easily give you a hug, then publicly admonish you for a sin he committed.
          Trump can smash him like a bug.

  3. Just when you think it
    can’t get worse – the Clinton crime family proves that it can!

    Chelsea travels to London for fundraiser with the Ambassador wannabe, Anna Wintour! When did the UK become the 58th State???
    Watch for the next Vogue cover to feature these Clinton miscreants!
    It’s the Moochelle Vogue redux. Ugh!

    • Fundraising in London ? Maybe the activists and politicians who arranged the vote on Trumps permission to travel into Britain are involved. These people want to stop and harass him and promote Hillary . And Anna Wintour, well she didn´t manage to get an ambassadorship with the Obamas, she gives it another try with Hillary.

    • Chelsea Clinton purchased a 12 million dollar apt. in Manhattan? Where did she get the money? As long as she goes on T.V. campaigning for her mother, and says things about other people running for office, the people should know if she got the money from the Clinton Foundation, money Hillary took from anyone she could take from including terrorist countries???