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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 18, 2015

1:20 pm || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing

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      President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will honor Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with a community service project in Washington, D.C.

      The Obamas and some of their aides will volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington in the early afternoon.

      Vice President Biden and other administration officials will also participate in service events on the King holiday.

      In his proclamation of the holiday, Obama said King’s life, work and courage continue to inspire the nation to “continue climbing toward the promised land” of justice and equality.

      “Our nation has made undeniable progress since his time, but securing these gains requires constant vigilance, not complacency,” Obama said. “We have more to do to bring Dr. King’s dream within reach of all our daughters and sons. We must stand together for good jobs, fair wages, safe neighborhoods, and quality education.”

      The proclamation added:

      “With one voice, we must ensure the scales of justice work equally for all —considering not only how justice is applied, but also how it is perceived and experienced. As Dr. King told us, ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,’ and this remains our great unfinished business.”

  1. This is the last MLK day with King Obummer in office, taking the day off except for the usual photo op with Moochelle:

    Schedule for the Week of January 19,

    On Monday, the President and the First Lady will participate in a community service project in the Washington, DC area in celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and in honor of Dr. King’s life and legacy.

    On Tuesday, the President will welcome Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia to the White House on the Prime Minister’s first trip to Washington since assuming office. The leaders will hold a bilateral meeting and working lunch, during which they will highlight the extraordinary breadth of the U.S.-Australian alliance and discuss a range of bilateral, regional, and global issues, including our cooperation in Iraq and Syria, our trade relationship, the successful conclusion of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and other developments in Asia and the Pacific.

    On Wednesday, the President will travel to Detroit, Michigan to experience firsthand the remarkable progress made by the City, its people and neighborhoods, and the American auto industry. While in Detroit, the President will visit the 2016 North American International Auto Show to highlight the more than 640,000 new auto industry jobs created since the auto rescue and the record auto sales in the U.S. in 2015. Further details regarding the President’s travel to Michigan will be available in the coming days.

    On Thursday, the President will deliver remarks and host a reception for the nation’s mayors at the White House. The mayors will spend the evening at the White House interacting with Cabinet members and senior White House officials to expand the partnerships between cities and the federal government. As part of her Joining Forces Initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver remarks at the 84th Winter Meeting of the United States Conference on Mayors at the Capital Hilton. She will speak about the Administration’s efforts to end veteran homelessness and the importance of mayoral leadership in the process.

    On Friday, the President will award National Medals of Science and National Medals of Technology and Innovation to 17 scientists, engineers, mathematicians and innovators. Awarded annually, the Medal of Science recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to science, engineering and mathematics. The National Medal of Technology and Innovation recognizes those who have made lasting contributions to America’s competitiveness and quality of life and helped strengthen the Nation’s technological workforce.

    1. Detroit has made progress how? By dropping to second behind St Louis as the homicide capital of the US? Or by keeping its number one status in violent crime?

  2. Sunday was Mooch’s last birthday as FLOTUS. You would think that just once she would forgo dinner at a trendy DC restaurant and enjoy a special dinner with family and/or friends at the White House, this being her final year there. Nope, because nothing makes her and Barry feel special and important as when they’re inconveniencing the regular “folks” on a Saturday night:

    Hours after sanctions on Iran were lifted as a result of Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, the president and his wife Michelle enjoyed a Saturday night out at a Mexican restaurant where they celebrated the first lady’s 52nd birthday.

    On the menu: grasshopper tacos for $5.

    The Washington, DC restaurant Oyamel Cocina Mexicana is a low-key choice for dinner by presidential standards. The most expensive item on the dinner menu is the roasted lamb chop for $18.50.

    Oyamel has a three-and-a-half star rating on Yelp.

    Some DC residents went on Twitter to complain that the president’s night out had disrupted theirs.

    ‘Tried to get gelato in Chinatown tonight,’ wrote Twitter user Jessica Huff. ‘But @POTUS eating at Oyamel next door made parking impossible. #dcproblems’

    Rachel B tweeted ‘Tried to go to Oyamel tonight but couldn’t get a table. Thanks a lot, Obama. (No, really)’

    The White House said the First Couple ate with friends, but would not identify which friends were present at the dinner.

    Oyamel Cocina Mexicana is owned by the Spanish-American celebrity chef Jose Andres, who has appeared as a judge on Top Chef among other television appearances.

    1. I read that Mr. Andres recently refused to open a restaurant in a building owned by Trump…there is an opinion floating that this bday dinner was Mr. Andres reward for the Trump diss.
      Wouldn’t surprise me at all with this bunch.
      Yes, I used the word “bunch” on purpose. Ha

      1. Yes, Jose Andres and Trump are currently involved in litigation over that. Last summer, shortly after Trump announced his candidacy, Andres claimed to be offended by his “anti-immigrant” remarks and he pulled out of his deal to have a restaurant in Trump’s new DC hotel scheduled to open this year.

        Trump promptly filed a $10 million breach of contract suit, and then Andres countersued last fall:

      2. I agree it’s a reward for the diss. It’s more than mere coincidence they chose this restaurant. Also,they appear rather selfish disrupting the night for so many people. And grasshopper tacos? No thanks!

        1. Of course it’s a diss. We have a POTUS / FLOTUS who now make dinner choices based solely on their desire to troll Donald Trump.

          Did Obama wear his purple tie?

      3. I don’t care how fabulous a chef you are, you should never wear politics on your sleeve since you risk losing half your potential customers.

        Macy’s learned that lesson, not to mention the box office bombs caused by idiot comments by celebrities.

    2. The restaurant even contains the word OY. 3.5 stars on Yelp is pretty crappy. Despite my curmudgeon rep, I am fond of YELP and use it even for doctors. 3.5 stars is meh. I know my stars.

    3. Ugh, I must have been tired when I posted that last night because I made a mistake. This wasn’t Moochelle’s last birthday as FLOTUS. Next year will be her last one in the WH, right before they leave for good on January 29th.

      That reminds me of 2009. I seem to remember a cake being made for at the WH and other birthday celebrations even though her birthday was actually three days before the inauguration. Queen Mooch from day one. It’s almost over….

  3. Interesting article about the three missing Americans in Baghdad:

    A group of Americans who disappeared in Baghdad over the weekend were kidnapped from their interpreter’s apartment, according to multiple Iraqi sources.

    The apartment is well-known in southern Baghdad as a brothel and is subject to frequent raids by Shiite militias, including the Iran-backed Asa’ib ah al-Haqq, a police official and a building resident told The Washington Post.

    An Iraqi intelligence official told the Associated Press that the Americans were invited into the apartment in the neighborhood of Dora. After they were abducted, they were taken to Sadr City, at which point the official said, “all communications and contact stopped.”

    A spokesman for Baghdad’s Joint Operations Command told The Washington Post that the three citizens were Iraqis who had acquired U.S. citizenship. A Baghdad police official said they worked as contractors at Baghdad International Airport, but did not say which country employed them.

    The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad confirmed Sunday that “several” Americans had vanished, while the State Department said it was working with the Iraqi government to locate them.

  4. Well, WE may think Obama screwing off today, but he’s very busy planning for his legacy. It’s a big job, and there’s lots to do. For example–
    1. Twisting Congressional arms to establish a Barack Hussein Obama Day, hopefully replacing the Fourth of July as a national holiday. If Martin Luther King has a national holiday, Barry wants a national holiday.
    2. Sitting for final measurements of future Obama bust to replace Churchill bust he threw out. Life size realistic bust or more like a large Julius Caesar type bust with laurels? Toga or nice suit? Big argument over this in the White House.
    3. Discussion with National Park authorities to determine engineering and artistic specifications for Mt Rushmore sculpture. May have to dynamite left half of Lincoln’s image to make room for Obama.
    4. Review of final draft of Obama postal stamps, and approval of final choice.
    5. Initial discussion for Obama Dollar coin design. Right profile or left profile, necktie or not, smile or serious expression?

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