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Video || Trump: Cruz is a “Nasty Guy”

Sen. Ted Cruz planned all along to turn on Donald Trump at the last minute after spending months attaching himself to Trump to pick up some of his support. Now that the plan is being implemented, Trump is pushing back, although he surely knew this was coming.

7 Responses to Video || Trump: Cruz is a “Nasty Guy”

  1. It’s about time! Trump was being too kind, however. Cruz is nothing but a conniving opportunist with a silver tongue. He has no moral compass, otherwise he would not have hitched is wagon to Trump. Trump needs to scrape him off the botton of his shoes.

    Chris Wallace really took him down a few notches this a.m. See Ted squirm!!!

    There is a reason Cruz has no friends…anywhere. And here is another reason I will stay home if he turns up on any ticket:

    The Brutalism of Ted Cruz:

  2. As far as I can see, they are both making a mistake by attacking one another at this point. Two Americans have been taken by Shia militants in Baghdad. We have so very much to be concerned with. Tearing apart the Rep voters at this point is not the right way to go.

  3. I will reserve my comments until after S. Carolina.
    Iowa, then N.H.
    By then, we should have a better angle on how this is going to play out.

    It is still early.

  4. Geez people…calm the hell down..we have a batch of quite fine people on our side compared to the commies ..if I had to trust one it’d be Donald J T….my gut tells me he cares for flyover country…turn down the noise and listen to your soul…brain connected of course