As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

53 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 17, 2015

    • He spoke from the WH. He spoke about 10 minutes defending his deal with Iran. Sounded like he was patting himself and John Kerry’s for making the deal. Said nothing about his releasing the Iranians.

    • That doesn’t help my grumpy mood today.
      Why are they so stupid? Is it DC water, or the food they eat there? How the heck can bringing muslim (potential terrorists) migrants here, giving them free stuff we pay for be a good thing?
      They say they DO NOT want to assimilate, but to change our country to Islamic customs, laws and kill all infidels! Trump has his questionable attributes, but I agree with his cease till vetted plan on these moochers.

      • They are not stupid, they are using the power that they have remaining to stick it to America.
        Ignorance is what wrought this debacle on this Country.
        Now we are reaping the seeds that it sows.

      • I’m with you grumpy. My main comment in moderation (3 links back to the Globe today. 1 mine and the other 2 promoting the feds owning so much land, UGH)
        On another note, if anyone knows a trustworthy WordPress guru and web hosting company I’m in desperate need of info. Yahoo sold their’s to Aabaco and it’s had been a nightmare ever since. My site down again and all support tells me is to “clear my cache” UGH.

        • …Feds owning so much land; control. I just saw a war on coal article on Weasel Zippers. The Feds acquire all the land they can get their slimy hands on to rule & control it, more jobs for Americans biting the dust.
          OT, I recall a coal miners son on Idol (?, don’t watch it but saw this in the news) he sang a beautiful song of how coal is their lifeblood, necessary for survival in their state.
          Only 14% of AZ is private land!

        • I have been fine on Blogspot (Google) for almost 10 yrs of daily posts. My Adsense acct is screwed up, tho–do you run ads? (Yes, yes, everyone here hates Google, I get it.)I was involved with a Word Press blog for a while–to me, a v. difficult system.

          • Thanks to all for the ideas. AFVet and Star I don’t want to go to either WP or Google as I’ve already got the domain and just need a host that can handle WordPress. Need to be able to have people search caldwellscorner and have it come up not etc.
            Bonnie, I’ll check em out. Like that if it’s above their paygrade they’ll tell you. I’m SEVERELY disappointed with Yahoo and Aabaco right now. Years of being a customer and they just throw you out the window. Believe me, when I get it transferred and done there WILL be a column! lol

      • And since some of these–esp Syrian refugees–can never be completely checked, they can never come. Except for Chaldean priests and Jordanian kings (for all the good it did), maybe babies (Don has walked this back some and if he ever was in a position court- and Congress-wise to ban a religion, it would be walked back way further. The whole gambit was to get attention and fire people up. Worked!

    • I must admit that when Ryan was chosen as SOH, I had some hope. But his political behavior thus far has been atrocious. He keeps talking about getting the House back to regular order, etc., but I don’t believe him anymore. With these politicians, it’s always “Watch what I do, pay no attention to what I say.” No wonder thinking, informed Americans are in an uproar.

  1. Well it’s Sunday so….lol
    Obama’s economic fantasies vs his dangerously delusional foreign policy

    BUT there’s another link would like thoughts on as you have time:

    The opening line really got me:
    “Growing up in Kansas, I envied Western states’ large blocks of federal land, all that green space on maps that connotes national parks, national forests and other places to indulge outdoor passions.”

    THAT my dear WHD’s is a mindset of no one I know who also (like myself) grew up in Kansas. That somehow Kansas would be better if the federal government had kept more if for itself. There’s also a dangerous level of ignorance as to the history and late settling of the area that led to the feds keeping more land rather than distributing to private holders as the eastern 2/3 of country. AND nothing about how feds continue to keep acquiring MORE rather than even being happy with what they already have. I just will never understand the mindset of “if the government owns it, regulates it, mandates it, etc…then it has to be better than state or private”.

    The editorial gets even more hostile:
    Sadly, it points back to the article for readers to learn the “history” of public lands. Yet that “history” is nothing more than one editor’s agreement with status quo. (gotta love the quote from a Cal-Davis professor, what do do you suppose his politics are? lol)
    Sorry for the ramble, I’m in a really sour mood after seeing Obama and his “Iran is our new BFF” pat on the back this morning.

    Have a great Sunday all. I’m off to go take the new son-in-law to the WWI memorial at Union Station up here in KC.

    • What irritates me about “National Parks”, State…County… We, the American tax payers, PAY for all this land. I get growly when I have to pay an exorbitant amount of my money to visit my parks. If you’re a foreign visitor you should pay, but we already do. $20.00 to visit Four Corners, just absurd.
      (Still a bit grouchy. Maybe I should boycott news for a while!)

  2. Were the American prisoners held in Iran a part of the nuclear deal? Seems like bho is bundling all sorts of things to make the “deal” look good. There sure are a lot of bundles in DC – think Omnibus!

  3. As a long-time reader/fan of Larry Johnson (No Quarter), I was quite surprised to read his column this morning. “Obama wins on Iran and it is Good for America”.

    In many respects, I do believe the ‘deal’ is good for America. It gives Iran more of an incentive to be on their ‘good’ behavior with the threat of renewed economic sanctions looming over their head (depending on who is the next POTUS).
    I do not feel that Iran is a threat to us – but it is, and always will be, a threat to Israel.

    We have more Persians living in my zip code than in the entire US. They are, for the most part, very pro-America…and they despise the Iranian regime.

    The only complaint about America that I have heard was from a Persian rug merchant who emigrated here during the Revolution. His complaint? American women bathe too often! Once a day is too much, he said. Needless to say, I did not pursue the subject matter.

    ***The comment section is very good. Johnson defends his position on the Iran deal:

    • This is amazing! How did you find this?
      I have a friend who is loosing her eyesight. I will tell her about this and we both extend our thanks to you for sharing!

      • I heard about it on a talk show and it sounded interesting. I often search for original historical documents (to read, not to buy), etc, and this seemed to be a good place to search. And it was! ;+}

      • Wait–I was wrong…the $1.7 billion is from another claim we will now pay (from taxpayer funds). The much-discussed $150B is their money unfrozen. Why are we just hearing about the big claim? Sheesh…what a mess.