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Saturday Open Thread || January 16, 2015



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  1. The first one here ? Good morning.
    Another day and another terror attack, this time in Burkina Faso. Awful to say but we are getting used to it. I wonder when we will have a new attack in this part of the world as well.
    I read that WalMart is closing many stores in the US. Is this the sign of recession ? It is hard to believe the official statistics on unemployment and jobs.According to Obamas statistics all is fine and well in the US. Mark Twains statement about statistics comes to my mind….

  2. Good morning everyone.

    News is expected next week with regard to Obummer’s illegal executive action on “dreamers” and their parents.

    In this article about the Supreme Court deciding on Friday to take former Gov McDonnell’s appeal, it mentions the Texas immigration case:

    The Supreme Court took no action in a second case, United States v. Texas, No. 15-674, in which the Obama administration asked the court to revive a sweeping immigration program blocked by lower courts. The Supreme Court is most likely to announce next week whether it will hear the case.

    So, next week’s the announcement. I bet they WILL squeeze the case into this term. They want to be relevant and make news in an election year, and immigration is one of the biggest issues.

    That means they could hear the case as late as April and if they overturn the Texas injunction it will be announced in June, giving Obummer seven months to ram through as many work permits to “dreamers” and their illegal parents as he can. I don’t trust this court at all.

    More here:

  3. We don’t usually support Hollywood but we went to see 13 Hours last night. It was intense and gut wrenching but isn’t political. It just focused on the courageous men who fought that night. Only a few people got up from their seats during the movie, it was that compelling. I was also struck by how quietly everyone left the theater when the movie was over. I don’t know how Tommy Dude Vietor and the other Obama bots could have sat and watched the attack in the situation room in real time. It’s sickening what Obama and Hillary did to Americans.

    • What Obama and Hillary did the night of the Benghazi slaughter of Americans screams for justice to be served. The spin, deception, trickery and flat out lying they are both committing to this very day re that tragic night will be told in history books and taught to school children for generations, just as Benedict Arnold’s story is told. Benghazi will forever be the greatest example of the deep rot and corruption sitting at the very core of Obama’s and Hillary’s souls. No amount of You Tube interviews for Obama or alcohol for Hillary will ever diminish or wash away their self serving criminal behavior that night.

    • I could have written that better,…
      ‘here’s HOW the president’s’…..

      Don’t let your head explode while watching the vid.

      Spook, this guy was trying to get the truth I have to give him credit for that.

      • Thanks AFVet. Joshi said no reason to be embarrassed. O allowed Iran to make us look less effective than doornails.
        I have been trying to find out if they carry old school things like a the old days, in case they loose their computer/communication etc.

  4. Donald Trump rented out the entire theatre in one of the cities (can’t remember which one) and was showing 13 hours FREE to anyone who wanted to see it. This has got to be a real minus for Hillary and makes Trump a very smart man.

    Also most of the Walmart stores that are closing are within 10 miles of each other and the other newspapers are reporting that Walmart is going to place the people who are losing their jobs in other Walmart stores. If there are no openings in the other stores for the affected employees Walmart is giving them a small severance pay and free job training and resume training.

  5. As I mentioned once, I read a daily email from The Southern Illinoisan–and just read that Illinois lost the most in population of any state and thus lost one representative in Congress. I wonder if others lost reps. I know this feeds into the gerrymandering debate…If you are interested…

    • Interesting.
      The dems in the Ohio gov are trying to walk back the results of the last census, i.e. gerrymandering.
      Cleveland especially.
      There is a dem district that extends for 30 miles along the coast of lake Erie, less than 1 mile wide.

    • I have questions–all of which I should know or look up (sue me, LOL). Is 435 reps a set number. If one state loses one–does another gain it? Is the US losing pop (immig not withstanding). Could the total ever go below 435? I know there is a minimum of I think one rep for low-pop states. Refresh me.

  6. Oh, my gosh, this can’t be good–but it is funny. I got a package from Bank of America (referred to by some as The Red Bank–Chase being The Blue Bank). Anyhow, in looking at 2016, someone over there got creative:

    “To paraphrase Rod Serling’s ominous opening to his classic television series, we’re moving into the land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. We’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

    What’s next–THE MATRIX? The red pill, the blue pill? This is an official B of A publication…All is lost, save yourselves!