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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 19, 2015

11:20 am || Begins meetings with Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry

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  1. I’m so over Obama, he continues to bleed us dry. Would much rather see the schedules of the Trump/Cruz/Rubio/etc campaigns, yeah, even the Hillary/Bernie schedules. I know Keith is all about the WH, and that’s a good thing, I’ll come here always when I care about. But Lifezette matters too, can they at least give us an Everybody Else schedule? Are they even taking discussion comments yet on their newstories?

  2. Hey Keith, do you realize that every post you’ve done so far this year that has a date in the title, (the daily schedule posts, weekly schedule posts, daily briefing posts), all have the date as 2015? Every time I see it, I have to remind myself that I’m not in some horrible time warp having to relive 2015 all over again. Thank heavens it’s 2016 and we’re in the final year of the BHO nightmare.


    The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, will use a speech during his first day of his visit to Washington, DC, to explain both why Australia is engaged in the battle against Islamic State, and why he refuses to use heated language that casts the battle against terrorism as a broader ideological war.

    Mr Turnbull has pointed out more than once that his stance is in line with advice from intelligence agencies.

    “We should not be so delicate as to say ISIL and its ilk have ‘got nothing to do with Islam’. But equally we should not tag all Moslems or their religion with responsibility for the crimes of a tiny criminal minority. That is precisely what the extremists want us to do,” he will tell and audience at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, one of Washington DC’s leading think tanks.

    This position puts Mr Turnbull in line with Barack Obama, who has also refused to describe the war as a clash of civilisations despite ongoing criticism, particularly from Republican presidential candidates.

    Mr Turnbull will argue that the ground war against Islamic State (or ISIL) should not be led by western forces.


    Also during his first day Mr Turnbull will attend a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery and meetings at the Pentagon.

    This Monday in the United States is a national holiday in honour of Dr Martin Luther King, and Mr Turnbull is hoping to mark the day by visiting the civil rights leader’s memorial in the national capital.

    Mr Turnbull brings with him a gift for the President of a page of the Sydney Morning Herald containing a report about a public meeting held in Sydney on June 4, 1863, “for the purpose of expressing sympathy with President Lincoln in this present juncture of American affairs”.

    President Lincoln was at the time leading the Union through the bloody Civil War that was not to end until 1865, securing the emancipation of African American slaves.

    The significance of President Lincoln to President Obama cannot be overstated.

    The first African American president, who like Lincoln comes from Illinois, swore his oath of office on Lincoln’s bible.


    • The phrase “the first African America President” used to describe Obama is a favorite among the Establishment smart set. Of course, it’s not correct. Obama is of mixed race, not the down with the struggle “African American” his cult members try to peddle. Obama never marched for civil rights. He’s done nothing for civil rights. Ever.

      And he’s not even the first mixed race President. Several Presidents have a mixed race background if you trace back far enough–Black, Asian, Native American, etc. Among them are: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, and Calvin Coolidge.

      And, in the end, who cares? It’s completely irrelevant to how they act while in the Oval Office. Yet, his handlers are still pitching that “first Black-American President” thing.

  4. Oh no, the Supremes decided to squeeze the Texas-Obummer immigration case into this term:

    Supreme Court will rule on President Obama’s immigration plan

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will give President Obama a final shot at implementing his plan to shield more than 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. through Congress.

    The justices agreed Tuesday to hear the administration’s contention that Obama has the power to change immigration policy without going through Congress.

    The court’s agreement to hear the appeal to a challenge brought by Texas and 25 other states led by Republican governors will add fuel to the heated debate over illegal immigration in the 2016 presidential campaign. The case will be heard in April and decided in June, a month before the two parties’ political conventions.

    A decision reversing the appeals court would give the Department of Homeland Security seven months to begin implementing the policy before Obama’s term ends in January 2017. At that point, it would face likely extension from a Democratic president or extinction from a Republican.

    • I say “take it to the limit…one more time.”
      I heard someone on TV (or read it somewhere) describe their sound as “California music.”
      Never thought of it like that – to me it was almost country music…their songs were melodic, easy to remember and told great stories. RIP Glenn.

  5. Uh oh. So he’s meeting with the Australian PM, eh?? What could that possibly mean??? Hang on folks, 2016 is going to get real interesting.